Another 80′s Home Movie Format for Friday the 13th

Last Spring we wrote about a home video format that some, including myself, had never heard of. CED Selectavision discs were vinyl discs created by RCA as an alternative to VHS and Beta in the early 80′s. Now, our friend daizab has led us to another movie format from the early 80′s called VHD. Video High Density discs were created by JVC as competition to RCA’s CED discs. Unfortunately, the disc never caught on worldwide. However, a Japanese market was created and sustained for a number of years.

Luckily, daizab owns Friday the 13th Part 3 on VHD and shared pictures of his disc with us. The Part 3 VHD was created to view in 3D using the LCD shutter glasses.

For more information on the VHD movie format check out the Wiki entry.

Two caddies are needed to watch the entire movie as each disc can only contain 60 minutes of movie.

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16 Responses to “ Another 80′s Home Movie Format for Friday the 13th ”

  1. I think this is where my bootleg copy of “Part 3 3D” came from. It certainly would explain the brief pauses in the movie being that these discs only hold 60 mins.

  2. Rog,
    You are correct. All VHS copies that contain this field sequential movie were copied from the VHD. Thanks for visiting the website!

  3. This is the copy I have. Well not the actual VHD. I have all the movies (multiple copies of each) of the CED ones but I have this VHD version converted to DVD format and I have the Razor 3D shutter glasses and if anyone out their has never seen 3 in 3D (field sequential) this is the ONLY way to see it. (Well in the theater is the only wasy, but this is the best 2nd).

    In this format the images come WAY off the screen. Not cheap like the red/blue version. Stuff like the yo-yo and the eyeball come so close you think you can reach out and grab them. Harold’s cloth line pole scene is amazing… That pole comes up to your nose almost! But I would love to get my hands on this original VHD for keepsake.

  4. I have seen Part 3 in the theater and it really is amazing looking in 3D. I agree with MadWorldDesigns, the images do pop out of the screen completely!

  5. No problem, Jasonsfury. I try and visit atleast once a day to see what’s new.

    I agree too, WorldWideDesigns. It really does work great. Things come right out in your face. Believe it or not, the new Blu-ray release does achieve the same effect for the most part with the red and blue. Only gripe is the opening title sequence isn’t in 3D and I ended up with a mild headache from the red and blue tint. I would love to see this on the bigscreen sometime.

  6. Anybody got a link to a rip of one of these CED style 3d (field sequential) versions. If a dvd version of it exists it can easily be made into divx and torrented.

  7. Jasontyo,
    Do you have the equipment to watch this version of the movie on 3D with the shutter glasses?

  8. If i had film to watch ( and it was free) id get my hands on the hardware.

  9. It seems like the converter to watch said dvd rip of vhd version is only $99.

  10. Very cool. Good luck getting the equipment. Let us know when you get everything together and give us a review on the quality!

  11. I have the player and have watched mine. It’s very reminiscent to the old CED discs that were released in the late 70′s thru the mid 80′s.

    Quality is here and there and the disc can skip just like a record because it’s a needle that is reading the disc/record.

  12. Kirk,
    Do you have all four Friday’s?

  13. As far as I know they didn’t have all 4 on this VHD format; I have the American CEDS of these. I do of the Jap. Lasers; and was the first in the US to get all of those.

  14. Yea, I have the first 5 on CED, but heard they released the first 4 on this VHD format? Perhaps I am remembering incorrectly. I love the Japanese LD’s They are the best media I own in my collection!

  15. Also, Kirk, you mentioned in a previous blog about story boards:

    I have a bunch of storyboards from Part 4, 5 and a whole binder of every single shot by shot of Jason goes to Hell. (Deleted scenes and all!) Nobody seemed interested in this 6 months ago.

    Would you be willing to send me an email and talk about these?

  16. WOW I love the box for that Edition I def But that for my friday the 13th collection of rare stuff

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