Actor Spotlight: Tom McBride (Mark - Part 2)

Before appearing in Friday the 13th: Part 2, Tom did some modeling where he portrayed the Malboro Man on billboards in New York City and he also starred in a Wisk commercial. During the filming of Friday the 13th Part 2 he became great friends with all of the cast and was well liked.


From Crystal Lake Memories:
“He was very natural, says Lauren Marie Taylor. That there was just a mutual respect amongst all of us, for each other, is a testimony to Tom’s genuineness, and also his ability as an actor, to be able to share that trueness with everybody.

After the film, continues Taylor, I used to see Tom at commercial calls, and I actually went on auditions with him where we were supposed to play husband and wife. I sometimes think that maybe Tom even felt sorry for me because I was such a dork! I learned so much from Tom. I will always miss him.”


After Friday the 13th Part 2, Tom went on to act in a small role in Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. This was one of my favorite action movies growing up. Back when you actually filmed action pieces on location and not on a stage in front of a green screen. The Statue of Liberty scene is awesome! I believe Tom’s role in this film was an actor in a soap opera in the film.

Tom unfortunately contracted AIDS shortly thereafter and starred in a documentary of himself and his life called, “Life and Death on the A-List”. The A-List spoken of here is that group of gay men in large cities who are desired because of their handsomeness, their buffed body, and their celebrity. In the film, Tom says he was on the Manhattan A-List for 1984-94. This documentary ends with Tom’s family by his bedside as he makes his final comments about the AIDS epedimic in America.

Tom’s tragic ending would not go unnoticed to his fans as when the AIDS quilt was presented in New York in 1999, Tom’s fans offered their own creations to add to the quilt. Several squares shows a man in a wheelchair with Jason in the background.

Special thanks to for the pics of Tom in his commercials.

R.I.P. Tom McBride
(October 7, 1952 - September 24, 1995)

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19 Responses to “ Actor Spotlight: Tom McBride (Mark - Part 2) ”

  1. great piece. the part about Jason squares on the quilt almost chokes me up for some reason. from his work on F13II he seemed like a pretty good actor, creating a believable and sympathetic character with limited screen time. I tried to find Life and Death on the A-List but it’s a tough movie to find. Maybe for the best that I couldn’t find it. Seems like an unflinching and sad kind of flick

  2. From what I have read, the documentary is very depressing in that you see this man with lots of promise wither away to nothing.

  3. “Life and Death on the A-List” would be a much more clever title if the actors portrayed in it were actually A-listers. Instead, the ‘A’ just stands for Aids. I saw this film at an film festival back in the 1990s. If I’m not mistaken, there is actually a clip where Warrington Gillette talks about the wheelchair kill in Friday the 13th Part 2 and discusses what a pleasure it was to work with Tom McBride. Steve Dash is nowhere in the documentary.

  4. Walmart Man,
    You like to appear on the website and give your obligatory comedy piece on either Kane Hodder or Warrington Gillette. If that floats your boat. Cool. But your comment below is a little insensitive, don’t you think?

    You mention this:
    “Life and Death on the A-List” would be a much more clever title if the actors portrayed in it were actually A-listers. Instead, the ‘A’ just stands for Aids”

    “Life and Death on the A-List” is a serious documentary about a serious epidemic. Your comment comes across as childish. Save the comedy for your usual routines. Thank you.

  5. Definitely one of the best deaths in Friday the 13th history. I heard his story somewhere a while back, but up until then I really thought he was handicapped.

  6. Tom was wicked! He will always be one of the highlights of the series for me. What a brave and courageous thing to do; to be in a documentary about your death in that fashion. Good for you Tom. Thanks for everything!

  7. Jasonsfury, I agree 1000%, walmart man’s comments were wrong. Ban him! LOL

  8. I too agree with jasonfury regarding Walmart Man.

  9. Hey Jasonsfury, is there a way where u can just block WALLY (Walmat) MAN from this website…really, he has no respect for any1 has stupid comments, hates your bracket challenge…y is he even on here…clearly looking for attention…probably picked on when he was a kid so he tries to make himself feel better with stupid comments about every1 else…here’s an idea, put Walmart Man in the final bracket with Jason and let every1 vote on how they would want Jason to take him out…lol

  10. I am a bit disapointed that trolls are allowed continuing posting here. Heck, all those spammers who try to sell gold or lady-handbags get deleted here … and their posts are more producive than Walmar Man´s.

