Actor Motivation: Wolverine as Jason Voorhees?

Many of you that have visited this website throughout the years are aware of what I am about to mention. However, a visitor named Derek had emailed a few weeks ago asking about its legitimacy and wondering if a story could be offered up about Hugh Jackman. For those that do not know, Hugh Jackman was asked many years ago on The Tonight Show: With Jay Leno about why he became an actor. Jackman told Leno that he loved the Friday the 13th series and one reason was that he thought it would be cool to play Jason.

This did indeed happen, but a video of the interview cannot be found currently. If anyone can locate a video, please let us know. That being said, would Hugh Jackman have been a good choice to play the character of Jason Voorhees? He has shown a high level of ferocity with the Wolverine character, so the intensity would be available for the character. Let your imaginations run wild with possibilities!

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15 Responses to “ Actor Motivation: Wolverine as Jason Voorhees? ”

  1. If he ever got the chance to play Jason, he would destroy everyone with his adamantium Machete.

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  4. A current A list celebrity playing Jason whether good or bad would bring alot of publicity and fringe fans. And the more publicity and more fans the series has the better.

  5. He will never do this, nevertheless, I think an actor as talented as Hugh Jackman will make it work somehow. But then we need good scriptwriters en a great director as well. Otherwise he won’t do it, I’m sure. Nevertheless, would be interesting.

  6. Yes i think he would be a good choice, he can play more off a aggresive Jason!!

  7. With the way horror movies are going I could easily see Hugh doing this movie. Two things have to happen or I think he’d walk. 1.) The producers need to find a talented director (Green, Tarrantino) 2.) Get a writer(s) to give us a fun, original story that makes you care for the characters and makes you want them to survive. Lots of quality actors have dabbled in the horror genre and I could see it once again if it is handled correctly that is(which is next to impossible considering the producer is COUGH Michael Bay COUGH). Lets just keep our fingers crossed that a new sequel even gets made, which seems less than likely considering the producer.

  8. Fuck no. I hate that guy. I don’t want a jason who would lap dance barbara walters.—hugh-jackman-lap-dance

  9. Oh and if he was in this movie and I wasn’t already a huge Friday fan, I’d probably see this movie site unseen. The series needs a way to draw in new generations of Friday fans this may be the way to achieve that. Even if he doesn’t agree to do this movie I still think Friday should reach out to another A lister just to gauge their interest, I think you’d be surprised how many A list stars would give you a listen if you have the right pieces in place for the movie to be successful.

  10. I think he could do it. But it will most likely never happen.

  11. Sorry guys but if these movies ever did land an A lister the last part they would get would be Jason. What sense would it make to have someone who has a famous face hide it behind a mask? You would have to pay someone like that a huge ammount of money just to do the same job Kane Hodder and many others already did. They would have to hire ANOTHER guy just to do stunts for them too. It would be a waste of money. If anything they would pay some A lister to just cameo in the film Janet Leigh/psyco style.

    Way off the subject Jason Fury, but I was watching Rob Zombies Halloween 2 and noticed that the town they used for Haddonfeild was the same town used to portray Crystal Lake (aka forrest green) in Friday 6. Weird coincdence I thought. H2 kind of sucked but it was pretty cool that they used covington georgia for shooting both movies. Do you think Rob Zombie knew this when the location was choosen? With as many genre regulars as he uses in his movies it would not surprise me.

  12. I think it would be cooler to see wolverine fight Jason

  13. I wouldn’t mind Hugh as Jason if somehow he agree to do it & they didn’t have to pay him a lot. We know it will never happend though, but I’m sure he would do a good job if he got the role. He can do a good facial expression whenever we see his Jason’s face. Doesn’t have to be the same like Wolverine though. :D

  14. I like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but as Jason I dont know. They should just stick with Derek Mears. Why change a good thing?

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