Aint It Cool Friday The 13th Review (Spoilers!)

Then FRIDAY THE 13TH starts with the familiar Jason ki-ki-ki ma-ma-ma theme over the Platinum Dunes logo and boom… we’re in… 1980?

Yep. Over the opening credits we get a re-imagining of the end of the first movie with Mrs. Voorhees attacking a poor counselor, ending with… you guessed it, decapitation. After the terrified girl runs away, we see the legs of a child cross the frame as young Jason picks up his dead mother’s locket and the huge mother-fuckin’ machete (henceforth known as HMFM) that was used to kill his mother.

Now we’re into present day as a group of naughty twenty-somethings-as-teenagers are camping/geo-caching for pot fields, which apparently are found on the grounds of the now abandoned Camp Crystal Lake.

Something you’ll learn really quickly about this new Jason: He loves his weed garden and will shove a 5 foot machete (HMFM) up your asshole if you try to take any of it. I thought the weed stuff was going to just be for the opening, these guys trying to find this crop and that’s what kicks things off. But I was very wrong. There’s a character we meet almost halfway through that found it (off screen) and tries to sell some of this weed to Jared Padalecki who is looking for his missing sister (Amanda Righetti, who was with the group of weed-hunting horny campers).

If you do not mind spoilers, then read the review at Aint It Cool News. Most of the review talks about things you can view in the trailer. There are some other interesting tidbits, however……

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40 Responses to “ Aint It Cool Friday The 13th Review (Spoilers!) ”

  1. fuck AICN

  2. francesco, tell us how you really feel! :)

  3. jason’s weed field? the latest hip-hop singles?! WTF?!!

  4. Well I was really looking forword to this movie but after reading that….. Not so much… Why the FUCK is there rap music in this movie???? Why is there so much attention on weed and Boobs… ok i’m good with the latter…. But I have a bad feeling about this movie now… My hope of seeing a good Friday the 13th movie is starting to fade… I hope this isn’t the same shit we’ve had since part 6… God I hope this movie is better than 7,8,9,X,FvsJ.

  5. we’re screwed.

  6. It didn’t really say much about hip-hop, who knows how much is in it. It could be background on the radio or over the end credits for all we know. F13 should be about drugs, t&a, kills… no complaints there at all, not sure what the worry would be. I am only curious about whether it’s a wild field or not, because wouldn’t jason kill any farmers out here? Maybe some previous campers dropped some seeds and it grew over time! To me, every Friday is wonderful, but every Friday has its faults. I don’t expect this to be perfect or the best thing ever… it’s another Jason movie… I just want it to be fun!

  7. Do you all really think that I’m going to listen to this prick and not go and see the movie?! Fuck reviewers! They’re way too masterpiece theatre for me! You all can make up your own minds if this movie is any good or not. Don’t listen to some dickhead reviewer online!

  8. im kinda worried now but not much at all still cant wait

  9. Now this dissapoints me. not the review, but all you friday fans complaining about rap music being in it.

    Rap music is going to be somewhere in these horror movies. you wanna know why? its 2009 and rap/hip-hop tends to be the most popular kind of music with teens and young adults,which will be the majority of the people who will see it.

    We should all be happy about this movie you know why? its a jason movie for the love of god! There is no way this film can be worse then Jason X, which i thought was the worst film in the franchise. a cluster fuck of stupdity and space is what jason x is. what do i see when i see the tv spots, trailers for this film? A DAMN GOOD FRIDAY THE 13TH MOVIE! weed is always going to be in these movies, just think about that. there is always 1 or 2 stoners in a friday the 13th movie, they end up getting killed off anyway, so that shouldnt change your mind that much that you wont be seeing this movie.

    See this movie guys, You know this movie is going to show all the other horror remakes what is up. I know it will because once again as i said “ITS A JASON MOVIE!”.

  10. If you agree with me then great. if you dont then im sorry. But nothing is stoping this 17 year old die hard fan of not watching this film

  11. I DO agree with you HisnamewasTravis! :-)

  12. Of course it will be fun but the main point here is to modernize it for the current movie going dopes that most die-hard fans despise. The “pot plot” sounds like a groaner and the idea of rushing the timeline at the beginning (Jason as a child finds his mother’s head??) sucks but hopefully the fills will be over the top and Jason himself will be bad-ass.

    I personally am disapponited by the score being yet another collection of ambient noises sandwiched between pop songs but movie making today is quite different than 1981.

