Alternative, Extended Death Scenes for Jason Takes Manhattan

I have been reading that alot of people are passing on buying the new DVD’s for Jason Takes Manhattan and The New Blood as they are waiting for either the Blu-Ray release or the ever impending newer box set release. For those of you that fall into this category and haven’t seen these exteneded scenes then enjoy the screen shots below.


This has been long talked about and the photo of the dead boxer with darts in his eyes has appeared in print ever since the release of the film in 1989. The scene itself is pretty long for a cut scene and follows a drunken deck hand stumbling through the bowels of the ship while Jason’s shadow seems to follow him. As the deck hand comes to a set of stairs the boxer bursts through a set of doors and falls down the stairs with the darts already in his eyes.



After Jason stabs Jim in the stomach with the harpoon gun, the camera stays with the shot for an extra 2or 3 seconds and shows a more graphic wound appear with more blood spirting out of the wound.


A wider shot of the dispatched Tamara shows numerous shards of broken glass stabbed into her body.


The scene where Jason prepares to be bombarded by toxic waste, he spits out water. During this sequence, a scene is shot that shows a young Jason trying to crawl out of the mouth of Jason, yelling “mommy, don’t let me drown”. The scene was cut due to technical problems. The end of this movie is the one thing in the franchise that really gets me mad. I hate the ending completely. That being said, with this cut sequence, you do see where the director was tring to go. Rob Hedden even mentions that he wanted a twist on the end of the movie. A way that audiences would think that Jason was really dead. And this does explain why Jason says mommy, “don’ let me drown”. It really isn’t him, it’s some half ass pure essence of Jason trying to escape.

Now, fans that thought Jason Goes to Hell had some crazy ideas, think about what could have been 4 years earlier!

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17 Responses to “ Alternative, Extended Death Scenes for Jason Takes Manhattan ”

  1. it’s pretty appauling what was considered “X” when this movie came out. CSI Miami has people getting their skulls bashed in with copper vases for god’s sakes. It’s cool to see the excised gore, but frankly, it’s not really gorey uncut either.

  2. Why can’t all of this deleted gore be cleaned up (the best they can) and put back into the movie, dammit.

    They did exactly that for the original My Bloody Valentine Special Edition. I love it.

    And where are the blu-rays? This is ridiculous.


  4. thanks for providing this jasonsfury…i always go for the super saver shipping on amazon and have been itching to know what i’m gonna be getting.

    it’s funny how people make up so much shit about the cut scenes and post them online like they’re fact. i’ve read several places that jason tears out that guy’s guts in the harpoon kill, tamara’s death is on-screen, and a whole bunch of other shit.

    they’ve assured us everything from part 8 was preserved, and apparently this is it. it makes you wonder how much of the talk of cut scenes from other entries is lies. what do people get out of doing that?

  5. I also wanted to add that the footage that was found looks to be in really good shape and I think could easily be cut into the film to make a special extended edition. I would love to see it! ;)

  6. Watched Part 8 last night after not seeing it for a long time.

    Not as good as I thought it was. Completely forgot Harry did none of the score. The score quite sucked. It was bland and mechanical. Fred is better suited for scoring the television series.

    I thought some of the deaths were better but found most of them long and lame.

    Jason X has now taken my eighth favourite spot of the franchise (at least the first hour of it anyway; until frakin’ uber-Jason shows up) and JTM falls down one. At least they brought back Harry for Jason X and some of the kills were great. And I did like the claustrophobic feel it.

    …you brought him on board?….

  7. Can i see any of the slashed scenes from part VIII on youtube anybody, anyone??

  8. I agree with john robert put this stuff back in the movie? i really wanna buy these dvds again haha seriously they really should put this stuff back in

  9. I pray to god that paramount will release part 4-8 on blu-ray and special editions with the slashed scenes added back in and i hope this guy gets to treat part 1-3 with the extra stuff, he really does look into their vaults that would be the the final boxset that they would have to give to us. its not cool to only get part 1-3 on blu-ray and thats just it, a uncomplete collection. Friday the 13th part 4 should no matter what have the alternate ending put back in, that made the movie at my point of view 2x better and the footage is in unbelievable good shape.

  10. im itchin to see this

  11. Jason in Manhattan wasn’t a bad idea, but the movie/story didn’t work for me. I wouldn’t mind watching it in all of it’s orginal glory…Still, I doubt it will change my mind and make me like this movie any better.

  12. just got JTM today…the cut deaths are the biggest disappointment ever. it sad to find out all the talk about it for 20 years was just people’s imaginations running away with them. the darts in the eyes wasn’t cut for gore…it was cut because the scene is horrible. the coal through the chest is actually more graphic.

    aside from that, which was beyond their control, they did a great job with this edition. the gag reel is classic and it’s nice to see all the leftover footage, regardless of how lame alot of it is.

  13. The commentary for Part 8 Deluxe edition is really cool to watch. Jensen Dagett, Scott Reeves, and Kane Hodder all talking about the movie, made it a lot funner than the movie by itself. It was also a lot better commentary than the one with the box set!

  14. Cool, love the bigger pics!!! That blond cow deserved what she got!!! lol

  15. Owch, that looks painful! (the blonde-haired girl, I mean)

  16. Nice to see the uncut footage; hope we get the deluxe edition here in the UK.

  17. It isn’t all the scenes, i have old interviews with the director who talked about most daths being filmed both very gory or reserved as they knew the MPAA would have another field day with a new Friday The 13th, maybe he made it up, but i wanna see the full decapitation of the captain i have footage of him speaking about

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