Adam Green For Friday the 13th Sequel?

Most people agree that Adam Green has a definite love for horror and his retro slasher flick ‘Hatchet’ delivered the gore and the, um, women. His newest released film, ‘Frozen’, provided a more psychological twist to the horror genre giving the audience tense scenes and a feeling of dispair. Combining the elements from these two films together would provide for a real return to the roots of the Friday the 13th franchise.

We know that Adam loves the Friday the 13th series and now he is preparing to release his follow up to ‘Hatchet’ into theaters. We asked Adam via Twitter to help with a new Friday the 13th movie and he responded, telling us that “if the studio (Warner Bros.) would ask me, I would be all for it, but right now I am trying to make sure Hatchet 2 doesn’t suck”.

Adam would be great for the franchise, so lets hope at some point Warner Bros. and company can get a sequel off of the ground and possibly bring in Adam Green to make Friday the 13th bloody and suspenseful one again!

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66 Responses to “ Adam Green For Friday the 13th Sequel? ”

  1. “Hell Yeah!”

  2. I’d love it if he were on it. His alternate DVD commentary of Final Chapter with Joe Lynch was hilarious and he gets it. I’d love to see it but I’d put Adam Green doing a F13 movie in the “too cool to actually happen” category.


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  5. Adam Green would be a cool choice. Hes a big fan of the series, and I think Hed do the sequal justice. I love Hatchet. The first half of the film was funny, the other half bloody. Tony Todd and John Buechlers characters were outrageous. And Robert Englund at the beginning was hilarious. If He were to do FT13th pt 2, I hope He would make it a good follow up to the remake.

  6. bring him into the friday world!

  7. No way should he do the sequel. Hate me if you want, Hatchet wasn’t a good movie. Why would a guy need a Hatchet when he could just pull you apart. Green would be good if people wanted to see a Jason movie similar to JGTH, or Jason X.
    The whole Story for the movie Hatchet isn’t bad. It’s like a cross between Pumpkin Head and F13. I was very excited about the movie originally. What I didn’t like about it was the quality of the movie. The new F13 is supposed to be more realistic and believable, where as Hatchet is neither.

  8. Adam would be perfect for the job, it might never happen, but we can all hope.

  9. Agreed. And looking forward to Hatchet 2.

  10. it’s time to do something about that. it would be a dream that cames true.

  11. Now I haven’t seen Hatchet but I’ve heard great things about it. I saw this guy on the His Name Was Jason documentary and he seems to be a huge fan of the series. I’d rather have him over some music video director who knows nothing but to give the film a flashy look.

    Funny thing about this article was that last night, I had a dream that the Friday The 13th sequel was being made and Platinum Dunes had zero involvement with it. That was music to my ears.

    Also I think Adam would look over Swift and Shannon’s script and do a huge rewrite or get another person to do the script. That cold only be nothing but good.

  12. To evilekim,

    Let us remember that sometimes people don’t want to hear things they don’t want to hear. Also, a lot of people don’t even know what they want from movies or horror anymore. So you can’t please an audiance that doesn’t know what they want themselves. They are divided, as you can thus only usually please one factions and piss off the rest.

    For instance, far as I could tell Friday the 13Th was about sex, drugs, rock and roll, gore, and a villain people could feel sad for.

    The new Friday the 13Th in 2024 had sex, drugs, gore, and a villain people could feel sad far.

    And for the stunning acomplishment of giving fans four out of the five things that made the classic Friday the 13Ths Friday the 13Ths, large amounts of the fans turned around and spit in the face of the creators. Complaining about how they got what they wanted.

    How dare you give me sex scenes when I wanted sex scenes! What were you thinking.

    (As completely ****ing insane as it sounds, I heard people complain that Friday the 13Th and slashers have too much sex in them now. Did people just forget that half the reasons these movies sell is because they were soft-core porn in the days before the internet? (The other half is because they were gore in the days before detailed video games graphics.))

    The writers of the film clearly had a detailed understanding of what made the first films tick and delivered perfectly. The reasons it failed is that many of the fans don’t understand their own franchise anymore.

