A New Beginning Exclusive Coming Soon

Check back here in the coming weeks for a very special report dealing with Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. It has been a number of months in the making and I know everyone will enjoy it!

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16 Responses to “ A New Beginning Exclusive Coming Soon ”

  1. I realy hope somebody got the on location photos. That would be so cool.

  2. Cool can’t wait!

    I have always had a special place in my heart for part 5. I know lots of people bash it because it isn’t jason but it still had the original friday formula/feel about it and that’s why I enjoy it. Although, I do remember the film confusing the crap out of me during the chase scene when i saw the film for the first time.

    This is what was going on in my young mind back in 1985 sitting in the theater and watching the chase scene of Part 5:

    “Is that Jason? Is that Tommy? Is that the Paramedic Guy with the strange looks he has been giving the screen? Could be the guy who chopped poor Joey with the axe at the beginning of the movie! No, it has to be Tommy to make sense. Or maybe it’s the Paramedic guy! If it’s the paramedic guy then how come he’s bald!? It’s not the Paramedic guy. Oh, it is Tommy! Cause he is a master of masks and could have created the bald head! Oh wait! Tommy just showed up at the barn?!!! WTF?! Huh? So it is Jason?!!! He’s alive!!? But Jason doesn’t have blue streaks on his mask and where is the wound to the side of his head from the final chapter?! Huh!?! Jason has normal hands? huh?!! Then it’s not Jason! I’m confused! Maybe it is Jason. But it’s not Jason cause they said he was cremated?!!!! So it must be the paramedic! Oh, it was the paramedic!!!”

    In between all of that confusion, I did enjoy the movie :)

  3. John F

    Wow, your mind was really working hard that night :)
    Enjoyable reading indeed..

  4. I have a strooong feeling what this will be ;) It´s cool that it will finaly comes true! Can´t wait!

  5. Please god let it be uncut on bluray

  6. Maybe it will be on TV or even in 3D!

  7. Great to see something new on V..
    That movie never gets the love it should.

  8. Sure was Fredrik :)

  9. I will tell you that this has nothing to do with DVD’s Blu-Rays, 3-D or anything of that sort. This will be a unique look at the movie that no one has ever read or heard about before.

  10. …naked pictures of Ethel?

  11. Just giving props to A New Beginning.

    Although it was not Jason doing the killing, I thought this entry was quite good. One of my faves.

    Loved all the POV shoots instead of seeing Jason in every single kill like we do now. And the guy who played Tommy was so much better in this one than the one they used in Jason Lives.

    As much as I liked Jason Lives; I did not appreciate the addition of car chases and gun fire in my series :)

    Now please, Paramount, for the love of all that is Jason; release parts 4 - 7 on Blu-Ray!

  12. I love part 5, it was the last real friday the 13th movie to me. then it got unserious

  13. @Jimbo X:

    LOL, That was great…

    If your right we will finally get a chance to find out if indeed she “had a bomb on her”


  14. @John Robert

    Part 1 wasn’t a Jason movie either but it was superb! Glad to see you can find the love for it as many that don’t just haven’t watched it enough.

    I think they forget that Jason wasn’t in many of the movies. Part 1. Part 5. hell even JGTH (unless you count those 5 mins).
    I’ll take Roy over any of those possessed souls.


  15. I’m pretty sure of what’s the announcement. Since I don’t want to spoil it, I’ll just say this: OT Forum.

    Some people might know what I mean…the others will have to wait…

    If it is what I think it is, you guys will be amazed. I have been waiting for this and I hope it will live up to my expectations.


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