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Friday the 13th Franchise Storyboard Tour

Scenes for movies are blocked out using storyboards. These hand drawn scene representations are most important in aiding a director and crew in setting up a scene for filming. I really enjoy finding these storyboards as sometimes you see that a scene may have been originally conceived to be filmed one way, but ultimately end [...]

Check Out These Dutch VHS Covers

I posted recently about various posters I found and one in particular was very different. The Part 3 poster I posted about is very unique, but I could not figure out where the poster originated from. After many comments by visitors to the site and emails that I received, I found out the poster was [...]

Bracket Challenge Final Four: Mrs. Voorhees vs Ginny Fields

Bracket Challenge Final Four: Mrs. Voorhees vs Ginny Fields

Well, here it is. The showdown that many have predicted would happen many, many weeks ago. This could go either way. Mrs. Voorhees could whip Ginny real good, or Ginny could use her Jedi mind tricks on Mrs. Voorhees. Can a child psychology major really get into a saddened mother’s head? That’s for you the [...]