Alice Cooper Talks Freddy’s Dead For Elm Street Legacy Doco

It is well known that Alice Cooper contributed numerous songs to Jason Lives which helped make that movie one of the most memorable in the franchise. Another great contribution he made to horror was his role in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare in 1991. In that movie he played an abusive guardian that evenually pushes Freddy too far.

Well, as part of the Nightmare On Ellm Street documentary, Never Sleep Again, the producers visited Alice today to get his take on his role in that franchise. According to the pic released on the official  Elm Street Legacy Twitter account, Alice looks almost the same as he usually does. No golf course attire this time around as had been mentioned in the commentary on the Jason Lives DVD.

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5 Responses to “ Alice Cooper Talks Freddy’s Dead For Elm Street Legacy Doco ”

  1. Alice is the man!

  2. They should have interviewed him for His Name Was Jason!

  3. Agreed Jimbo, they totally should have interviewed him. He was an integrall part of Friday lore.

  4. you know i was thinking jasonfury,why not make web sites of nightmare on elm street,halloween,childs playad and teaxs chainsaw.i mean who likes f13th and not like them movies of course f13th is #1 but it be kickass to have u make them sites its so easy to get all the news here.think about it

  5. Great..I’m a big Alice Cooper fan…great artist and style-icon for almost 40 years…I think it’s great to have this interview with him, and that he still is approachable for interviews about the horror franchise.

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