AMC Fearfest Week: Part 3 and The Final Chapter Trivia

Tonight Friday the 13th Part 3 and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter will be airing and below are the times they will be showing. All times are for the Eastern Time Zone in the U.S.

As part of our new contest to win the awesome replica Friday the 13th Part 3 hockey mask, which is generously provided by jasonlivessince1980, trivia questions for the next two Fridays in the series are below. Please answer the questions below and submit your answers to [email protected]. For full details of the contest to win the Part 3 hockey mask, check out our rules and information! DO NOT enter your answers below in the comments.

Showtimes For Tuesday October 19th, 2010

  • 8:00 pm Friday the 13th Part 3 
  • 10:15 pm Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
  • Trivia Questions For Monday October 19th:

    1. What character does Director Steve Miner play in Friday the 13th Part 3?
    2. What picture does Vera look at in Shelly’s wallet in Part 3?
    3. Chris knocks out Jason and then hangs him outside the barn in Part 3. What did she knock him out with?
    4. What does the male paramedic ask/say to the police officer in the barn when they are prepping Jason to take him into the ambulance in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter?
    5. In Part 4, Trish asks Rob what he is hunting for. Obviously it is Jason, but what lie did Rob tell Trish he was hunting for?
    6. What does Ted ask the Hitchhiker as his car drives by after the kids don’t pick her up in Part 4?

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    223 Responses to “ AMC Fearfest Week: Part 3 and The Final Chapter Trivia ”

    1. A lot of fun last night having people on the website to chat while Part 2 was on AMC. Is anyone interested in that again?

    2. i am! I love that they play these movies, i missed part 2 tho :( im deffinatly watching them both today!!!

    3. You know I’ll be on. I gotta lot of one liners to get out of my system again. LOL ; )

    4. I’ll pop in again tonigt at some point. Can’t wait! Hard questions this time, by the way. ;)

    5. I’ll be on as well. Looking forward to it! last night was fun!

    6. I’ll try. Reading over the blog from last night, it looks like it would have been fun!

    7. Sounds good everyone. Then I think we will do it again tonight. I won’t be able to be on here until probably the time when The Final Chapter starts. However, everyone else should definitely get on here for Part 3, if you can, and discuss the movies.

    8. I do believe that should say Tuesday October 19th not Monday, lol.

    9. Fixed. Thanks. ;)

    10. Ive enjoyed Fear Fest so far. I hope tonight when they play part 4, itll be the TV version with the additional footage. Same when they play part 6, I havent seen the Tv version of Jason Lives since Jason Takes Manhattan was in theatres back in 89.

    11. Hey JB, what’s different in the TV cut of Part 6? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one. Are there additional scenes??

    12. Ill try to be on as well!!! Ive really enjoyed this contest, these questions are tough. Ill be on a short while before I head into work (I work midnights).

    13. I bet this theme sounded way too cool in the theatres back in the day. Creepy in a funky kind of way.

    14. I hope all the answers will be posted here after the contest is over. I want to compare all my answers.

      Also question 5 for Tuesday October 19th is not worded correctly but you should get it non the less.

    15. Why did Jason cut his hair? lol

    16. I bet this theme sounded way too cool in the theatres back in the day. Creepy in a funky kind of way.

      Yea, especially back in 1982. This music was killer then!

    17. The ladies like this scene when Rick has the shirt off in the barn. Paul Kratka would be blushing now. :)

    18. I love how Shelly has room for the hatchet hairpiece, the hockey mask and who knows what else in his little box.

    19. I wonder how that convenience store got an advance copy of the official “Friday the 13th Part 3: The Soundtrack” to play in their store. ; )

    20. I guess the rest won’t be from better prints like the first two seemed to be. I personally prefer the color on this compared to the new DVD though.

    21. I love how Shelly has room for the hatchet hairpiece, the hockey mask and who knows what else in his little box.

      He really can fit his whole world in there. :)

    22. Yea, that soundtrack was in high demand. Great observation!

    23. Ah, the scene where Jason was already bald and wearing the green shirt, even though when this happened in the timeline, he would have still been wearing the flannel and with a head full of hair.

