3rd Jason From Freddy vs Jason Surfaces at Horrorhound

A few weeks ago we brought you the shooting schedule from Freddy vs Jason in which a Jason stunt double was mentioned. For the rave scene, stuntman Glen Ennis was set on fire and not the credited Jason Voorhees, Ken Kirzinger. Well, now a thrid Jason stuntman will be surfacing for the public to meet.

Stuntman Douglas Tait was recently mentioned to be attending the next Horrorhound convention in Cincinnatti, Ohio November 12-14, 2024. Who is Douglas Tait and what did he contribute to Freddy vs Jason? Well, he portrayed our favorite Crystal Lake slasher at the very end of the film, walking out of the water with Freddy’s head! What else has Douglas acted in or performed stunts for you wonder? Check out the Horrorhound website to learn more!

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19 Responses to “ 3rd Jason From Freddy vs Jason Surfaces at Horrorhound ”

  1. Ok, how many people played Jason in this movie? Wow. I can’t believe they had this many people for Jason in the film.

  2. That was one of the few shots where Jason looked good in that film.

  3. That was one of the few shots where Jason looked good in that film.

    I liked that shot too. Very eerily shot, but didn’t like the Freddy wink. :)

  4. Funny, one of the most iconic shots from that movie-if not the most iconic shot from that movie-Ken Kirzinger is not as Jason…

  5. I still can’t figure out why a Stuntman needs a Stuntman? I mean isn’t that what they do? Was Ken not man enough to do his own stunts? I’m probally wrong but did Kane have to have stunt doubles?

  6. Hey, I have that Hock :)
    I would have shown this scene as some kind of a teaser or trailer and not used in the film. I think it confuses quite a bit what this means and where the heck this is. A dream sequence? Who dreams it? As said, trailer for sure, movie, better not.

    Brandon, Kane in fact had a stunt double in Part 8. It was Ken Kirzinger, funny huh? Ronny You did not want Ken to make his own stunts in FvsJ. You can read that in Crystal Lake Memories.


  7. Of course I meant Ronny Yu

  8. Yeah ok I remember that now Mario. I still dont get why stuntmen need doubles though. I really didn’t care for J vs F that much, it was ok but I didn’t care for Ken as Jason, acting was bad, best part was Robert Englund and the fight scenes.

  9. Yea, Ronny Yu handled Ken Kirzinger like a fragile China Doll. Very strange as usually you hire these guys to play Jason so they can take all of the hits.

    Kane had Ken double for him in a few scenes in Part 8, but I think it was due to conflicts with Kane’s schedule for the day of the particular shots.

    Here is a break down of scenes that Ken was Jason in Part 8


  10. That guy looks like he’s got a huge stomach. Maybe it’s the angle of the shot, but he looks a little overweight to be Jason. I don’t understand why Ken couldn’t have done this shot. He must not like water.
    This is a great scene anyway. This guy looks menacing.

  11. This guy has played some bitching ass characters other than Jason. I love that scene in Freddy Vs. Jason. Had no clue it wasn’t Ken. Checked out his IMDB pictures and he looks like he is in good shape. I don’t think they would cast someone to match Ken that has a big belly, that would be pretty stupid. Here is his IMDB page:

  12. hahhah he has A fucking Pot BELLY lol hahhah

  13. I think Ken was busy with other films that he couldn’t do the ending in time. Keep in mind that the ending we see wasn’t the original one in the script. It’s also the one Bob Shaye wrote after the original ending got negative respond from the test screening. I’m sure Ken would’ve done that ending if it was planned from the beginning.

    And yes, I can’t believe the 3rd dude got a pot belly compare to Ken & Glenn who are more skinner. But then I didn’t notice it in the film. Just the pic here. :D

  14. Dude, a Pot belly Jason, THAT FUNNY! The dude is actually ripped. He’s fuckin’ ugly though, check out his face!

  15. Douglas is credited as Jason Stunt Double, but he didn’t do a stunt. I wonder why they credited him as a stunt double. On his IMDB he has mostly acting credits and roles in Monster makeup, I would consider him an actor not a stuntman. Here is some F Vs. J trivia, It explains it.


  16. Never new that, though
    t it was either Ken or glen!
    Why use someone else??

  17. Guess You never know how many actors and stuntmen actually play Jason in a movie.

  18. I worked on the Freddy VS. Jason reshoots as a P.A.! Here is a picture of the Lake we shot the ending of the film in Los Angeles: http://www.pyroinnovations.com/lacla/owpics/Hansen_Dam_lake5_w.jpg
    I got the opportunity to work with Douglas Tait. He has a slender build, so they had to put a lot of pads and thick clothing under his wardrobe to bulk him up because once he got in the water the clothing made him look to skinny. That is why in the picture it looks like he has a belly. I am so glad I found this page, it brings back good memories. That part is also my favorite scene in the film.

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