Angry Nintendo Nerd, Visit to the Past

nintendonerd2I know we posted this at the beginning of the year, but for those fans that are unfamiliar, the Angry Nintendo Nerd has reviewed  many games from the original NES system that was released in the late 80′s. There was no review that made me laugh more than his review for the Friday the 13th game.

The Angry Nintendo Nerd is enjoying his game playing ways when our favorite slasher crashes the party and “insists” that he continue playing Jason’s favorite game.


As excruciating as the thought is, our beloved Nerd dives into the complicated and sometimes dumbfounded world of the NES game Friday the 13th.

We get to see Mrs. Voorhees floating head and Jason strolling the campground all while you, the counselor, dodge the mean zombies and camp wildlife.



So, check out the review at Youtube if you haven’t already and enjoy some truly classic moments from Friday the 13 th and The Angry Nintendo Nerd.

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31 Responses to “ Angry Nintendo Nerd, Visit to the Past ”

  1. This is one of my favorite youtube videos by far. Funny every time. My favorite is the cactus comment he uses when talking about how much he likes the game. I was in tears laughing the first time I heard that one.

  2. i just played that game for like an hour it was awsome, but vgn is right its a bunch of bull fuck

  3. The part that always makes me laugh is the “improved” ending screen. After pointing out the rarity of the Friday the 13th game actually admitting your character is dead at the Game Over screen, he proceeds to load it with all sorts of depressing footnotes. There are certainly plenty of funny lines, too, like “You’re easier to kill in real life than you are in the game!”, and the whole faux horror film setup is great.

  4. My favorite part was “And now he’s fighting me like in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!” Jason is way easier to beat than Mike Tyson. Sorry, Mr. Voorhees.

  5. yeah i love that show. i watch the new episodes every week.

  6. Didn’t he deficate on the game cartridge?

  7. @brian. I don’t think so. He has in other videos though. lol

  8. this dude just annoys the shit out of me. i can’t watch him. it reminds me of when i was a kid and me & my friends would make movies trying to be funny…watching them later we’d always realize how stupid and forced they looked & boy am i glad we didn’t have the technology to share that stuff with the world.

    yeah, the game is a bit ridiculous, but c’mon, we got a freaking jason nintendo game!!!…how awesome is that? …for a franchise that’s always gotten such disrespect from the mainstream.

    it was comparable to many of the stupid games they put out back then. you got to fight jason’s mother’s head at the shrine, take on jason from a couple different angles, go around the camp & the woods, take a boat on the lake…it was aware of the series, and some of the MOVIES they’ve release haven’t been, so you gotta give it credit there. i was in heaven as a kid playing this. sure it’s lame now. so are many nintendo games.

  9. i loved this game when i was a kid. i didn’t think it sucked at all.

    of course it’s gonna suck in retrospect, the game is like 20 years old.

    and i don’t how this video game nerd guy has such a following. he’s so unfunny. you can tell he tries to be funny so hard. you shouldn’t have to try.

  10. This game sucked as do most movie to video game titles I have not played NES in a while now but there has never been a more frustrating game the the Friday the 13th game.

    I had seen the angry video game nerd’s review way back. It’s also available in the His Name Was Jason dvd it has got to be my favorite in the fan film section. The Angry Nerd character is just hilarious.

  11. AVGN is usually pretty funny. His take on the Friday nes game is spot on. I loved the game as a kid but could never finish it which was frustrating as hell. Looking back now I know the game sucked but it was cool to play at the time.

  12. I agree entirely with yellow misfit. I loved it at the time, but could never finish it which pissed me off. As a result, my controllers paid dearly for it….with their lives! btw, Nobody else finds the cactus comment funny?

  13. yeah you reminded me sinz86…that’s where i first saw this, on this His Name Was Jason double-DVD. how the fuck did this garbage get on there? there are so many ACTUAL fan-films out there, some of which are better than that Lost Tales from Camp Blood garbage we keep getting, and none of that made it on there. but this piece of shit does?

    i remember finishing the game…i don’t remember it being that hard…there were just specific things you had to accomplish like every game. the epilogue was pretty disappointing, but most are. yeah it was time consuming, but if it was easy and quick everyone would be bitching there was nothing to it and it was a waste of money.

    the nerd needs to smoke a little pot…maybe then he’ll actually say something funny and he’ll figure out how to beat the game.

