AMC Fearfest Week: Part 1 and Part 2 Trivia

The time is here Voorhees fans. Tonight marks the beginning of the Friday the 13th film series tribute on AMC as part of the Fearfest Halloween movie marathon. Tonight Friday the 13th 1980 and Friday the 13th Part 2 will be airing and below are the times they will be showing. All times are for the Eastern Time Zone in the U.S.

As part of our new contest to win the awesome replica Friday the 13th Part 3 hockey mask, which is generously provided by jasonlivessince1980, trivia questions for the first two Fridays in the series are below. Please answer the questions below and submit your answers to For full details of the contest to win the Part 3 hockey mask, check out our rules and information! DO NOT enter your answers below in the comments.

Showtimes For Monday October 18th, 2024

  • 8:00 pm Friday the 13th Someone or something slaughters teen counselors one by one at Camp Crystal Lake.
  • 10:15 pm Friday the 13th, Part 2 Jason is waiting for another batch of teens (Amy Steel, John Furey, Adrienne King).

    Trivia Questions For Monday October 18th:

    1. What is the name of the cop that chases Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2?
    2. What is the song the boy is singing in the beginning of Friday the 13th Part 2 as he walks in the street and splashes in the puddle?
    3. What are the two handheld games that Vicki and Mark choose from to play in the cabin when the others go into town to the bar in Part 2?
    4. In Friday the 13th 1980, what property does Alice purchase in Monopoly that Bill says no one ever lands on.
    5. What does Marcy call her dream that she was explaining to Jack while sitting by the lake?
    6. What does Alice find in her cabin while changing, that she screams for help and Bill and the other come running in to aid her?

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    119 Responses to “ AMC Fearfest Week: Part 1 and Part 2 Trivia ”

    1. I will be on here tonight during Friday the 13th Part 2. If anyone is interested and wants to discuss the film while it is airing on AMC, please join in and maybe we can get a discussion going?

    2. Hey Jason, I might be on tonight while AMC is showing part 2. I’ll try and get on and contribute to the discussion.

    3. Great, colin. Lets see if there is a good turnout. Perhaps this could be something to do for the following nights as well?

    4. sounds cool.

    5. I am entering the hockey mask contest. I hate to say this but the very first question looks to be a trick question. I am totally stumped as to the cops name. Even in the credits it says “the cop”

      Can someone just give me a clue as to when to listen for his name?

    6. if you seach on this website you’ll find your answer.

    7. Great idea for a contest Jason I think I’m gonna give it a shot. I will probably try to get on here tonight during part 2 to hang out with everyone!

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    9. I’ve been waiting for a Friday showcase like this for a long, long time. I remember being a kid watching the Friday movies on the USA channel, on a show hosted by Commander USA. Eventhough I have these on dvd, I never get enough of these being shown on television in front of the world. I am glad that I found this site.

    10. I agree Darnell. It just is better to know that all the fans are watching them on tv at the same time.

    11. I realize I’m a little early and part 1 is on right now but I had some thoughts on part 1 that I hadn’t noticed or thought of before.
      Alice and Steve have the gutter hanging scene where Steve looks at her drawing and they talk about her staying.

      What do you think the “something” is she had to work out back in California? And what do you think her relationship is with Steve? Did they have a fling? Or does he want one and she’s not biting? Why would he want her around so badly?

      Just some thoughts to get things going. Talk to you all during part 2.

    12. I think Steve indeed liked Alice. There are lot of fans that think they had a fling previously and that Alice was blowing off Steve after the fact. Probably the reason why she was talking about going back to California?

    13. That was my thought as well Jason. They were talking about what Steve “looked like last night” and I think Alice might have regretted what possibly happened between them using going back to Cali as a good reason to leave.

      Here’s another one for you. Now this is in no way meant to offend so if anyone is, I apologize in advance. None meant. Is Brenda gay? think about it. Strip Monopoly ends and she says right to Alice as she’s leaving, “just when it was getting interesting.” Also she’s talking about food with Marcie earlier talking about not eating meat and such. I know that’s a generalization but lets think in terms of 1980’s ways of thinking. Also when they are making burgers in the kitchen she is put off by Ned when he is joking around about “macho” Jack. I think she might have been and that she might have had a thing for Alice. Just a thought.

    14. Ha Ha, I never thought of it that way. Interesting. Wonder if anyone else has thoughts on that.

      That was a cool little interview spot they just had on where Tyler Mane and Kane Hodder asked each other questions about when they knew they could be scary. Awesome work AMC is doing this year!

    15. Couldn’t agree more. nice to see they’ll have more with those two coming up as well. Interesting to see Kane mention he stole the head tilt from the Myers character. rather sheepishly too I might add. I bet he’s a cool guy to hang with. Just seems like a really nice guy.