      What did Jason do to her when she blacked out ……….

    24. He poked her with something pointy, just not of the metal fashion.

    25. I always wondered why Shelly was seeking out Chuck in the barn? What a perv

    26. The scene that single-handedly made me stop walking on my hands is about to come upon us.

    27. Agreed. When I was a kid, I decided to never walk on my hands again and never did. :)

    28. They showed a different angle of ANdy’s body up in the rafters. It was prety cool.

    29. As per the Friday Conversation last week, Chuck should not have gone on the basement alone

    30. Yeah, was it just my TV or did the blood look green?

    31. Rick is going to investigate a strange noise. Why would he leave Chris alone?

    32. Sorry:

      @ jasonfury: Yeah, was it just my TV or did the blood look green? (Andy’s I meant)

    33. Ha Ha, I believe you’re right. I think they changed the color. Crazy.

    34. If your talking about the Andy scene, it looked kind of black on my TV.

    35. Brutal edit.

    36. Why would Jason be soaking clothes I the tub? :)

    37. They show blood red on all of the other kills, but change it there?? I own the 16mm tv version and will have to run the movie to see if that Andy scene is the same as AMC just showed.

    38. Yeah when spike tv plays the Hills Have Eyes remake I always think I can’t believe they left that part in and then the F13s still get edited in basically the same ways that they always have. I don’t get it.

    39. Why would Jason be soaking clothes I the tub

      That’s a good question. THis film is filled with those kind of questions. ;)

    40. @ CrystalLakeSlasher

      Stealing his clothes from the clothesline at the beginning of the film, now he’s doing laundry. I never realized until now that Jason is a clean freak who likes his killing clothes Bounty fresh.

    41. Maybe it’s just another one of his ways of fucking with people.

    42. You know, if it weren’t for this chat I definitely wouldn’t be watching this. I detest watching any movie I own on tv on account of the edits and commercials. That goes double for a horror movie which is almost always eviscerated for broadcast.

    43. Cue: Rick!!

    44. @DLC: for some reason I like to see how they edit the kills, and I’ll say it’s been done smother here than what I remember from way back when, but they still cut to much.

    45. Man, I love the way Richard Brooker looks as Jason.

    46. Interesting that they have no problem showing direct stabbings of Jason, but the stabbings of his victims are severely censored. LOL WOW AMC! Biased a little?? lol

    47. I really enjoy the edited version sof the film. I grew up on the edited versions as a kid and too like seeing wherwe they edit the film

    48. @ Wylde86

      Yeah, I suppose any new perspective on our favorite films is always good. Plus, it gives us something to talk about.

    49. Yea, I think there is a little bias there, timateo. ;)

    50. Sorry, geek question:
      Is there a way to make this page auto-refresh or do I need to keep doing so manually?

    51. @DLC: yeah Richard and Ted White are the creepiest looking Jason’s IMO.

    52. @ Wylde86
      Agreed, next for me would be Kane in Pt7.

    53. Unfortunately, you will have to manually refresh. The comments are not really made for this kind of chat, but hopefully we will have something better in the future.

    54. @Timateo

      The Part VI TV version had additional scenes of the deputy trying to escape the cell in the police station. Nothing to get too excited about.

    55. @DLC: I’d say Kane looked the coolest and is my fav look, but I find Richard and Ted are just creepy looking where Kane just looks badass.

    56. I am hoping we gain even more people for The Final Chapter as that was when I initially saidI would be on.

      I love the barn scene coming up in Part 3. Awesome!

    57. I love that Jason gets pissed looking for Chris. The reboot had an homage to that when Derek is pulling all of the boats off of the storage racks at the camp.

    58. @jasonfury
      Thanks, no worries this is working fine!

    59. I think it’s obvious that Chris wanted to feel some wood between her legs one last time in case she didn’t survive this ordeal. ; )

    60. @jasonsfury: I think him creeping around the barn makes this movie the creepiest and this is by far my favorite “chase scene”.

