30 Years of Fear: Promotion Update #2

f13thtagLast week item #1 of the 30th Anniversary package was revealed to be an individually numbered commemorative t-shirt, featuring the artwork of Jeff Zornow (Artwork to be revealed in the near future). Now the second item has been revealed………


Full-color poster (11 x 17) of the shirt artwork, suitable for framing. While this would be an awesome piece of memorabilia already, as an added bonus, each poster will be hand-signed and numbered by the stars of Friday the 13th: Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer and the original Jason himself, Ari Lehman


If you’re interested in finding out more on how to get this package, all you need to do is sign up for the mailing list and you will be sent updates on how, when and where you can order this once in a life time package. Visit 30 Years of Fear to sign up for more details.

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4 Responses to “ 30 Years of Fear: Promotion Update #2 ”

  1. Seems cool. Hope it’s not too expensive!

  2. count me in!

  3. Gotta be at least $50 - probably more though. The recent limited edition Fright Rags package for Ladies of the Evil Dead already mirrors how this one seems to be shaping up in terms of size and content - so I’d say the price point will be equally comparable as well, and it ran $50-80, depending on when/how you got one.

  4. Don’t worry, this package will be much less then $80. We really wanted to make it something special without breaking the bank. I think the fans will be thrilled with the final product and be happy with the cost, as well.

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