1/4 Scale The Final Chapter Bust

This bust was posted at the Night Owl Pro forum recently and it looks fantastic. I love the paint job and I always love when a sufficient amount of blood is used for the axe wound. What makes the piece really stand out is the display base that was created for the bust. The Camp Crystal Lake sign is a perfect accent to the bust and makes this overall display worthy and would be a nice piece to brag about to friends.

I do know of a sculpt and paint job that will rival and possibly be better than this bust. Details on that will be showing up here at the website soon. So, look out for that. In the mean time, check out pics of this amazing Ryan Bean sculpted bust below that was painted by Travis at Night Owl.

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10 Responses to “ 1/4 Scale The Final Chapter Bust ”

  1. Looks badass.

  2. Dude, that is great. Jasonsfury, you think there is something better than that? I can’t wait to see it!

  3. Now, that is just awesome! I want one. How much?

  4. “Jasonsfury, you think there is something better than that?”

    It is quite possibly the best Final Chapter Jason I have ever seen.

    “I want one. How much?”

    You know, I am not sure. I will see if I can find out and let you all know if this is even being sold.

  5. these guys are not 1:1 scale
    If I can remember I think there about 5-6″ high(maybe smaller)

    Trav did an awesome job on it and even more for it being so small

  6. I saw Ryan’s bust before und must say I love it. He did a great job on it! Would be cool to see it as a limited colectors run.


  7. Ryan is a friend of mine. I can ask him about selling these and get back to you guys.

  8. Hello, everyone!

    Ryan here. My last name is actually “Bean”, though.

    I would like to thank you all for the compliments on my mini bust design! :) I’m very proud of it. If you’d like more information on them, shoot me an email with the title “Party Crasher” to thedeathcurse@hotmail.com. I have one copy sitting here ready to go, and I may have enough material left to produce one more casting.

    Jasonsfury, if we’re thinking of the same sculpture, you are absolutely right that it’s top of the line. ;) However, that replica is FULL sized and based on the much more detailed prosthetic pieces…Mine is just a miniature bust (about as tall as a soda can) mostly based on the earlier sculpture variation utilized for stunt masks and prop dummies. The 1:1 version wins by default. haha!

    Thanks and cheers,


  9. Hey Ryan,
    Sorry about the typo on your last name. Apologies. I’ll make sure that won’t happen again. ;) Yea, I was not aware of the smaller scale that your sculpt was made at initially. When I saw 1/4 scale, I assumed 1/4 scale of 1:1. Not until SPAZ mentioned it did I even have an idea of the smaller scale.

    Knowing that, I can agree with you that detailing would be difficult for your sculpt at your size. However, you did an awesome job for the size! You should sculpt at the 1:1 and see if you can give the sculpt we both know about a run for its money! :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. theres a lot of stuff out there but theres no price on them are they for sale ? im just dying to buy some of these but it seems to disapear just like the ring ,whats up whith that>??

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