      Yeah I hadn’t thought about the Brenda thing either until tonight’s viewing. It just sort of hit me. I’d be interested to see if anyone else has made that corrilation.

    16. Friday the 13th Part 2 begins now. Interesting how neither Steve Dash or Warrington Gillette play Jason in the beginning of the film for almost half the movie.

    17. There is one if the answers to the questions I asked above! :)

    18. Hey everyone!!! enjoying the movies?

    19. Really hoping to win that mask, got my fingers crossed!!!

    20. Hey. Glad you joined us. We have received a lot of entries for the mask already. Great turnout!

      Friday part 2 is only 80 minutes or so long and 10 minutes of that is flashbacks to Part 1 :)

    21. the interviews with kane hodder and tyler mane are pretty cool

    22. The fastest shower in film history! :)

    23. One thing that is debated amongst fans is what just happened. Did Jason really call ALice and hang up? Would he know how to use the phone. What do you guys think?

    24. I would think he didn’t but if not him then who???

    25. I don’t think Jason called. Where would he have called from? Inside the house? I think it was coincidence.

    26. I’m a little late joining in here, but I have to say…I cannot believe how much AMC is cutting out of these movies!!! Not just the kill scenes either! In Part 1 they completely cut the dialogue between Annie and Pamela when Pam picks her up on the way to Crystal Lake. It went from like “I’m heading to camp Crystal Lake” to them speeding past the sign to the camp to Annie freaking out. And then her death scene wasn’t even shown, but her gurgling noises went right into the next scene. Poor editing if you ask me. What is up with AMC cutting these like this???

    27. I think it was just a tactic used by the filmmakers to create tension and not intended to be Jason at all. What do i know…. :)

    28. I think he did or at least that’s what the film makers want us, the audience to think. How he knew how to use a phone, look up Alice number, find out Alice’s name and address is something to be discussed.

    29. I think Alice’s mom called back and Jason cut the line. That would seem to make more sense.

    30. In Part 1 they completely cut the dialogue between Annie and Pamela when Pam picks her up on the way to Crystal Lake. It went from like “I’m heading to camp Crystal Lake” to them speeding past the sign to the camp to Annie freaking out

      That was pretty bad and surprising. Not sure why that was. Were they trying to conserve time with all of the commericals they are running?

    31. I think it was conveniently the wrong number.

      They definitely did that to get the adrenaline pumping.

    32. That’s a pretty good call Timateo but lines don’t go to dial tone when they get cut they go silent.

    33. They always cut out the most random things to allow time for more stupid commercials.

    34. When Jason pulled the branches away right now, ti’s still not Steve Dash or Warrington Gillette. It’s funny how they do not show up in the movie until there is only like 20 minutes left in the film. :)

    35. Here comes Daisy Dukes!! ; )

    36. Alright, so why do you think that Crazy Ralph would go hang out at the lake, so close to the old camp if he knew everyone was doomed? He left in time in the first film,

    37. The best rear in the series!

    38. Yea, what’s up with Ralph becoming a peeping tom :)

    39. I love this campfire scene. Really is iconic in the series!

    40. I love the use of this scene in the prologue to TFC. Epic use of this scene!

    41. Maybe because he’s concerned for they’re well being? Or like CrystalLakeSlasher said, he’s a perv. :)

    42. Is there a way to not have to use the CAPTCHA thing every time we want to post something or is there no way around that?

    43. Kristen Baker is the best body of the whole franchise

    44. Couldn’t agree more Rob. Too bad we won’t see it in all it’s glory on AMC tonight. Thanks God for home video! ;)

    45. Gotta use Captcha to keep SPammers away. If we could have kept the chat box around, it would have been perfect for this. However, spammers and idiots ruined that. Hoping to have something else in place for chatting in the near future. Sorry. :(

    46. Couldn’t agree more Rob. Too bad we won’t see it in all it’s glory on AMC tonight. Thanks God for home video!

      Too bad! :) I do love the Jaws theme during that scene.

    47. You know that harry couldn’t resist when he was scoring that scene. LOL!

    48. Oh well, if CAPTCHA keeps the morons off this site then it’s worth it.

      Just a thought…does anyone think Token (aka the ONLY black guy in the movie) looks like Willis??? lol ; )

    49. Yea, and that time Jaws was only like 6 years old. Still very new.

    50. Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout timateo….

    51. WHAT WAS SHE GOING TO TELL HIM??????? I’ve always wanted to know!!!! IS SHE CARRYING HIS LOVE CHILD???? :p

    52. Ok. Two things. How does Jason get the wire around the tree likethat to kill Ralph. Must not be atall tree at all.

      Two, what does Ginny have to tell Paul?