    This is basically called a moving target. As long running fans of a franchise get older (let’s say by thirty years) they start to want the pop-corn movies that were more about gags and humor than art to start to bring in production value and start to take themselves seriously as films of horror and suspense. Yet, at the same time, they keep calling for them films to be like they used to be. You know, non-serious shoddy production value gag movies.

    This means the creators of the films are being given two apposing demands that they then must reconcile somehow. The fans, at the same time, are screaming that they want the water hot and cold.

    When you then get is a luke warm film that isn’t really serious or gag-film funny. You get a lost and confused film, from lost and confused writers and directors, because they are trying to please lost and confused fans.

    This is why the franchise is likely to never make the fans happy again, because the fans are going through basically a mid-like crisis with their franchise. (Fans of Star Wars and Bond did the same thing wit the new Star Wars and Bond movies.)

    It might sound like a rant, and it kind of is. I just get tired of the fans demanding what they want from a new movie, getting it in triplicate, then turning around and bitching because they got what they asked for. Bitching because somehow, in some nebulous way they don’t articulate into words, they didn’t get what they wanted how they wanted it. But if you can’t tell the film makers how you want what you want, how do you expect them to deliver it to you?

    1: You want sex, but not too much sex.
    2: You want drugs, but not too much pot.
    3: You want classic Friday the 13Th Characters, but don’t want the cookie cutter characters that came from the classic Friday the 13Ths. (Most of the classic characters existed just so Pamela and Jason could kill them. They were not designed to have a lot of depth. So you are saying you want classic (little depth) and depth at the same time. Remember what happens when you ask for hot and cold at the same time?)
    4: You want gore, but somehow it’s still not good enough for you. (We got a bare trap, a spike shoved up into someone’s head, a throat slit, that’s basically the same as the early Friday the 13Ths.)
    5: You want classic a Friday the 13Th feel but then bitch and moan every time they include the Mother back in because it’s somehow, still, just not the way you wanted it.
    6: You say you want a classic Jason, but then complain if he’s too emotional. (Not realizing that Jason’s character is not a merciless killer but rather a scared and mama’s boy that who’s throwing a temper tantrum. So when you get the real Jason (Freddy VS Jason and Friday the 13Th 2024) you complain that he’s not what you want because they gave you exactly what you asked for.)

    The list could go on.

    The Friday the 13Ths of old were successful because they were indie budget, indie quality, soft core porn gore gag movies made in the yesteryears before internet porn and Mortal Kombat.

    Now that the classic staples of Friday the 13Th, sex and violence, don’t sell in theaters like they used to; many of the fans are now asking that the franchise both redefines itself and stays true to itself at the same time. (We want it to be dark and serious yet cheesy porn and shoddy gags at the same time!)

    Don’t wine to me if you continue to get the luke-warm movies many of you are asking for.

  13. You’re basically asking for the Adam West Batman and the Dark Knight Batman at the same time, then you keep complaining when you get Batman & Robin Batman.

    But, of course, when you ask for Adam West Batman and the Dark Knight Batman at the same time you’re going to get Batman & Robin Batman.

    So, until the fans can decide if they want Adam West Friday the 13Th or the Dark Knight Friday the 13Th; they are going to continue getting more and more Batman & Robin Friday the 13Ths because that’s what they’re asking for.

  14. To F13ticket,
    I liked the remake, unlike many of people. I’m not trying to bitch or wine about anything really. All I’m saying is this. When I watched the movie Hatchet, I laughed when they show killer. You can’t take the movie seriously at all. If Adam does a Friday the 13th in the same fashion as he did Hatchet, it would suck. It would take away from everything they did in the remake. I’m pretty easy to please. I just don’t want to see another Jason X.
    BTW, the franchise is 2 years older than me so no mid-life crisis here.

  15. no way. Hatchet sucked. And Adam seems like a puss.An enthusiastic puss, but a puss none-the-less.

  16. I agree with f13ticket’s comment that people really don’t know what they want with their movies right now. I liked the reboot and was also taken back by comments that the movie showed too much nudity and drug use. That was a huge part of original films. Never will understand the thinking with those comments.

