A Completely “Hideous Looking Man”

Crash Cunningham offered his first run of his Part 3 “Hideous Looking Man” bust for purchase in February and sold out very fast. Crash recently posted pictures of the finished bust and it is nothing short of spectacular. No detail has been missed and if you looked at a close-up picture of this piece, you might actually think you were looking at a picture of Jason on set in 1982! Check out the images below and if you’re interested in a second run of this bust, visit his website www.crasharmy.com

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8 Responses to “ A Completely “Hideous Looking Man” ”

  1. its gorgeous. This and HUD are probably the best Jason sculpts out there.

  2. Love this!

  3. Unbelievable. Looks like the original Stan Winston design? Used in the deleted scene with Chris’s decapitation? I like this look a lot. Both eyes are relatively normal and uses less hydrocephalic features. A great design, and an amazing replica!

  4. A face only a mother could love!

    GREAT work!

  5. That is perfect!!
    Those eyes look so really, u really do think its a real make up effect!!!!

  6. Awesome work. Very authentic.

  7. that is aaaamazing!!!

  8. wow..this looks amazing!

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