  13. I am like alot of others who wrote in. I am just a diehard Friday fan and I really dont care about all the little stuff. The movie could have the worst plot ever like Jason X and you know what? I would still love it. For no reason other that its a Friday the 13th movie. These movies 1-4 particularly are the greatest genre and franchise ever created. For those who complain about rap music being in the movie, well hell get over it. Welcome to 2009, I dont like rap music either but its still a Friday movie. Your not going to see Jason with his mask turned sideways and wearing gold chains. Give the movie a chance, Im gratefull to everyone who had something to do with this movie being made even the guys who decided to put some rap in it for the simple fact that its Jason. Its camp crystal lake all over again, and for that you should all be happy and not complaining about the small stuff.

  14. The pot doesn’t bother me, I sure would like it explained but it certainly doesn’t turn me away. Hip-Hop yeah hip-hop is dead but it’s still popular and I’ve been a fan for a long time. The review isn’t even all that negative. After the franchise has been directed by so many different director’s and involved so many different actors, I can’t see how some fan’s could have such a narrow perception on this.

    “Let’s all hate Michael Bay and anything he’s involved in because he didn’t recreate our 80’s icons exactly like they were in the 80’s is a little silly to me.” I can’t say I have no doubt because thats a little to sure, but I do have a feeling this will become one of my favorite Friday the 13th movies.

    Tits & pot are always present in pretty much every F13 movie and to me thats a good thing. These movies are about teenagers having fun and then getting slaughtered brutally. Smoking pot and fucking are on the high priority list, have been and probably will be. Music tastes are gonna change though. Hey at least they didn’t mention reggaeton.

  15. Ok, I know rap music is not everyone’s cup of tea, but seeing has how this re-make takes place in the present day — I mean, is it really that hard to conceive that some of the teenage characters would listen to it???

    I do like the way the film starts out with a little homage to the ending of the original…that’s pretty fucking awesome as far as I’m concerned.

    Would love to see this film on opening night, but unfortunatley I work the late shift…but I do plan on seeing it on Saturday night!

    And maybe after that, many more nights will follow if this film is bad-ass!!!

  16. The reviews on AICN were in no way bad. Many on here are screaming fuck AICN or the movie sounds bad or something like that. Both reviewers liked it but it\’s their job as reviewers to point out flaws if any. No movie is really perfect……even the best movie has mistakes. Besides it\’s Friday the 13th….what did you expect….Terminator 2 or Aliens? Even the original Friday movies that we love have flaws….plot holes….underdeveloped characters….continuity mistakes. I just watched part 3 and 4 today and boy are there some bad parts in there. Like the one reviewer said…\’s the best Friday movie since part 7 and the kills come fast and often. At 97 minutes this should be a fun straight to the point ride. I\’m looking forward to seeing this on midnight Thursday.

  17. QUOTE“Let’s all hate Michael Bay and anything he’s involved in because he didn’t recreate our 80’s icons exactly like they were in the 80’s is a little silly to me.”END QUOTE

    I’ve said this before…..I am no Michael Bay worshiper but if people end up not liking this movie I wouldn’t blame him. While his production company (Platinum Dunes) is producing it, Sean Cunningham (the father of Friday the 13th) is executive producer on the project. Michael Bay has been knee deep in Transformers and has had little to do…if anything with this movie. His name in the trailer is pretty much all marketing. If you end up trashing this movie, blame the writers, Marcus Nispel and Sean Cunningham. Anyone trashing Michael Bay, especially without seeing the movie is prejudging and looking for reasons why it might be bad. Making Michael Bay your scapegoat is silly!

  18. I agree with Jmiggidy. The review was hardly negative. I can’t see anything really wrong with the review and it’s as I expected. Sounds like a Friday flick to me.

  19. Aren’t there two characters in part 4 who are pretty much nothing but two dopeheads? Anyway, I don’t want to read the review as I really don’t want to see one more spoiler at this point. :D I just want to go and enjoy the movie and I just pre-bought my ticket about half an hour ago! XD I am so excited now! I’ll have a look at the review later, after I have written my own.

  20. Absolutly out-of-my-mind excited to see this. Hopefully, this will be just plain fun, scary, and everything a Friday movie should be. I have complete faith that this is going to be the best Friday film made.

  21. This series needs another crazy dance. First we have Crispin Glover’s spastic (but awesome) dance in Final Chapter, then Violet’s robot mime thing in New Beginning. We’re due for a new one!

    Who’s with me?