    However, I think Adam would bring something energetic to the series, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the directors chair. Also, a few of you refer to Hatchet as being bad, but did you see Frozen? That movie is really the opposite of what was made in Hatchet. Everyone should see that movie!

  17. I think Adam would be fantastic and a very suitable choice for the sequel. He is an uber fan of the series. Frozen was great and it showed that Adam can make a serious psychological horror. Hatchet was meant to be over the top and wasn’t meant to be realistic but it showed that Adam has a good eye for the gore. If he combined the gore quota of Hatchet with the serious style and psychological aspects of Frozen he could make an amazing sequel.

  18. I were so hyped to see hatchet. saw the teaser about 3 years before the film came out. Then i finally watched the film i were so dissapointed not at all what the trailer made it out to be :( it was just pure cheese at least with the fridays you can brush over that because of the time they came out. And am a big fan of low budget films but this just wasn’t for me. And as for the friday reboot it wasnt all that bad i were just glad to see jason back up on the big screen :)

  19. This is a huge franchise. It pulls fans in from their early teens well into their sixties, men and women, professionals and convicts, congressional aides and the terminally unemployed. Some love it for nostalgia, others strictly for roller coaster thrills, yet others for personal reasons. Truth is, Friday the 13th has too broad an audience to ever satisfy everyone. The remake critically suffered from the very thing that made it so financially successful: its appeal overshadows its ability to meet such varied expectations. That’s why 80% of the ticket sales came in the first week. I really like the film. It’s mid-list in the series, but far from the worst.

  20. Sorry, I thought Hatchet was just plain cheesy and hard to watch - put me down as a “no” vote for this guy.

  21. No question about it, I think Adam would be great for F13 adn the franchise. I hope he is our next director. He may also be good for Halloween

  22. I would like to see Adam Green direct, but i would also like to see Dan Farrands involved, perhaps as a writer..his Crystal Lake Massacre documentaries on the DVD and His Name Was Jason were great and i think it would be a combination of two uber Friday fans might lead to an awesome Friday flick.

  23. @Brandon Lewis I think Halloween needs to stay dormant for a long, long time. Rob Zombie’s stank is all over it.

  24. First off, u want Adam Green to direct this, lol you guys are funny. You need a decent known director that doesnt do indie films for the franchise to survive, Adam green wont plant butts in the seats.

  25. Is it me or does it seem like this is what is expected? Alot of hype. I dunno, but it seems to me like someone wants there to be alot of hype and expectations.

  26. Someone mentioned that if Adam was to direct than he may want Kane Hodder as Jason.
    Dude, Kane is 55. If he was to play Jason again, he really needs to be up to it. In the last film, Jason was running! Something that Kane never did. I guess they would have change that too.
    I know some of you guys like this whole idea, and that’s okay.
    Let’s get serious for a minute though. Adam Green is new director. He may take the series in a new interesting direction, but a 30 year old series needs an amazing director. Rob Zombie didn’t do to well on H2, and for some he killed the series for them. He made a more unique movie than other directors of the series, no doubt about it. But just because it’s different doesn’t make it good.
    Back to Kane Hodder…..he’s amazing, but I think his hockey mask days are over.

  27. How about Ted White as Jason again. He was my favorite you know!!! Anyways, “evilekim” I agree with you…Hodders days as Jason are now over. And to all of you here saying you don’t understand why fans were complainig about the reboot, I have no problem with the remake except the fact that the only film of the original series that even came close to the nudity and soft pornish scenes was “A New Begining”. I think there was a nice balance to the original fims as far as the drug use and sex goes. I just don’t want my Fridays to be “Dazed and Confused” or “Basic Instinct”. Some of you here were probably o.k. with all the remake had to offer….but for me I think some of the drug use dialogue and Sex was OVERKILL!!!!! Just my opinion. And I vote a BIG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! to Adam “Hatchet Sucked Mountain Oysters” Green!!!!