    61. Oh trivia question just got answered! :)

    62. Part 3 has the best chase scene of all of the films. It goes forever. However, The Final Chapter is my favorite film. Can’t wait for that to start!

    63. @ jasonfury
      Hah! Yep.

    64. I want to know, why was Ali just hangin out in the shed?

    65. Aww shit and the most infamous mark on his mask just got made.

    66. That scene where Jason puts his arms towards the audience is so cool in 3D in the theater! :)

    67. Was that a slightly different angle of Chris right before she kicked Jason’s head?

    68. Ok, question for Jason, and for everyone on here I guess:

      Next week, they will be showing the Halloween movies all week. I know this is a F13 board, but the Halloween movies website is as dead as Ali’s right arm. LOL

      Would we be allowed to do this with the Halloween movies on here?? Would anyone be interested enough to do this?? Again, I know this is a F13 site, but there have to be some cross-series Halloween lovers here, right? ; )

    69. What are everyone’s feelings about the effectiveness of the 3D on the DVD re-release? Mine doesn’t seem to work too well to be honest, but that shot of him with his arms outstreched and the axehandle suck in his head work well.

    70. @DLC: the bigger the scene the better. We watched it on a WS LED HDTV and it looked pretty good, but on my fullscreen TV it just looks way to small.

    71. Oh man! My kingdom for the alternate version to be shown!!

    72. I meant alternate version of the ending.

    73. That’s about as likely to happen as me going back and time and nailing every chick in this film.

    74. Timateo, I probably wouldn’t post a blog about Halloween showing. Sorry.

    75. The 3D on DVD or BLuray is 50/50. It is cool to have the opportunity to see what the filmmakers intended, but the theatrical presentation is the way to go!

    76. This Jason totally terrified me as a kid. It’s just something about his lanky build. Another classic Friday The 13th ending.

    77. Jason vs. Michael Myers would have been the ultimate cross-over because they’re pretty similar.

    78. Yes, the alternate ending would be VERY cool to see if it were possible. Lots of misdirection about whether or not it was actually shot, we may never know (unless jasonfury has a little tidbit)

      I have the out of print novelisation with the alternate ending. It’s pretty short and sweet in how its described, but its there.

    79. Ok, just thought I’d ask. This is the only active board for this kind of stuff. Just thought it’d be cool. But at least we have 6 more F13 movies to discuss….beginning with Part 4 right now!

    80. Get ready for edited boobies galore!

    81. Although I like Part 7’s prologue better, this prologue is epic and still scares the crap out of me to this day. It’s so dark and well edited!

    82. I like this montage, and the one in Pt 7. Cool ways to open the films.

    83. I love the prologue of this movie. I get the chills when I watch it still to this day!

    84. Part 4 is where I picked up on the series. I was eight years old, and Cinemax and HBO practically paid homage to these movies. I’d love to see an old cable guide with these listings. IIRC, they’d show a screenshot from the film, with a brief summary under it.

    85. it’s funny that the producers created the opening mask explosion and proloque for the film and Frank Zito had nothing to do with it. :)

    86. Joseph Zito. WHat the hell am I thinking. :)

    87. Bad webmaster! ;)

    88. I think it is great that they went back to the filming location of Part 3 for this opening scene. Really ties the movies together.

    89. Looks like we are back to a better film print, I wonder why part 3 was a shittier one.

    90. Maybe that was the only tv edit they has?

    91. Ok, whose parents were they crying there in the hospital? And what is Axel eating?? These are two questions I’ve always pondered when watching this!! LOL

    92. @Timateo: I think that supposed to be Chris from part 3 and her parents.

    93. Rule number one…never sit a sandwhich on a dead Jason!

    94. And I think he was eating a donut.

    95. And my favorite line of the movie was just slaughtered.

    96. Rule number one…never sit a sandwhich on a dead Jason!

      Ha Ha. Indeed. He’s gonns get it now!

    97. Oh man, they cut the whole kill. Wow. :(

    98. What’s everyone’s favorite part of this movie? I think mine is when ROb and Trish are at the party house. That whole sequence is awesome!