  11. Yeah, but there are people here that take everything about F13 waaaay too seriously. Walmart Man is just one of those guys that doesn’t and its cool…

    The comment about Tom McBride’s documentary pushes the envelope a little but, then again, he only pointed out something about the title and nothing about McBride himself. It’s his usual Warrington Gillette bit (which I think is pretty funny anyway) if you read the post again.

    I would also be the first one to say that its an oxymoron to say that the Walmart Man doesn’t say things that are “productive” about the F13 movies. There really isn’t anything productive about commenting on a site focused on the F13 franchise to start with. Its just because fans get enjoyment out of talking about it when there are a million other things we could be doing with our time. 99% of those things are probably more productive than posting here…but we do it because we are fans.

  12. Jimbo X,
    I understand your perspective. Some people may take the series too seriously, but that’s because they are passionate about the movies. It’s just like if someone was passionate about a football team, their music or their art. You can’t rank the level of importance on someone’s passion. That being said, I normally don’t have a problem if people have a sense of humor about the franchise. I do. I sometimes use humor when posting about the movies and so do visitors to the website.

    The issues I and others have with “Wal-mart Man” is that he is not here to discuss anything. He visits the website with the sole purpose to dog the movies and to mention Warrington Gillette and Kane Hodder to get a rise out of certain people. Have you ever seen him post a comment that discusses the topic at hand? It doesn’t happen. Now, I know that some of you like his comedy. That’s fine. But I and others that help with this website have to deal with the backlash that is caused by the type of comments that he makes.

    There is good number of comments that are made that the readers never see as it would cause a huge problem. I want everyone to have fun when they come here and enjoy discussing the franchise. When visitors like “Wal-mart Man” visit, they are here to cause chaos and inflate an ego. Some of you may not agree with my views, but his comment made about the title of Tom McBride’s film is just the tip of the iceberg with that guy. I have been watching his posts for a long time and trust me when I tell everyone, he is more trouble than you know.

  13. I am all for some sarcasm, fun and comedy. But in most cases WalmartMan didn´t provide those. His Gilette-crap wasn´t funny at all. He tried to get under the skin of people who are dedicated to the franchise and want to discuss it. Heck, some newbies might even believe the stuff he posted about Warrington Gilette!

    Dedicated discussions about a franchise they love is productive for fans. People spent they time discussing various aspects of the movies, theorize about things that weren´t onscreen, write fanfics etc. Those things are “productive” for fans. Sure, non-fans might call us nerds … but those people shouldn´t visit this place and leave us alone and follow their interests, in which they might be the nerds to us).

  14. Call me a nerd cause I’m a huge fan! Ever since I was a kid I’ve watched these movies.

    Anyways, Tom thanks for being part of the Friday franchise!

  15. So THAT’s what happened to my post!

    j/k. I personally don’t find Walmart man’s schtick that funny. The first couple posts where we were supposed to believe that Warrington Gillette was working at Walmart and posting about himself at this site were funny, but after 5000 such posts it loses something. Not to mention Warrington is a trust fund kid who wanted to be on the silver screen and then wussed out the moment he had to jump through a sugar pane window. Actually, the real reason is that he realized his pretty face wasn’t going to be shown in the movie and decided it wasn’t worth it because he definitly didn’t need the money. So, there is no way he’s working at Walmart.

    Anyway, Walmart Man’s joke about Life and Death on the A-list was misguided in that the “A-list” referred to has nothing to do with Hollywood, but with the gay scene. So, to call that A-list the AIDs list is extremely tastless and insensistive, regardless if you take Friday the 13th too seriously or not.

  16. jasonsfury,

    Thank you for looking out for the website and making it part of your job so that everyone here can have a good time without being offended. I don’t get offended by the Walmart Man personally but I know he gets under the skin of some people that post here.

  17. I think Wal-Mart man accomplished yet again what he wanted- a lengthy discussion about him!! lol. I don’t mind his comments and occasionally he does talk sensibly… albeit rarely. If you ban him he’ll just pop up again as someone else no?

  18. Tom was my favorite actor in the firday the 13th series. I was sad that he died in the movie and i was even more saddened when he died.

    RIP Tom aka Mark

  19. ?????????? ?????????.

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