A New Beginning French Poster

part5_french_posterI have always liked the international poster for A New Beginning compared to the US poster and video release cover. I really like this French poster for the movie with the hockey mask immersed in a red light. I also like the blood dripping off of the machete. I kept hoping that Paramount would use this poster for the DVD release in the US, but it never happened. Maybe we will see this happen with another re-release?

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3 Responses to “ A New Beginning French Poster ”

  1. All you have to do is google image. Print it out and slot it into your dvd case. Job done.

  2. This was the poster that we had in Canada as well. I love it. Unfortunately, we got the US video box with that Wal-Mart hockey mask with the light shining through it. It was bad. The french tagline on this poster reads, “Jason always haunts our memories”. The english tag line for this poster was, “If Jason still haunts you… You’re not alone.” I liked it, I thought it was cool. Nice post.

  3. does exacly what it saids on the poster!

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