  22. Regradless of the movies faults, it has no where to go but up. The reviewer did say that Derek pulled a mean Jason off. So what if he has weed in the field. The only concerns I saw were the gaps between beheading and now and how he came across the mask. But reviewers usually do suck, so I am still openminded. After FvJ (which Jason won, can’t stand Freddy) and Jason goes to hell, plus X. I am ready for this, maybe it will do what Batman Begins did for the series, maybe not, we will see. However, I have a feeling that after this movie, they will make a prequel like TCM. I just have that feeling. Honestly, I wanted to see how Pam rose to fame and then bring Jason tale on, but I guess that is for another time. That is the one part of the Friday the 13th saga, that was never show on film, but in the comics. Who his dad was, how he was before all this, what she did after he drowned, what he was doing between her killing and Jason grabbing the head, did his mom know he was alive? Finally, what about Tommy? Yes, they were somewhat addressed in the movie and comic, but never clear cut. Of course with Jason goes to Hell, that whole sister bullshit now, so if she is apart, where did she go? Looking at the story for this movie, I see that Jared character is close to a character in part 4. Remember the guy hunting Jason, looking for his sister killer. Yes, no, anyone? Those are the areas, I was hoping would get address, then again, that is my thoughts. I am still going to see this movie regradless, because unlike the poser 17 year old kid, I grow up on the Friday, Halloween, and TCM movies. Yes, Hisnamewas Travis, I am talking to you. Die hard fan, what the fuck ever Jr!!! Go see the other movies on screen, then maybe we will let you be an apprentice to the Friday Nation!!!

    Thanks to my older sister, I had the joy of seeing these movies and not on DVD but at the cinema when they came out. Oh and for the record, part 8 and 9 were the worse. 5 is up there, but I respect what it did. But I think it should have been a movie by itself and not under the Friday banner.

    So once I either get a bootleg copy of this movie or stateside (since I am deployed) I have to wait a little longer and try and ingore what alot of people are saying.

  23. My advise is to try and go into this movie with low expectations,to keep from being let down,my opinion is pretty much just “Yay! A new Jason movie,Awesome!!” Ive been a hardcore fan since I was a kid (I’m 31 yrs old) I own the box set which is Friday the 13th 1-8 and I love the shit out of it,didn’t really care for ‘Jason goes to hell’ but who cares, atleast their trying different stuff,I mean Jason X,Jason in space? Ha ha, but it was fun anyways.

  24. yeah come on guys…it can’t be that bad…first of all any firday flick is a masterpiece to me (excluding Jason X). About the weed and stuff…it isnt gonna be all focused on drugs. they can’t baser a story on teenagers looking for weed and dying. No. Not gonna happen. i think its gonna be a good flick, possibly the best in the series. Don’t listen to this guy. make your own review.

  25. and yes i have great faith in it being great!

  26. It realy doesn’t sound bad at all. Remember he said that he LIKED Part 8 the worst in my opinion, so I will take what he says with grain of salt. I’m not down with Hip-Hop being in it but we don’t know how much IS in it and remember Part 3, the best IMO, had a little Disco in it. So we all should just calm down and wait to see it for ourselves.

  27. Well after reading that again… This guy did say that it is the best since part 7….. I’m sorry if this offends anyone but part 7 is one of the worst in my opinion. The only thing that was good in that movie was the look of Jason. Jason was badass! So hopefully this movie is gonna be good.

  28. well i just got back from the premier. haha oh man. Im just going to throw a few things out there that will ease the minds of many fans like myself. CGI - EXTREMELY RARE. im an effects student myself andthe kills fucking hold up and will NOT dissapoint. number two - DEREK FUCKING MEARS. He is the best part of this movie, fucking terrifying as jason and reminded me of ted white’s jason on the rage virus from 28 days later. haha. jared padalecki was awesome too i really felt for his character at points his performance was amazing. The rest of the acting was actually VERY GOOD. i was very impressed, aaron yoo is hysterical!. Im not giving anythign away i hope, But you guys will NOT be let down. Platinum Dunes BEST work. THats all im saying.

    PS - wheres the ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  29. I just got back from a preview screening and I agree entirely with AICN’s review. The movie is good enough to satisfy the die-hards like myself, but there are a few glaring problems.



    1) We never know for sure if there have been more murders or if there is a missing persons problem at Crystal Lake before the first group is offed. The old woman certainly says things that make it appear that way, but then why is she there? The cop also provides no insight. Then the weed-grower hick gets killed for what? He’s obviously been there a long time. Jason just decides to randomly venture into his territory and kill him after Clay stops by?

    2) The music/sound effects. Lots of loud bangs take away from a genuine scare. And they’re LOUD. It’s a cop-out, and even when there were some surprises, the sound effects ruined it for me. Some of the music was okay, but a lot of it reminded me of the “Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers” electronic bullshit. Even if Harry Manfredini isn’t used, give the man some respect and use a couple of his cues! Platinum Dunes missed the mark entirely by omitting some classic themes. I know it’s a new film, but Jason was once defined by the music. Now, we have generic crashes and bangs in place of good, old-fashioned creepy music.

    3) I won’t even spoil it but they couldn’t find a cooler way for Jason to get the mask?