    99. I have to laugh at the line in “Crystal Lake Memories” from Erich Anderson…

      “Whenever people ask me what Friday the 13th I was in, and I say The Final Chapter, they all howl.”


    100. The machete slide, with “where’s the corkscrew” being a close second.

    101. Why would Mrs V’s grave be at the side of the road?

    102. Hey everyone! the final chapter, one of my fav’s!!!

    103. Any part with Judie Aronson I like as well but that’s a whole nother story.

    104. Tom Savini just killed the hitchhiker. :)

    105. Hey theshape_78! I think this is the best!

    106. @ jasonfury

      Favorite scene from this movie: The whole end sequence back in the Jarvis house, culminating in Jason’s first real demise.

    107. Yea, the grave for Mrs V. doesn’t make sense their. I think the filmmakers just put it there to be able to have it in the film.

    108. I love Ted’s computer! MadWorldDesigns did an awesome job of adding that into the Promo video that he made for this website.

    109. The computer rocks!

    110. Hey guys,
      wish i was there with you guys but, my cable’s out. Damn you comcast! Oh well… enjoy!

    111. Sorry eric. You can still join in.

    112. what part of the movie are you guys at?

    113. I love how Jimbo always asks people if they live around there. Um yea, that’s there house next door :)

    114. Just submitted answers to the trivia for tonight what the paramedic says to the cop is tricky is wasn’t very clear, and didn’t seem to make since why he would ask that!

    115. The gang is walking to the lake.

    116. and didn’t seem to make since why he would ask that

      Yea, it’s pretty apparent, right. :)

    117. A true horror movie director can make even an outside in the daytime scene scary. I love the part where Sarah is walking back to get the car. Very atmospheric.

    118. I love the skinny dipping scene

    119. Agreed, Timateo. That scene is tense. Zito did an awesome job.

      The skinny dipping scene is spectacular. Great memories as a kid!

    120. computers don’t lie!

    121. The girls in these films look so naturally attractive.

    122. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gravedigger's Local, Gravedigger's Local and fridaythe13thfilms, fridaythe13thfilms. fridaythe13thfilms said: AMC Fearfest Week: Part 3 and Final Chapter Trivia [...]

    123. Ha Ha, indeed, Jason. Welcome to the conversation. :)

    124. I remember my parent making my brother and i covering are eyes while that seen was happing in the theatre. could watch some get stab but can’t see a booby!

    125. You;re right Darnell. That was a big problem with fans and the reboot. Fans felt the girls looked to fake.

    126. I’ll give a little shoutout to Harry Manfredini… the score to part 4 was the pinnacle of his work with the genre, and probably the best music in the entire series.

    127. According to Paul from part 2 this is bear country.

    128. Maybe i’m showing my age, but I far prefer a natural looking girl like the beauties they casted in these films.

      Melanie Kinnaman anyone?? (man she looks different now - but REALLY good)

    129. i’ll agree with that. Harry’s soundtrack for this friday was the best. Why hasn’t there been a soundtrack cd after all of these years?

    130. @ Jasonlivessince1980
      Yes, this score is great, from start to finish.

    131. I agree DLC, but I have personally never liked fake looking women.

    132. I too agree. This is the best Manfredini score of all of the movies. I know that a lot of it was used in previous films, but he did also create some of his best work for this one film. Simply amazing. Another reaso I like this movie the best!

    133. I missed the Dead Fuck dance. Damn! :)

    134. That chick has nothing on Judie Aronson, Paul goes out in a very deserving way, freakin goober.

    135. I like the ROb character in this film, but the one thing he does that just kills me is when he hears Paul scream by the lake and then goes to invenstigate, he takes his machete and not his gun???

    136. Oh man, I know this is a F13 site, but those clips of the Halloween movies just made me explode a little bit inside! I love this time of the year!! Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees are my bff’s!

    137. I think Pauls death is brutal. One of favorite kills!

    138. Yeah, jf.. They looked a little too cosmetic.

    139. forgot, did they buIld he party house from scratch?

