Adrienne King To Cameo In Scream 4?

adriennelobbyBloody Disgusting is reporting an unconfirmed rumor that Adrienne King (Friday the 13th 1980) may have landed a cameo in Scream 4! As mentioned, this is unconfirmed, but it would be very cool to see Adrienne in a new film. This also would follow the rumored storyline of Scream 4 where the killer may be remaking killings from old slasher movies. Is Adrienne going to get an icepick to the cranium from Ghostface?

 What do you guys think about the possibility of the original Friday the 13th heroine facing off against a more modern slasher?

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14 Responses to “ Adrienne King To Cameo In Scream 4? ”

  1. If it’s true I think it’s fantastic! It would be a lot of fun to see Adrienne back on the big screen again. The premise for Scream 4 sounds like fun too. I admit that when I first read the rumours of a Scream 4 I was disinterested. Scream 3 left a bad taste in my mouth but with Wes returning as director I’m even stomaching Kevin Williamson’s return as scribe. We’ll see I suppose.

  2. It will be interesting to see if she does indeed cameo and in what capacity. I think it would be a good move by the studio in terms of appeasing to genre fans. In the end I know that means nothing to the bottom line, which is how much money is there to be made.


  4. I love the references and cameos in the Scream movies. Linda Blair as a newspaper reporter in the first movie….Wes Craven in a Freddy sweater as a janitor…actually Wes Craven was on screen in all three….Carrie Fisher in the 3rd one. Hopefully they do something cool with “Alice”

    “You’re starting to sound like some Wes Carpenter flick or something.”

  5. Well thats cool hopefully is its not a rumor. I really dont see the point of making any more Scream movies, especially another trilogy. But then again I guess its better than another remake. If Adrienne King is going to be in the movie, it should be at the beginning kind of like Drew Barrymore’s role in part 1.

  6. A cameo, my guess. Kinda like Jay and Silent Bob. There to get a reaction from a select group. I think it would be awesome to use some of these guys as a tribute. I would want to put almost everyone to work from parts 3 and 6.

  7. I really hope this is true it would be great to see an actor from the friday the 13th franchise, as well as a great homage to the horror genre. Besides it’s been a long time since Adrienne King has been in anything (I think).

  8. Actually, Adrienne was just in the film “Walking Distance” which premiered at DIFF recently to good revieews.

  9. I love it! I hope the rumor turns out to be true. I would welcome seeing Adrienne in anything, but this is the first I have heard about the rumored storyline for Scream 4. I really like the idea of them commenting on the remake trend since that is the biggest thing that has changed about horror movies since the original Scream trilogy.

  10. I think she will be ghostface in this one, I think she would love to be the killer in this one and not the victim.

  11. After Scream 3, I had no interest in seeing anymore Scream films…but with Williamson returning, a cameo by King and a storyline that pokes fun at Hollywood’s current “re-imagining” trend, this could be fun!

  12. Kevin Williamson sure loves his cameos. I wish Scream had stayed one movie because after that all I’ve done hope the cast dies as they’ve gotten more annoying, obnoxious and stupid as the series went on.

  13. i am not the biggest scream fan but that would be alot of fun to see adrienne again but it´s not fun when she dies

  14. Someone with the know needs to drop her an email and ask her if this is true, I checked her website but just news about the premiere of “walking Distance”. I remember reading her blog which I think was part of this site or her own. It would be so cool of course to see her in this….still waiting for the “Friday” where all the original final girls Alice,Ginny,Chris,and Trish / Tommy face off against jason for the 13th film.

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