A Tribute to Junior and Ethel

I was thinking we could use some good ol fashion laughs to get through Saturday night. After making the bracket challenge for Mothers of Friday the 13th, I seriously thought about posting this following video with Ethel, but I thought it might sway too many votes. Since the voting is pretty much done on that division now please check out this awesome tribute to Junior and Ethel.



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16 Responses to “ A Tribute to Junior and Ethel ”

  1. HAHA! Just re-watched this movie this week. It\’s weird, the older I get the more I like Friday 5, and Nightmare on Elm St. 2. I used to hate both of those entries, when I start claiming to like records by the Eagles, please shoot me in the face.

  2. On a dark desert highway. . .

    They are hilarious that Etel and Junior only thing that was missing was when Tommy beats the shit outta Junior.

    . . . cool wind in my hair

  3. nice i love those 2 i also got my part 3 jason figure today its a good day for me

  4. dont i make the best godamm stew in the whole wide world ?

  5. “Best Goddamn stew in the whole wide world mama”

  6. Would you shut your trap, you aint so pretty yourself, you know.

  7. you tell ‘em ma!

  8. Anyone else wonder what Ehtel would have done if the sheriff made a move towards her after she said she had a bomb? She obviously didn’t, but it would be great to see how she would act if she was put in that position.

  9. i’d hit it

  10. “So I aint so pretty myself well I know”

  11. Dan, that is so funny. Got free tix to the Eagles last year and after years and years of bashing them, I now don’t mind them.

  12. This is the only part of part 5 that wa good (well, besides the robot dance)

  13. I have seen the Eagles three times…and they are, without a doubt, the best live performance i have ever seen….next to Paul McCartney of course

  14. They’ve always been the two most annoying characters in the series for me. I did watch the clip just to make sure that was still the case, and it is.

  15. oh i love the robot dance, especially the tune by Pseudo Echo, it rules, i bought their albums after finding out who that song was by, great stuff !

    oh off topic, but yeah paul blows the eagles away

  16. Paul McCartney and the Eagles?? They both have moments but all in all they’re both about as exciting as musical oatmeal. At least Paul has the Beatles to fall back on.
    I love that song “His Eyes” by Pseudo Echo! I haven’t been able to find it yet. I think they’re Australian…

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