30 Years of Fear: T-Shirt and Poster Artwork Revealed

For the past couple of weeks we have been slowly revealing the huge 30th anniversary promotion that Creepy Tees has created. Now you can see the artwork created by artist Jeffrey Zornow that will be featured on the T-shirt and poster. Check out the artwork below and visit the 30 Years of Fear website to sign up for the newsletter for updates on how and when to purchase this once in a lifetime package.


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7 Responses to “ 30 Years of Fear: T-Shirt and Poster Artwork Revealed ”

  1. That is beautiful, have to have it!! I hope they get more actors/directors from the series to attend this convention it seems a little sparse, but a lot can happen untill August!

  2. Actually, Vanilablunt, 30 Years of Fear is a promotional package created by Creepy Tees. The convention you are thinking of is Camp Blood: Friday the 30th. Check out their last update to see all of the guests and activities they have revealed to this point.


  3. I signed up for emails on this when you made the original post. I must say I am impressed and will be picking one up.

  4. Thankyou JasonsFury and thanks for all the cool updates you bring to us every day…this is where fans like me get our “Friday fix” between films

  5. ugh august is so far away….

  6. $49.99 is the cost for this package, if you’re a subscriber to the newsletter. If you’re not, you will have to wait until everyone has had their chance at the promo. After that the cost of the package is $69.99

  7. what’s the deal with the limited edition thing? u get a Tshirt and a poster and MAYBE something cool from the film in one of the packages with a raffle ticket for 50 bucks and that’s all? that’s a bargain? naw, i really don’t think so. limited edition or not, they need to do better than that price if that’s all they offer is a shirt and a poster.

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