    53. Seriously Rob! LOL Todd Bridges should be demanding royalties for the use of his “likeness” in this movie! HAHAHA!!!

    54. Perhaps she is on the rag?

    55. I think it was that she had a boyfriend back home.

    56. JF…I pondered the rope around the tree thing for forever and decided he did exactly what Roy did with the belt in Part 5 and just kinda threw it around from one side and caught it in his other hand. That’s the only way it makes sense. lol

    57. Yeah on the rag is a good point ie: beware of bears. And the Ralph kill. Yeah. Is it me or did it look like Jason was like two feet taller than Ralph? Jason would have had to have waited at that tree in hopes that someone might stop there. Or he managed to get that garrote around the tree without Ralph noticing. Which could have been the noise that made Ralph turn away from the cabin?

    58. Why is the guy in the wheelchair bustin on the slower runners? hmmm? Lets see him get off his ass and bust out a mile or two…

    59. “Perhaps she is on the rag”

      OH YEAH!!!! Where did I hear that before? It was either on here or on the IMDb page. There is speculation that that was what she was going to say because of Paul’s message to her on the mirror the next morning about the bears…and he had made the point about the bears and being clean during your menstrual cycle earlier. Was that on here that I read about that theory???

    60. Does that guy even qualify as the token black guy? He has no lines. But nice call on Willis!

    61. Man, Stu’s rockin’ the six pack.

    62. Poor Muffin. Jason got hungry!

    63. I’d be so pissed if I couldn’t have seconds on my dessert. ; )

    64. Was that on here that I read about that theory???

      Yea, that was part of a discussion we had here!

    65. Alright. We just talked about this last week. Did Jason run in front ofthe cop on purpose or was it a coincidence?

    66. Well Officer ******* has officially abandoned his car. So what do you think happens to it? Hey we should start a thread on that!! ; )

      EDIT: CAn’t give the name of the Officer. Don’t want to make it easy for people and the contest. ;)

    67. It was coincidence. Why would Jason want to kill the cop?

    68. Yeah I think it was happenstance too. Shitty timing on the cop’s part.

    69. Ah, the abandoned car. I think Jason had to of stashed it. Even though the road was not travelled much, he had to be sure no one called about the car as it was close to where he lived.

    70. My bad JF. Sorry about that.

      Another thought, would it be ok for someone to call a guy in a wheelchair “scooter” if this movie was made today or do you think that would be too un-PC? lol

    71. Yeah I have to agree. I think he stashed it somewhere in the woods. Whether he drove it or pushed it is up for debate but then again if you could use a phone, he could drive a car into the woods. he had lots of time to figure it out.

    72. Ha! Calling a scooter would be bad taste. :)

    73. haha…Terri is obsessed with her muffin. HAHA

    74. Who are these HACKS editing these? My GOD!

    75. The editing wasn’t too bad on the skinny dipping scene.

    76. Wouldn’t it have been hilarious if they actually cut to a scene and had Jeff and Sandra wrestling in unitards or whatever they’re called. LOL

    77. It could have been a lot worse. I have seen A LOT worse

    78. No but they hacked the arm wrestling scene to bits.

    79. Kirsten Baker said they never filmed a death scene for her character, so hers is a true off-screen kill

    80. Hey everyone. Been warltching the movies and jumped on here. Great conversation guys! Yea, the edits are bad

    81. I’ve always loved Ginny exposition on the Jason mythos.

    82. Hi David!

      Yea, I wonder where she learned about the Voorhees. But it does lend some insight into the whole backbone of the series.

    83. Shame I don’t have AMC :( But I think next time I’ll just throw the DVD in. Might have to pause it for commercials from time to time lol.

      @JP: I’ve always been wanting to ask you this but I never seem to remember. But why is timestamps on the forum so far in advance? I’m on EST and I’m seeing post already stamped the 19th. Unless you live overseas somewhere. If you have answered this in the past and I missed it sorry.



    84. Its sad that those cabins are gone. Wish I could have visited!

    85. Hi Steve. I live in the U.S., but the servers are indeed located overseas. ;)

      Sorry you don’t have AMC. It’s been fun so far. WIsh we could have had more people. Perhaps tomorrow?

    86. @David:

      You talking about the training center in 2?

      Yeah I feel the same. I have ALWAYS put off a F13 location road trip cause I guess I felt I always had time. After hearing about the barn and the training center I’ve started to reconsider my future plans. But if I make this trip I hope to located many locations from many films and try to make the most of the trip. Though I’m only 10 hours or so from NJ.

      Much like with the cabin from Evil Dead. Hated finding out the thing was nothing but grass now pretty much.

    87. Yeah, I’m on the road this week and hotels just never seem to have AMC. Just basic packages of garbage channels haha. But maybe I can find a live stream online somewhere.

    88. Poor Mark, machete to the face. The wheelchair people were not shown mercy back in the day. Mark and then the guy in the 1974 Texas Chainsaw.

