Alice Cooper Shocks More Than Jason

Posted 22 Oct 2024 in The Saga

Last weekend at the Rock and Shock Horror Convention and concert, Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie performed in their unusual, or is it really very usual, manner on stage for a raucus crowd. We have memories of Alice performing on stage within the last few years incorporating Jason Voorhees in his act and one day hope to attend a show.

Below are photos of the event from last weekend, which were posted by Fangoria. If you’re an Alice fan, these photos surely will make you one happy, um, camper! Can Alice really shock  Jason Voorhees or is he capable of shocking even more than the Cystal Lake Slasher.

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. CrystalLakeSlasher (22 Oct 2024, 8:32)

    Alice is awesome! Nice pic of Alice with Jason. Is that part of the promo shoot they did for Fangoria back in the 80′s?

  2. F13FREAK (22 Oct 2024, 17:11)

    Loved the Alice soundtrack from part 6! Can I get it anywhere? I have been searching for it. Want it to include Hard Rock Summer if possible.

  3. JB Demented (22 Oct 2024, 17:42)

    Alice Cooper rocks!!!! “Im a Teenage Frankenstein”!!!!

  4. colin (22 Oct 2024, 19:06)

    Constrictor is the album closest to a part 6 rock soundtrack. It has Teenage Frankenstein, He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) but no Hard Rock Summer. That song is on the boxed set, The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper.

  5. jasonsfury (22 Oct 2024, 19:29)

    Good albums indeed! I love the songs from Part 6. I use to play He’s Back all of the time when I was a kid.

  6. F13FREAK (22 Oct 2024, 19:55)

    Thanks Colin. I really appreciate that. I do have Constrictor which is a great album.

  7. de@d-fuck (22 Oct 2024, 20:01)

    I love Alice, so with a heavy heart I say this…Alice has sucked since he broke up the original and stole the name. Pretties for you is my favorite album of all time.Psychedelic masterpiece.

  8. Crash (22 Oct 2024, 22:28)

    Cool! Big fan of Alice! I remember buying the just released Constrictor record back when i was in 4th grade because of Jason Lives. I’ve now seen Alice a handful of times and actually had the opportunity to provide the tour production with a Jason Lives mask on his Theatre of Death tour. Here’s a shot by tour photographer Matt Coddington . . .

  9. jasonsfury (23 Oct 2024, 14:15)

    Those are great pics, Crash! I think I saw these somewhere before. I just can’t remember where?. At any rate, they are great and how cool is it to have your work part of Alice’s show.

  10. The Gill-Man (23 Oct 2024, 17:14)

    Alice is fantastic! I love his blend of Rock, horror and theatrics!

    de@d-f***: I disagree with your post-AC group opinions, but you’re entitled to it. One factual statement though: Alice didn’t steal the name. It was already his stage name, and he pays an annual fee to the band members, which has allowed them all to live quite comfortably, in exchange for the right to use the name. Quite a few of the original members have been in the studio with him recently, for the recording of Welcome to My Nightmare 2. Just thought I would clarify that.

  11. De@d-fuck (23 Oct 2024, 17:36)

    @The Gill-Man. Wow!! Who from the group is recordig with him now? Neil Smith I hope. Dennis Dunnaway was great and I hope Michael Bruce is writing if he is involved with this new project.
    We don’t have to agree about all to do with alice, Gill-Man. It’s just cool to get to talk with someone about shit that I like (and most women hate)!!

  12. Corey (24 Oct 2024, 1:24)

    AC is very cool. Never got to meet him but my friends (GWAR) are very good friends with him and they have told me stories about him that shocked even themselves haha! Glad to see him with Jason here again all these years later…

  13. Roadkill1974 (24 Oct 2024, 10:57)

    I became a big Alice Cooper fan because of the soundtrack he did for Part 6. I have yet to hear or see anything of his that I don’t like.


  14. dr.martens (24 Oct 2024, 19:06)

    @ f13freak : here you go (including hard rock summer):

  15. Sybren van der Schoot (25 Oct 2024, 18:04)

    I love both Alice and Rob as performers…he’s now, how long?…around fourty years…thats a long time and still has great albums. My favorite album is From the inside and from later records Dragon Town…Rob has very cool albums too but most favorite are his Hillbilly Deluxe part 1 and Sinister Urge…by the way on that boxset of Life and crimes of Alice, there is a duet between the two giants…I like that song very much…” In the hands of death..burn baby burn”….great performers

  16. World Wide News Flash (28 Oct 2024, 14:14)

    Alice Cooper Shocks More Than Jason…

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