  14. Yeah, it is on the His Name Was Jason DVD, but they shorten it a lot. On a non-F13 note, y’all need to see his review of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  15. this game doesnt have to suck just because its old. VGN is annoying and lame, i cant tell if he really has an appreciation for these and just jokes about them or if he really thinks they suck, his other videos make fun of other NES items, i would say the NES is the best system ever, re-inventing the video game world, but i cant stand it when people rip on something just because its “old”, its about playing a game or watching a show you enjoyed from the past and thats enough.

  16. The game did’t suck because it was old it sucked cause it sucked

  17. An ok video, but I think he should’ve invested in a undermask and gloves that don’t show of the Jason actor’s human skin.

    I do agree with Tommy to some extant as well. While I do think this is somewhat funny, it is not good enough to be included on the His Name Was Jason dvd. There are much better fan videos out there they could’ve used instead.

  18. this came out in 06 and your just now putting it up on this site?!?!?! FAIL!!!!!

  19. lain,
    Apparently you didn’t read this entire post as I mentioned that we had already posted this story previously. Also the title of the post is Visit to the Past, as in revisit to something already mentioned here once before.

  20. 100% dumb.

  21. I seen this video, its great. The angry nintendo nerd (Jim) actually worked with me for a while bit at my store. The mask he used for the video is actually signed to on the inside :P

  22. Most of the time,the people I heard say they didn’t like it was because they had no idea how to play the game,and did not know what to do to progress in the game.Myself I’ve beaten the game a few times,and I enjoyed it,but I think Nightmare on Elm Street was the better of the two NES games.F13 for the NES seems like it would be better if it was a full-roaming 3D game,instead of a 2D game.

  23. The games not as bad as you’d think. You just need to spend a little time learning the tricks like how to get a torch in the first 5 minutes of game play. After that it ain’t nothing but BBQ time.

  24. I love this game. People don’t give it credit. Many video gamers today are spoiled with instant save states and the like; and are threatened by a video game that requires them to actually have skill to win. This game was aware of the Franchise, as are all the movies. It is also a very unique game. It is one of the very rare titles on the NES to have a background layer scroll differently than the front layer. This is something that really didn’t become common until SNES. It was also one of the few games pre-Pokemon G/S/C/ to actually break the game into different parts of the day.

    Yes, I know the stones go over the enemies. That’s a good thing. The standard weapon isn’t supposed to win against everything easily. That’s the whole point of having a weapons system that encourages a player to earn stronger weapons by playing the game more. This is good game design, not bad.

    Yes, I realize that Crystal Lake doesn’t usually have countless, “undead,” coming out to get you. But, in the context of a video game, Jason should be saves as a boss character to pop out and scare and have a lot of health. (Just like he is.) It only makes sense to have some, “undead,” with less health to fight while a player makes his/her way through the game. This is, again, good game design and not bad.

    Yes, I know, Jason gets a whole other bar of health. You know what? So do the campers if the player can keep them alive long enough! It’s called planning, and using strategy. Try playing the game with six people, each one with their own camper and pass the controller for a different kind of experience. Or, for another kind, try to race people to the end. This game is fun to play again and again.

    Also, very few games have ever combined a platform game with a role play game. It works very well.

    While I respect that everyone has the right to free speech, I do not think this guy is very funny. He just seems like the countless modern video gamers who whine when they can’t beet the game easily because it’s easier to whine than to actually develop skill. Also, I like the game’s music.

    Would love if they re-licensed the game under GPL. I’d also like if someone made a new 3D game like this for the computer under the GPL.

  25. well said.

  26. It may take skill to get through something frustrating but that doesn’t make it a fun game.

    “This game was aware of the Franchise” Why cause there was Jason in it? I couldn’t defend this piece a shit just because it has Jason. It really sucked and I understand it really is the only game based loosely(very by the way)on F13 but it does help it’s appeal. Just like now there were alot of shitty games and this has gotta be on the top 10 shittiest NES games.

    If you saw James’ (AVGN) nes and atari collection you could not say he’s just a countless modern video gamer who whines when they can’t beat the game easily. Dude does reviews on alot of games that bring back memories aswell as classic films.