    89. Nothing was PC back in the day. Everyone was disrespected equally. hahaha!:D

    90. Yeah, I’m on the road this week and hotels just never seem to have AMC. Just basic packages of garbage channels haha. But maybe I can find a live stream online somewhere

      Hopefully you can. Looks like we lost most everyone that was here before though. Tends to happen towards the end of the movie,

    91. Like I said. We are what, an hour into the film and soon we will first see Steve Dash as Jason. Man. :)

      SO does anyone think that Friday ripped off Twitch of the Death nerve on this double impalement death?

    92. the dude at the bar when Paul and Ginny are leaving looks like Rod Stewart.

    93. Yeah, most of the kiddies had to go to bed for school. Only us old timers in the house. I didn’t even know this was going on till 30 mins ago.

      Most people that know me always ask why I care so much since I have the DVD’s. It’s hard to explain to them that watching these movies on TV during Halloween is just a different experience.

      Well maybe I can catch one tomorrow if I’m lucky. Also, thanks for the Replica contest. Sweet prize. I got my fingers crossed :)

    94. I prefer to call it homage as opposed to rip off. ;)

    95. So how come you didn’t do this in the chatbox section of the site JP? Since it would have been easier and quicker to communicate?

    96. I think homage is a good term. :)

      I am glad you like the contest, Steve. It has been in the works for a while. The mask is realy well done!

    97. The chat box is gone. Too many idiots showing up there, unfortunately.

    98. I like Paul’s false authoritarian character. Mr. all business with the staff but really he’s anti-authority (with the cop, he smokes dope (these kids smoke better dope than I do), he parties it up at the bars and he sleeps around with his assistant (Ginny). I like his style! :)

    99. That is actually very true. The kind of boss you would want to work for. Yea, he has the best of all worlds without a doubt. Good call. :)

    100. @JP:

      LOL! I knew that day was coming!

      That’s why I didn’t even look before asking, because I never go there since it’s so many people talking the dumbest stuff.

      I honestly didn’t expect it to be gone (so now I look like the fool for asking) but I completely understand why it got “slashed”.

    101. Let the debate begin. Did Jason kill Paul here, or just knock him out?

    102. I think he killed Paul.

    103. I honestly didn’t expect it to be gone (so now I look like the fool for asking) but I completely understand why it got “slashed”.

      Yea, that chatbox was interesting every day. Unbelievable. It bacem more of a problem than a anything else.

    104. Yeah I think Paul was killed in that scuffle. The whole part at the end, to me, is a dream. Ginny worked her way out of the situation in Jason’s shack and imagined Paul the whole time.

    105. It’s a tough call here. Paul would have had to save Ginny in the shack or she would have died, but after that must have been a dream. I think Paul got killed in the shack and then Ginny found her way back to the camp on her own

    106. Here’s a question. If the cop is at the foot of the shrine in Jason’s shack. How come Ginny doesn’t go for his gun and take jason out?

    107. Ah, right when the ceiling comes down. That would make more sense than back at the camp.

    108. Yea, you would think. But she was probably so freaked out at the time that she did not even think to grab the gun.

      That is a good tought though

    109. Yeah, Paul got killed. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Unless the ending wasn’t a dream. It’s hard to prove if it was a dream since Muffin wasn’t fully recognizable in the woods. Some can say Jason couldn’t have jumped through the window because he would have killed Ginny, but then again he could have passed out after jumping through.

      Muffin is the missing link to all our riddles.

    110. Yea, she should have grabbed the gun. Good call!

    111. Yeah the first time I showed this to my nephew he actually ask me that very question. He said “why doesn’t she take the cops gun”. I got angry because after seeing this movie hundreds of times I never thought of that.

    112. Now that Jason got the machete to the shoulder, the movie is over for me as my belief is that the window crash is a dream.

      Off to do some work before bed. Thanks to everyone for participating. Might do this tomorrow again.

    113. I think that’s Muffin in the woods. All the dialogue points to it during and after the scene. I think Muffin is a calming figure to a frightened mind in her dream. She is asking for Paul when she wakes up on a stretcher because she blacks out after the scuffle in the shack.

    114. Cheers Jason, it’s been fun. Night all!

    115. Night JP

    116. Why is it that they leave in the gore, but they edit Ginny saying “Paul, there’s someone in this (fucking) room!”???

      As I recall the MPAA was all about losing the gore, that was the really offensive part of these films. I guess things have changed over time. Now its ok to show someone getting their throat slashed on TV but shame on you if you say “Fuck”.

      Stupid. Actually, scratch that. Its fucking stupid.

      By the way, i’m all over this contest to win the mask. Thanks for putting it on, it will be fun!

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    118. Watching Part 2 on AMC right now (it’s 12:00AM here on the West Coast). The big chase is on!

    119. Jason, mother is talking to you!

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