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Tom McLoughlin (Director, Jason Lives) Talks Freddy's Nightmares

Tom McLoughlin (Director, Jason Lives) Talks Freddy’s Nightmares

Some fans may not be aware but Tom actually was a part of the Freddy universe at one point in the 80’s.  After he directed Jason Lives in 1986, he went on to direct TV and other movies. In 1988, he was enlisted to direct the Freddy’s Nightmares  episode, It’s a Miserable Life.
In that episode [...]

Friday Conversation: What’s Your Favorite Fan Film

Fan films have been around for many years now and we have covered a number of them within the last couple of months. Here is your chance to list your favorite Friday the 13th fan film. It can be one you made, a friend’s or just a random movie that you found. Post a link [...]

30 Years of Fear: Promotion Update #2

30 Years of Fear: Promotion Update #2

Last week item #1 of the 30th Anniversary package was revealed to be an individually numbered commemorative t-shirt, featuring the artwork of Jeff Zornow (Artwork to be revealed in the near future). Now the second item has been revealed………
Full-color poster (11 x 17) of the shirt artwork, suitable for framing. While this would be an [...]