    4) The pacing is off just like all modern horror films. A lot of cuts are awkward and the momentum doesn’t build as it should. It builds, drops, builds, drops. It’s a roller coaster ride that works, but it doesn’t give you the rush and “run faster!” suspense I’ve come to expect in slasher films. The “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake really mastered the pacing for a modern horror film, and this one just doesn’t compare. I have to say, however, that this choppy pacing is part of the “Friday the 13th” mold. All of the films have characters who are oblivious to the murders until the final act.

    Those are my major gripes. Now, for the good parts:

    1) Derek Meers is a brutal and savage Jason, perhaps the best yet. He not only added some new ferocity to the character, but also brought enough of the original manorisms we’ve come to expect from our hockey-masked antihero.

    2) The acting is quite good for a “Friday” film. I really liked Jared Padalecki’s character and really hated Travis Van Winkle’s-He played a real dick. All of the actors really upped their performances for this film and seemed genuinely horrified at the proper moments. Director Marcus Nispel has gained a reputation for generating just the right amount of terror from his actors without making them laughable.

    3) The kills are…well…killer. There were a few that were a bit predictable, but overall, I was impressed with the creativity and use of weapons. He doesn’t just use the machete as some fans feared. A favorite is the axe-throw on the run. Very cool effect.

    4) The ending. Not about to spoil it.

    I’ll likely post a complete review once the film is released.

  30. ok so I got to see it tonight due to a promo event and to put fears to rest its amazing!! simply put, the rap not worth mentioning its real brief and you can miss it easily. no offense to many but we have to remember the originals its not always gonna make sense why he kills (iv the jarvis fam lived there pressumably a while)but the old lady says city folk dont no where to walk etc. so we assume all the action woke the sleeping dragon so to speak and like an animal defending his home that was invaded numerous times he reacts.the weed not Jasons it just happened to be there from a previous group possibly gone missing. the loud noises etc.. taking away from scares well its in a theater they are always jacked up on the sound, unlike our living rooms we are used to viewing Jason in. i will agree on the finding of the mask a little half assed. overall this is a great restart to one of horrors greats thats known for mixing up the lore a bit, and if all else fails while watching this movie that deserves to be held up next to the first 4 just think back to Jason X, or VII. but overall remember this is a popcorn fun movie that exploits cliches and sex and murder and damned if it dosnt deliver on all aspects lets hope this goes all the way to a new Zombie Jason..

  31. oh shit correction of all corrections i really meant for and extra I so scratch that put up Jason X and part VIII takes manhattan.

  32. I saw a screening of this last night and to tell you the truth, when I read this review I had to really think back to remember where there was even rap music.

    a big fan of the series - i thought this reboot was pretty excellent. the theater i was in was packed and everyone cheered throughout the entire flick. the movie was also very funny and witty. i remember thinking after a couple of the kills, especially in the opening sequence, that i actually felt bad for some of the characters who got offed. that RARELY happens in F13 films (or many horror films at all.) in most cases, i am ready for the characters to get killed because they are so annoying.

    i’ll see this again in the theaters for sure.

    quit bitching about it until you get to see it for yourselves.

  33. Having read the above reviews I’m looking forward to it even more. Thanks guys!

  34. How bout you guys just wait and see the movie instead of bitching about things you haven’t seen for yourself. It’s the same every time a new one comes out, you guys say the same dumb shit, but then everyone sees it anyways. I am willing to bet most of you can’t see this movie without a parent anyways. Maybe you should stick to, hotel for dogs, or agent: Cody banks.

  35. LOL! :)

  36. Ok honestly after reading this review my expectations KINDA got crushed a lil lol but dont go crazy i said KINDA. i mean weed as a storyline root? like seriously that sort of sucks. i just hope they pulled it off right! CANT WAIT! BTW friday the 13th part 3 was the best!

  37. Maybe the pot is used as bait? He uses it to lure his prey to him.

  38. Hip Hop hasn’t been popular since the mid 90’s. It was an annoying fad, like “New Kids On The Block”. It’s a fuckin’ joke and has no business being in this movie. It’s kind of hard to enjoy a movie when you’re being annoyed to death by the fuckin’ music.

  39. Chad, I couldn’t have said it better my self. Rap sucks.

  40. It’s still possible that the rap music will just be low volume noise in the back ground. But still, the only white people that listen to rap are wiggers and liberals, both of who I wouldn’t mind killing myself… Anyway, what bothers me the most is that it sounds like it will be the typical horror movie you see these days. With characters that would never be friends in real life, and over the top cartoonish violence that comes off funny instead of scary. I thought they were remaking/rebooting parts 1,2 and 3. Not Part 8 without the New York setting. The reason this is such a big deal to me is that, they could re-do the old Fridays now and re-do the newer ones in the sequels. If they start off re-doing the newer Fridays, then that leaves us old school Friday fans out. There’s no reason why we both shouldn’t get a movie we can get into.

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