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Derek Mears Signed Items Giveaway by Marc Ecko

Derek Mears Signed Items Giveaway by Marc Ecko

Between the days of December 7th and 18th, Marc Ecko’s website will be running their Holiday Giveaway. The website will be giving away numerous items, signed, including the Jason Voorhees hoodie we mentioned a few weeks back. Now, they will not announce which day they are giving away the prize back for Jason Voorhees, [...]

FirstJason Rocks Festival de Cine de Terror

Ari Lehman’s band, FirstJason, recently played at this festival in Molins de Rei, near Barcelona, Spain. Check out the humongous hockey mask that was created by the promoters for the show. The show looked awesome. Congrats to Ari and his band for playing such a huge event. All photos are credited to Dave Fleischhauer.