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XBox Live Hockey Mask Avatar

Cool to see more horror representation on XBox Live! GT: VOORHEES JASON from the forum dropped us word a Jason-styled hockey mask is available for Xbox Live animated avatars. Below: The model, and how it looks on my digital double (pay no attention to the clothes, I’ve made no specific effort to look Jason-like, just [...]

Mother’s Day & Friday The 13th

For the briefest nano-moment I thought I was looking at the poster for the next Friday the 13th. Hey, the 2024 reboot was about the son, this could be a prequel about the mother! Okay okay, so maybe I’m not that gullible. The Mother’s Day remake has this new poster out in the UK, and [...]

Friday The 13th XIII (Fanedit) Review

Most fanfilms I watch bite the big one, so I instead turn to fan-edits for my fun outside of the official release spectrum. Fanedits get a bad rap, usually being existing movies with a few deleted scenes jerkily forced back into place. But like fanfilms there are good ones too, and the good fanedits take [...]

Happy Friday The 13th

The site is now back online after an extended period of downtime in which I had to merge the main page and blog due to database issues. Thank you for your patience and on with the show. Best of luck today - I really do mean that. Somewhere along the way society lost its superstitiousness [...]