Adam Green’s Thoughts On Kane Hodder

Adam Green has garnered quite the following amongst horror fans with movies such as Hatchet and the more recent film Frozen. One constant within those films and the forthcoming movie Hatchet 2 has been Kane Hodder. Whether he plays homicidal maniac Victor Crowley or is acting as stunt coordinator on Frozen, Adam has a definite fondness for Kane. Recently, Adam answered some questions pertaining to Kane and I have posted a small portion of the interview below. I find it funny that Adam was so giddy to meet Kane, initially as he was a fan first and director second.

I guess the beginning of your relationship would be Hatchet. I know you had been building this story since you were a kid, so once it seemed like this was going to be a reality, was Kane always in your head as the role of Victor Crowley?

Yeah, he was always in my head, because I was such a fan. John Buechler was actually the first person to get involved with Hatchet, because Sarah Elbert had just done the Friday [the 13th] box set. She was like, “You know who needs to read this is John Buechler.” He read it and said “This is great, this is like the old stuff! Who did you have in mind for this?” I said I’d really like to get this to Kane Hodder and Buechler said “DONE!”. He drove out to the set of The Devil’s Rejects (where Kane was stunt coordinator) and was like “Kane ya gotta read this”. Kane said “Aww, I get this shit all the time” and Buechler told him, “No man. This is different. You gotta read it.” and a week later Kane called me and said, “Yeah. Let’s meet for dinner and talk about this.” So I was just going out of my mind! I’m like, I gotta bring my 18” Jason, all my toys for him to sign and the producers were “No! Don’t do that shit! You gotta go in like a director. You’re a director!”. The whole meeting I’m sitting there (bouncing in his chair with a big smile on his face) thinking “It’s Jason, man!” And then we kind of hit off right off the bat. I think he saw that I was going to handle it with a lot of heart, which I think a lot times these lower budget slasher movies people just try and crank them out. Don’t really care as much?

[Kane] was the first person I showed Hatchet to when it was done. Just let him come to the edit suite and just let him see it and he called me an hour later and was… overjoyed. Since then he’s just trusted me implicitly and whatever I do he’s always going to be apart of.

To read for the ful interview, visit the official website of Kane Hodder.

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11 Responses to “ Adam Green’s Thoughts On Kane Hodder ”

  1. wow, cool interview, im a big fan of kane too, i met him in orlando, real nice guy, not at all like some fans made him out to be. as for hatchet, i loved it, and i cant wait for part 2.

  2. Hatchet is an awesome flick. Kane kicks ass as Victor Crowley just as much as He kicks ass as Jason. I cant wait for the sequal. Plus I hear Frozen is pretty badass, I wouldnt mind checking that out. I bet about ten years from now Adam Green will be a legend in the horror world.

  3. Kane is a great guy. Talking with him previously, he is always attentive and willing to talk for a while. As long as there is not a big line behind you. But, yea I have never heard a negative thing said about Kane at an event.

  4. I do love kane’s performance as Jason, but I just didn’t like Hatchet. Something about it just didn’t click with me. But I still give horror movies another shot, and will probably see the sequel.

  5. Hatchet was terrible. I liked him as Jason, but Victor Crowley was a disappointment. Why would a guy need a little hatchet when he can rip people apart with there bare hands? No offense to you Hatchet fans.

  6. Well Jason was able to bend people in half, squish skulls like putty in his hands, and bend beds, but he still used his machete and other weapons when he could. But it’s not the super human abilities that made Hatchet bad for me, I’m just not sure what, but I didn’t like.

  7. I think he uses the “little hatchet”, because his dad stuck one in his face as a boy…by the way, can’t wait for Hatchet 2, it’s about time people brought back horror movies with the fans in mind.

  8. I can’t heap enough praise for Adam Green,at least he understands the “slasher” genre and is a fan himself first and foremost.I really enjoyed Hatchet for what it was and can’t wait for the sequel.Watching Hatchet for the first time is the closest i’ve felt to watching an 80’s era Friday The 13th movie(as opposed to anything the 90’s onwards has had to offer).That’s not take away from the fact that Hatchet is a kick ass horror movie in it’s own right (it is).Kane is badass as Crowely as the role would have came naturally to him.I bet Adam Green would kill for the chance at a stab at Friday The 13th “09″’s sequel.But that will probaly never happen as he may just make a Friday movie we’d like and “plastic dunes” can’t have that,not to mention Shannon(spit) + Swift(spit).Ah well,it’s a nice thought……………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  9. Hatchet felt homemade and cheap.

    But hopefully Green will direct a F13th film someday — than maybe he can get Hodder aboard :)

  10. Crowley is more like the resurrected (Zombie)Jason than the original. Except Victor Crowley wasn’t struck by lightning.

  11. I hated Hatchet, I had read in one of the other blogs they hoped that Green would be able to direct a f13th movie, I hope not. Very homemade and cheap!!!

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