    140. Paul’s death make me hurt every time!:{

    141. Paul you sir are a penishead.

    142. One of the best set of kills is coming up. The raft and Paul getting it in the family jewels. Great effects. I liked the Deluxe Edition of Part 4 where they showed how they made the Paul death with him on wires by the dock. Very cool.

      And yes, Slasher, the film crew did build the party house!

    143. The actor that plays Teddy was in a movie a year before Friday 4 came out. It was called the last american virgin. The part of the movie where he’s crying listing to Lionel Richie still cracks me up!

    144. Damn they completely cute that scene out. Usually it has Jason pop up and then Ted lights the match with the music still kicking for a sec.

    145. Wow. They completely cut out Sam’s death. Wow.

    146. Awesome they actually showed the whole death of Paul!

    147. Rob is pretty cool but you’re right, why didn’t he pick up the damn gun? He leaves it and Jason brake it!

    148. Hmph…i’m surprised (but impressed) that they showed that one.

    149. The actor that plays Teddy was in a movie a year before Friday 4 came out. It was called the last american virgin. The part of the movie where he’s crying listing to Lionel Richie still cracks me up

      Yea, I think that is why Lawrence Monoson decided to do Friday was that it was the exact opposite of that virgin character!

    150. damn….. I hate you comcast!!!!!

    151. Yea, why would Rob bother bringing the gun if he was never goig to use it?

    152. I always pictured in my head how Jason broke the gun. I imagined he took his two hands and ripped it. What an asshole, lol.

    153. @ eric :) Ha Ha

    154. Night all! I have to roll. Have fun, hopefully we can do this again! (tomorrow??)

    155. @Timeteo Halloween is my second series. If only I owned a Halloween website ………

    156. I would have like to have seen jason messing up Rob’s camp. Jason seeing the gun and thinking to himself..He want be using this. Snap!

    157. Thanks for talkin’ DLC. I think we will do it tomorrow again!

    158. I like the kill of the twin in the shadow. Very effective!

    159. ;) I’ll check in if I can.

    160. god….I WISHED THE HALLLOWEEN WEBSITE WAS LIKE THIS! Jasonfury, maybe you should contact them and see if they need any help. That would be sweet!

    161. I’ve got to go, but it was fun thanks yall. Hope to see some of you here tomorrow and thanks jasonsfury for giving us somewhere to do this.

    162. @Slasher I too like that shadow kill. Leaves things up to the imagination.

      @eric I think the main Halloween site is owned by Trancas and I doubt they would let a small time like me helpo out ;)

      DO you guys think they should have shown Mrs. Jarvis die onscreen?

    163. @eric, Jason even crumbled up the map too!

    164. Thanks for hanging out Wylde86. See you tomorrow.

    165. I think they should have showed Mrs. Jarvis die. We all knew it was going to happen and by not showing is kind of a let down.

    166. I would have liked to see bee death too. I felt a bit cheated.

    167. @Darnell, nice! anyway.. it’s been fun but I’ve got work tomorrow. See you guys tomorrow. Good night everyone!

    168. It still floors me that the panning shot on the tent in the rain from this film is used as an insert in The New Blood. I laugh every time.

    169. Hey Jason, if it’s cool with you, I’m gonna post on the F13 IMDb pages about what we’re doing on here. Hopefully that’ll muster up some more fans to come on and discuss with us!

    170. Later, Eric.

      I liked that Jason threw the girl onto he car. It was a different kill and showed Jason was not messing around

    171. I didn’t know that, jf! Classic news clipping with Jason illustrated!

    172. That’s cool, man. I would love to have more people. I just think it’s so late and during the week that people gotta get some sleep. I don’t sleep, so …. :)

    173. It is funny, Darnell. Check it out sometime. Yea, the clippings are awesome!

    174. I am loving the Derek Mears spot they are showing right now! Completely awesome.

    175. Derrick Mears looks like a handsome Jason from Part 3..

    176. I agree, crystallakeslasher..

    177. Ted White is so good as Jason. He is scary!

    178. Thar kill in the shower is always so brutal to watch. Jason is just so pissed off in this movie. I love it.

    179. Hey, is this where u guys are doing the chat while the films are on? Saw your post on IMDB

    180. @lilmofo1984 this is it. Welcome!