  28. LOL I think Ted White may break a hip now playing jason.

  29. I am 100% behind the idea of bringing Adam Green on board for the sequel!! I think this would actually be the perfect choice and I would love to see it happen!!

  30. As much as Adam Green is a big fan of F13th, that doesn’t mean right away he would be the right person to direct the film though. You can be a fan of the franchise & still suck at directing it. I wasn’t impress with his work on Hatchet & I don’t want his directing style for any future Friday the 13th films. Not to mention he would probably try to get Hodder back & I don’t want him back with how his days is over. Keep Mears!!

  31. HEY I LIKED MEARS , BUT HODDER CAN STILL PLAY THE PART!!he is a stunt man if they ask him to run he will run ,if they say jump he will jump he made his own jason moves up but if they told him to play jason a different way he would ..But hey I WILL take him or Mears any day as long as we the fans get a new real gory spooky Friday the 13th Thats my Input. Thanks for letting me bitch ,,!!

  32. Def, NO NO NO Hatchet sucked ass! All you people who said you loved it must have watched a different dvd from what I watched. I swear, I think most of you get excited about the director because you just really want to see another Friday movie. I would love to see another Friday movie, but this time #1 get a good script and #2 get a director who knows what they are doing. I would like to see the director who did the remake to Last House on the Left direct a Friday movie

  33. Kane Hodder as jason now u ppl r getting delirious, wow what next, a camp counselors car is actually a transformer and saves the day. I know ppl can express there opinions on this site but this is getting out of hand. Mears played Jason as well as anyone could have, When u all say hodder was a great jason, what do u mean by great jason he walked and stood there in everyone of the movies he played in. I just dont know about some ppl sometimes. And back to Adam Green HE WONT DIRECT the movie, because it will bomb horribly and there wont be anymore movies of f13 ever made after it. I dont care if it takes 2 years for another movie to come out, just as long as it has a decent director. Gotta remember slashers bomb after the first weekend, i would rather see the series go out with a bang then a wow adam green directed this pos. If it was up to the fans to make a movie, it would still be a dumb movie to most of u cause they didnt kill this person right,or f13 wasnt set in snow, are u kidding me snow, its a summer camp not a winter camp.

  34. I believe all you Adam Green supporters are part of his inner camp of friends just trying to build him up…lol. Anyways, Was I the only person who thought he seemed like a douche bag while talking on the “His Name Was Jason” DVD?? Just the way he kept going on about Jason not being revealed throughout pt. 3. Don’t know just something about him to me anyway that screams out “I’m a douche!!!”

  35. Maybe Adam Green is a douche bag, but you know what? He would still be better then any of those platinum dune hacks. I’ll take Adam over them any day.

  36. First off, “F13ticket”…best post EVER. You hit the nail on the head in all your points. I for one loved the remake-the only thing they messed up was the music score. “Friday the 13th” needs a classic orchestral score, no doubt about it.

    Back to topic…I’ve had “Hatchet” in my Netflix instant queue for months and this post finally made me watch it. I fell asleep 45 minutes in but i’ll watch the rest tomorrow. But so far…sorry not impressed. And no Kane Hodder please-cool dude in person, but he’s not Jason in my book.

  37. Kudos on your post F13ticket!!!I could not have said it better myself.
    Great post!!!!

  38. “He may also be good for Halloween” …NO!The 1st rule of fight club is: We do not speak of anything “Halloween” related-at least involving the rebooted yet still pathetic storyline. Anything/Anyone I feel couldn’t make H3 ANY better…the original H3 will still be better even though it had nothing to do with MM. Adam Green is a NO Go for a H3…that is all.

  39. God. I fucking hope not. Hatchet was one of the most stupidest horror films ever created and extremely over-rated. This guy is a hack. What a huge mess that film was, and Kane Hodder is fucking pathetic in that film. Well, after all, he is the most over-rated actor/stuntman to play Jason. You want a low budget, original horror film…Watch Laid to Rest. Now, that was a non-theatrically released horror film that GOT IT! Hatchet was a joke and an insult to the genre! This guy better NEVER put his hands on a Friday film…He’s full of fuckin’ CHEESE!

