AMC Fearfest Week: Kane Hodder And Tyler Mane Discuss Favorite Kills

Part of what is making this AMC Fearfest one of the best that has been produced are all of the great retrospectives and conversations that are airing inbetween the movies in the commercial breaks Monday night Kane Hodder and Tyler Mane discuss their favorite kills in the Friday the 13th and Halloween movies. Below is a short video of their conversation. It’s cool to see both of these guys together in one frame talking slashers and their kills!

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15 Responses to “ AMC Fearfest Week: Kane Hodder And Tyler Mane Discuss Favorite Kills ”

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  2. Well, First off it’s Tyler Mane not Taylor. I’d love to see more of these to chatting about kills.

  3. Thanks. Brandon. I added this to the site while discussing The Final CHapter on AMC. Sorry about the mistype!

  4. “This video that i am trying to watch cannot be viewed from my current country or location”
    this sucks!

  5. Can’t see it either, what does AMC have against us foreigners?

  6. Awesome! Love the little chats they have. Liked the talks between Craven and Garris last night.

  7. Wow, I didn’t think AMC would restrict these videos to certain countries? Sorry about that everyone. Hopefully these types of videos will hit Youtube in the near future and then will be viewable.

  8. Sorry that you guys are unable to view the video. Not sure why AMC is going that?

  9. I am in Canada watching this marathon….the movies are fun to watch, but censored, and with commercials. Just FYI….go dig your DVDS out instead. Awesome to see the series on TV tho.

  10. Blimying company!!!!!!!!
    Just cause were not american, doesnt mean we shoulnt be able too see it!!! :(

  11. Thats freakin awesome!!! God I love Fear Fest. Its cool to see Jason and Myers conversating.

  12. now thats cool!!!!! and they both said my fav. kills in both those films, jason x, halloween II.

  13. The chokeslam/head stomp kill in H2 and frozen face slam kill in Jason X were great. Too bad those movies sucked. Honestly, I almost puked when I saw the aftermath of that strip club bouncer’s face being stomped on. The problem with that scene was that it felt like it was just randomly thrown into the movie. The only thing relevant about it was that it was the strip club that Michael’s mom worked at. Besides that, none of the characters in the strip club seemed to be in the way of Michael getting to Laurie.

  14. OMG I love that kill in H2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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