    181. Welcome!

    182. Forgot about this!! Guess i’m getting in towards the end.

    183. Why does Rob go into the basement alone! He knows Jason is in the house.

    184. Hey Gabe. It’s the best part in the film!

      There goes Gordon out the window. Did Jason throw him or did he jump!? :)

    185. He really under estimates Jason, and pays for it.

    186. nice. i own all these movies but for some reason i get really into them when they’re on TV. this one is definitely my favorite of all the sequels

    187. We were talking before about how this is Manfredini’s best score in the franchise!

    188. This is my favorite too! This whole scene at the party house is so tense and creepy. I love it!

    189. everything just came together for this film.

    190. Definitely the best score and this scene always scared me as a kid. Still sortie does now!

    191. Rob has had sort of a cocky swagger, ever since he was walking around with the machete earlier. I like his character.

    192. does it make me less of a fan if i wish it ended after this? I mean i’m entertained by the sequels after this film but i really think this would’ve been a nice place to let this series just go

    193. Sweet, Part 3 is on next, missed it cuz i was at work

    194. @lilmofo1984 Not at all, man. A lot of hardcore fans feel the same way you do. It would have been the perfect ending to the series, but if they would have ended it on this movie. We probably would not be on this website today. ;)

    195. “@lilmofo1984 this is it. Welcome!”

      And my work here is done. LOL ; )

    196. Damn, Jason is just hacking away at Rob.

    197. I did not get on here until half way through the movie was on before, Gabe, but we had a pretty good discussion going on there when we did. :)

    198. Darnell, I love that scene. It seems very real to me. However, a lot of fans seem to laugh at the scene now. Hmm

    199. I also think this one has some of the better chase scenes of the series. all these scenes coming up are so good. very tense

    200. Wouldn’t it have been awesome if when Trish put the hammer in Jason’s neck she screamed, “And this is for Deputy Winslow!” lol!!!

    201. I believe Ted White got hurt when Trish was whacking at his head in this scene. Anyone rememeber that for certain?

    202. I heard that too about Ted White. Nice to see he has lightened up about his role in this. at the time he didn’t seem to enthused about it

    203. Yikes we went down for a moment. In the home stretch now!

    204. OT: the commercial makes me embarrassed for the person who came up with that commercial. LOL

    205. Nice!

    206. so is Trish anyone’s favorite final girl of the series?

    207. The scene with Jason and rob reminds me of this bad shakespeare play turned movie we watched in school many years ago, and when the guy got stabbed said \Ah, I am dead\ I was just like, how the hell do you have time to say that lol

      Took a while to post cuz it went down

    208. I wish we could have seen more of the destruction of Jason in the theatrical cut. The deleted scenes are crazy with the machete in Jason’s head.

    209. wow the edit the crap out of that scene haha

    210. I would say that Trish is my favorite. By a very slim margin.

    211. are there plans to release this film on blu ray?

    212. ALright guys. It has been fun, but I am out. Thanks to everyone for participating and let everyone know that we will be doing this tomorrow!

    213. applause!!!

    214. No Blu yet. It sucks and no news for a while.

    215. They show these in HD though on TV?

    216. they do. I’m watching AMC HD and it’s in high definition

    217. Yea, i was yesterday too at my girls, but don’t have it at my house :(

    218. Well i’m gonna watch the second showing of part 3, since i missed it cuz of work so i can catch up with the rest lol, later!

    219. I found an a fan edit of part 4 on the internet a few years back where someone edited in all the tv cuts and it is awesome. I really wish they would do something like this with a new set or something. If a fan can find this stuff and do it why can’t they?

    220. i just don’t think paramount wants to put in the damn effort

    221. [...] Read the original here: AMC Fearfest Week: Part 3 and The Final Chapter Trivia - Friday … [...]

    222. Is anyone else watching Friday the 13th 3 on AMC right now?

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