  40. Also. I know exactly what I want from a horror film. To be scared. Period.

  41. Ok for those who are saying we hated the movie unreasonably, a lot of people hated it mainly because the characters were annoying, the writing was very bad, the score was bland, and the death scenes weren’t all that great.

    About the weed/sex, yes we understand that the originals had it but they didn’t go overboard with it. The sex scene with Trent and Bree lasted nearly 10 minutes. The whole point of the group in the beginning going out in the woods was to find the weed. The characters, Lawrence, Chewie, and Donnie came off as the douchebags that do nothing but smoke weed. Don’t get me wrong I smoke weed too, but those guys were a bit over the top. They’re like those people who try to put it out there that they drink/smoke weed. Those are the types I can’t stand.

  42. Also, I’d like to point out that it doesn’t matter who plays Jason. Kane Hodder didn’t make JGTH and Jason X suck. Derek Mears was an awesome Jason but that didn’t make up for how bad the rest of the remake was.

  43. I think for an Adam Green directed Friday having Mears back as Jason would be great, perhaps Kane can cameo…maybe as Elias Voorhees..just a thought. In addition, Harry Manfredini’s score needs to come back….just the score of the original Fridays…shoot this thing on the East Coast, keep Platnum Dunes away and make an old school Fridays…cause if its a hit and a BIG hit, then Cashamount will probably make more DVD’s and perhaps those Parts 4-8 Blu Rays…

  44. AGREED ^^^^ The music is key to a Friday movie. Don’t know why the makers of 6 through 12 don’t understand that yet. Bring Harry’s score back! I know he did some of the other scores but wasn’t the same bring back the the violins! I will add too make it shot in the NE!!! We can tell the difference!

  45. I really can’t understand why people think that the remake was bad. I can’t figure it out! What, you fuckers wanna watch Jason Goes to Hell, FVJ, Jason X? Even Part 8? Are you fucking kidding me!? I’ll take the remake over those any day of the week. My favorites are the original through 4, and the remake closely relates to those films…And I hate fucking remakes! But, it is the fifth best Friday hands down.

  46. Jesse,IYO it’s the best, to others it’s not, so please, don’t put others down just because others don’t share the same thoughts as you.

  47. Jesse i completely agree with u, my order would be part 4 3 6 remake 2 1 7 5 8 jgth fvj jasonx, there wasnt very much different from the remake as the older films, some terrible actors, pot, sex, jason killing people. But the best death scene of all time would have to be part 4 when the guy gets his face pushed in, in the shower.

  48. hodder ran in hatchet, hachet was awsome, it was called hatchet mainly cuz victors dad, killed him with a hatchet, its not because its his choice of weapon. adam would do fine for the sequel, but i’d like to see mears play jason again. i love kanes jason, but he could have a supporting role, like cast him as trents uncle looking to check up on his house, being that he hasnt heard from trent, and discovering the carnage. it could work. oh yeah, kanes is 55, but his victor was pretty rad, and im superstoked for the new hatchet. that being sead, i like mears better as jason right now.

  49. i got to agree with jesse on laid to rest, that movie kicked ass, but i dont agree about hatchet. hatchet was cool. i loved it, the kill with the old lady getting her head torn in half was awsome. i also dug wrong turn 2 and 3. im not watching these flicks to see good acting, or a good stary, give hot ass girls with dousche bag boyfriends have em all get drunk or high, have all naked or in the process of, and the unmercily and viciously kill them. and kill a few old people too, sry no babies, but you can apply the bernie mac rule. once they hit 2 yrs old, you have the right to kick them in the throat. if i wanted good acting i’d go watch broke back mountain, or whatever else the critics say is good. when i read a review, if the great and wonderous roger ebert or whoever is the big and allmighty expert on whats a good movie says it sucks, and it happens to be a horror film, im fuckin going. ive seen their so called good movies and i fell asleep godammit! i want my movie experiance to be closer to a roller coaster than a fuckin sit in a circle read along with the slutty teacher while im trying to see up her dress in 1rst grade experiance, get me? if its a truly shitty horror flick, oh well you got, i will wait for the sequel to come out on dvd then waste my time. i love these movies, hatchet was a fun movie, alot better than most of the other indie flicks out there, laid to rest was awsome, and the it doesnt stop there, try watching feast, another good one. and ill admit, if they had ken kirzinger and ronnie yu make the sequel, id still go see it, cuz its a horror flick in the movies. and NW will even tell you i hate the movie those two made together. by the way NW, other than the part of not being impressed with hatchet(cuz i was) i completely agree, adam could doit, but id rather see nispel or somebody newdoit, and keep mears as jason. kane can cameo or play trents uncle. nuff sead. boobs and gore! i sead that thats reason why i liked tromaville movies to loyd kaufman and he sead ( he was recording a interview for a horror mag in georgia during screamfest 2024 orlando)qoute”and there you have it ladies and gentleman, boobs and gore, and this guy now works for osama bin laden” and then loyd tucked his tail and almost ran with the interviewer to get away.