  27. 1: Jason is in the game.
    2: Jason’s Mother’s Severed Head is in the game.
    3: Rock from Part 6.
    4: Knife from Part, lets say 3.
    5: Pitchfork from Part 3.
    6: Axe from Part 2.
    7: Machete from Part 1.
    8: Fire from Part 7.
    9: Getting to Row a rowboat on Crystal Lake. (Part1.)
    10: Jason attacking you while in a boat on Crystal Lake. (Part 6.)
    11: Crystal Lake. (Parts 1, 6.)
    12: Forest. (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.)
    13: Saving kids in Cabins from Jason. (Part 6.)
    14: Going from Cabin to Cabin (Buildings) to save your friends. (Parts 1, 4, 6, 7.)
    15: Re-creating Part 4′s Poster! Getting to see the blade go into the mask eye, a moment this game gives us that the movie doesn’t! (Part 4.)
    16: Jason’s Mother’s Sweater!!! Pamela’s sweater for goodness sake! (Part 2.)
    17: Wolf/Coyote (Part 6.)

    To name a few…

    How much more “aware” of the Franchise does the game have to be for you?

  28. Also, I find a game that requires me to develop skill to beat it both fun and challenging. If I may ask, what kind of games that require no or little skill to beat do you enjoy? If you’re not playing a video game for the challenge of its game play, what are you playing it for? The graphics?

    I can’t pass judgment on the guy’s work completely. But I have seen about 3-5 of his pieces and they rub me wrong. All he does (in the ones I have seen) is whine. Does he whine in all of the? I don’t know. Also, just because you own a lot of games doesn’t make you good at them. From what I’ve seen of his work, I do not really care to see anymore. Maybe he’s really like this, or maybe it’s just his character. Maybe he’s serious, or maybe it’s just satire. Regardless, his work annoys me because (in jest or not) it reminds me of the countless people who whine and want to play games that are not challenging and bore me.

  29. Your list of reasons why the game was aware of the franchise I don’t get. If they they did’t have a forest, a camp and jason wtf could you call it? The rest of those things on the list are so common a rock, a knife? yeah I’m not sold. The game’s plot kill other zombies while rescuing camp counselors and then box with Jason? The game just feels bugged and unsatisfying.

    The game is old but at the time there were some very fun and visually attractive games. . . yeah and challenging. I think there are frustrating challenges and then there are fun challenges. There might of been limited ways to go with a nes game but it lacks something. I dunno what that is because there has never been a good Friday the 13th. Well not if you count that cool flash game posted up here a while ago. That was actually fun.

  30. I know you don’t get the list of reasons. You make that obvious.

    Yes, the weapons are common objects. But, the weapons in the franchise are common objects. Lo and behold, many of the interesting ones show up in the game! Fancy that.

    They have a forest, camp, Jason, and Pamela. Location, location, leading character, leading character. Really, what more do you want?

    Again, the other, “undead,” is a sign of good game development not bad. What you’re arguing for is that in Super Mario Brothers we shouldn’t have any Goombas and that we should just spend the whole game fighting King Koopa over and over again. That’s the equivalent to complaining about the, “undead.” It just doesn’t make any sense. If they had it that way, the game would be boring and an exercise of poor video game development. Is that what you want? Perhaps in a modern First or Third Person style Friday the 13Th game it would make sense to only fight Jason. But on a 2-D Platformer/Role Play Game you need, “undead,” to be your Goombas for the game to make any sense.

    Wow, going from cabin to cabin to rescue your friends and children from Jason. That only sounds like Friday the 13Th to me. How dare they make that the plot of the game!?! We’ve only seen that in Friday the 13Th Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 before the game came out. I have no idea how they could possibly think that a video game based off a movie series where people run from cabin to cabin saving their friends and children could possibly be accurately portrayed as a video game where people run from cabin to cabin saving their friends and children. Under God’s green Earth, it will forever remain a mystery to me.

    “Boxing with Jason.” Well, first off, only Jason throws punches. You seem to also forget that he hacks at you with a Machete and an Axe. Totally Friday the 13Th weapons to me. Would you like to pose the argument to me that the Machete isn’t “Friday the 13Th” enough? It did only cut off Pamela’s head after all. Also, the “Boxing,” Jason is the game’s way of showing bare hand combat int he game. (Which Jason does do.) The throwing of punches is only in 3-D mode. Also, 3-D mode is great and is something that not many games really embraced until after Doom. Yet another rare video game element that Friday the 13Th embraced.

    I find the challenges in the game fun, challenging, and satisfying. I also find the game well programmed and not lacking anything.

  31. Well I guess there’s people who like LJN games, then there is those who think they’re utter shit.

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