1/6 Scale Custom Jason Voorhees Head Sculpts Realistic!

Back in June, we showed you some truly spectacular custom Jason head sculpts that were being prepared for full 1/6 scale custom figures. Many of the head sculpts are still in progress, but from what we are being told, everything is getting closer to completion. One of the callaborators, Ken McCabe has been nice enough to update us on the progress of these sculpts. His initial email explains the future plans of these custom figures

I recently partnered up with a really close friend and we are going about this together 50/50 on the commissions and clothing etc.. We are planning to do EVERY JASON from a child up to the remake. Once these sculpts come to fruition and we get the proper bodies, accessories and props to create the perfect 1:6 scale figure we will be offering these for sale as either unpainted kits or fully painted figures. The one thing we are trying to focus on is keeping the cost down as these custom jobs aren’t cheap.

The recent update on these customs was just received, and I must say, sign us up for the Jason Goes To Hell figure now. Take a look at the Part 3 Jason and Jason Goes To Hell pics below! Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

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9 Responses to “ 1/6 Scale Custom Jason Voorhees Head Sculpts Realistic! ”

  1. wow that stan winston is unreal!!!!

  2. Man that work is sick and twiztid. I love it. Seeing this kind of stuff is inspirational. I myself am attempting my own custom figures. It’ll be a while before I get to the actual figure making process-this stuff ain’t cheap. Hoepfully in the near future-after the holiday seasons-I can begin work on my “artist interpetation” of Jason.

  3. Thought Jason lost his other eye to the machete. Otherwise, awesome.

  4. The Stan Winston head is unbelievable!! I am also digging the JGTH sculpt. As for the eye, it is screen accurate to that movie.

  5. In the JGTH if I’m not mistaken, when Jason is looking in the mirror at his sister’s house, it appears the left eye is the undamaged one. It’s hard to tell when looking at reflections on camera or still photos because some photos are flipped.

  6. The right eye is damaged in the film, so the sculpt above is definitely correct. In the mirror scene, there was not a true reflection that was captured on film, so that tends to throw people off.

  7. Nice!!!

  8. Oh man I so want both!!!!


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