  50. Wow! I just showed Hatchet to a friend yesterday. I thought that was an awesome movie! If Adam Green did a Friday the 13th movie, there is no doubt in my mind that it would be incredible.

  51. Sorry that I kinda ranted for a while. Some of my comments were not worded nicely. The original films are classic and not shoddy. I simply was trying to imply that by today’s standards they are seen as having been done. We’ve seen so many on-screen throat slashes and the like that it’s not new anymore. Sometimes when I am trying to make a point I get frustrated and phrase things in less than respectful ways. Sorry.

    I should see hatchet. I’ve heard it was good. Adam Green seemed rather well spoken in His Name Was Jason. And just from what little I’ve seen of the trailer from Hatchet and his appearance in his name was Jason I’d say he’d give the franchise energy. Not sure if it’s the taste many fans would like to see.

    Let us not forget that Adam Marcus was also a huge fan of the series and, far as I can tell, also had a lot of energy. Also, in many ways, Marcus gave a lot of fans what they asked for; though many did not expect it to come to them the way it did. After eight movies, many fans had expressed that they wanted to see a deeper story for Jason and a different direction for the Franchise. Jason Goes to Hell delivered on both of these requests in a huge way. Just, well, not the way many of the fans wanted.

    I liked Jason Goes to Hell myself, but fans also have to be specific in their requests. Otherwise, as my other posts detailed, you might get what you ask for but not the way you want it.

  52. hatchet wasn’t the best, but those death scenes were exactly what the reboot was missing. that women getting the top of her head ripped off from the mouth….fucking insane. though you can credit buechler for that.

    i’m all for this guy doing the movie. i’m burnt out on fuller and michael bay and all those dudes, though i’m happy they got a shot at it. rob zombie should just die. this guy, he’s a good candidate in my book. he at least likes horror and i think he’d respect friday in the right ways.

    JUST GREENLIGHT THE SHIT ALREADY! fuck, i’ll make it. for free.


  54. Adam is a great director. I want, that he made new F13.

  55. Adam Green is the last choice for a friday hes nothing but a geeky fan and hatchet sucked ass his writing is bad and he thnks too much of himself him and Eli Roth i am so sick of seeing in horror doc that they were not involved in

  56. Plus he only directed one crappy movie why should he take on one of the greatest horror franchices in horror history he should BURY the HATCHET and never direct again

  57. Higgins Haven, but who else can make a good F13 movie? That idiot Rob Zombie? No! Or this fucking fat chinish gay Ronnie U? Fucking now!
    Who else?

    The only director, who can made great F13 film, exept Adam, is Dwight H. Little.

  58. Adam Green would be great for a Friday the 13th reboot by Michael Bay. His thinking is on level with theirs - make a crappy film (like Hatchet - let’s be honest guys, it was horrendous - the acting, the lighting, the camera work, the generic storyline) which adds to the swamp of horrible “horror” films that have no understanding of what a real horror film needs or should be, so yes he would be perfect for a Michael Bay version of Friday the 13th remake. I’ll support any filmmaker who does the right thing and wants to contribute to good cinema. Green is not one of those types of filmmakers.

