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Friday The 13th Part X: To Hell and Back ReduX

Friday The 13th Part X: To Hell and Back ReduX

David Stewart emailed us about his long-lost fan film, which is embedded here to watch in full. He explains: “If only your site were around back in 1995 when we created our feature length fan film. I’m not sure, but we might be the first feature length fan film ever made.  We didn’t get much [...]

Video Review Saturday: Where Have You Been?

For those that have been wondering where the Video Review Saturday hase gone, don’t worry, it should be back next week. The camera that was being used to film these weekly spots has been out of commission for the last couple of weeks. It is unfortunate as there are a few items that I wanted [...]

Jason And Batman Dine At Tatooine Cantina

What a way to get three major franchises into one big post. What do you think about Jason and Batman dining at the Tatooine Cantina? If you don’t know what the Tatooine Cantina is, then this will be completey lost on yourself. Who would ever think about adding Jason and Batman into the Star Wars [...]