  59. I just watched “The House of the Devil” tonight…not sure if it was mentioned in this thread before, but that dude can make a 70s/80s movie! Bring him on…

  60. I agree Rob Zombie is not good at bringing our beloved horror Icone (but i do think his Halloween II kicked ass) what about the directing team behind High tension and the hills have eyes remake or even the director of the last house on the left remake I dont think Adam Green has what it takes to make a 3 D friday

  61. Hell yeas i want AG to do Ft13th 2. But im pretty sure Pd is gonna do it, it just be cool if Green did it cause hes a big jason fan so why the hell not? I loved Hatchet, i enjoyed it even tno its a fucking rip off of both Madman & Friday the 13th but what the hell i had fun. The remake of Ft13th was descent and okay i guess i didnt like the fact that the kills werent different or much gory as i think they could of been. I also think if Ag did the sequel Derek Mears should return as Jason because i think hes a great Jason not to mention the best. Kane should stick with being Victor Crowley cause thats one badass character and Kane does a great job with it.

  62. adam green ripped off the ED WOOD movie by using the name VICTOR CROWLEY etc. etc. etc. I’m surprised jasonsfury didn’t try to get his god John The UBER DORK Gray to be involved !! Gray has just ripped off THE FANS ONCE AGAIN with a phony convention . green and gray will not be involved with any real movies ., they will stick to their camcorders .

  63. This is a great thread. First of all- the original Friday films were not very good and hatchet is better. Hatchet was made for nothing and was a tiny indie film whereas the films many cite on here were huge films with studio backing and money. Second of all, you guys blame the directors like Nispel and Zombie but it’s the studios that dictate these films. Third of all, Green is doing a movie for Chris Columbus now and I doubt he’d ever even consider a stupid friday 2 with Platinum Shitty Dunes. That tweet must be old as hell. Fourth- can’t wait for hatchet 2. Saw the footage at Comic Con and it’s the most violent shit ever. Crowley curb stomped a dude and they showed the whole thing plus he chainsawed two guys in half at once. I love Jason- but he’s got nothing on Crowley and he’s old fuckin hat now. You stupid fanboys and girls keep talking amonst yourselves but Adam Green would never do Friday 2- he doesn’t need it. He has his own (better) franchise now. You call him names? He’s rich, his wife is smoking hot, and he’s making movie after movie while you guys sit at your keyboards and whine and cry about stupid shit like who’s directing the sequel to a remake that is so not happening that it’s not even on imdb anymore. Glad I found this thread, by the way. Massively entertaining. And Rob Zombie cares what you guys think. No, really he cares.

  64. lunaticfringe- you’re spelling is atrocious and you’re a bit too defensive, but I do agree with you. IMO Adam Green is the best we have out there right now and one of the only one who cares. I didn’t love Hatchet but once I saw the budget and making of I was colored impressed. Then I saw Spiral and Frozen and lost my shit. Frozen is the best genre movie in ten years if not more. I normally shy away from films like that with all of the awards and mainstream critics blowing it- but wow. Absolutely perfect. Just the sheer fact that Adam is fighting the MPAA and releasing Hatchet 2 in theaters without compromising is a testament for change and why we need him. Screw the remakes. Friday the 13th 2 won’t happen because the first one was so bad.

  65. Know how to end this whole discussion? I used to work in WB development as an assistant. Platinum Dunes reached out to Adam Green to consider the sequel almost two years ago when the first remake was in theaters. He passed (or at least his agent did) and said “no thank you.” He made Frozen instead (which I agree with the poster above me- best movie of the year so far). End of story.

  66. I am glad you found this “thread” and that you were entertained, lunatocfringe. For me, what is more entertaining is that you posted under two other names within minutes of each other pumping up Adams movie and then trying to talk down to everyone else here. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

    Fans have their opinions here and if it wasn’t really that big of a deal as you stated, then you would not have taken the time to post here under three different names in defense if Adam’s work. Which, by the way, I am a huge fan of and the reason why I crrated this blog entry.