Atari 2600 Friday The 13th Part 3 Game

This is indeed a rare item. The great thing about this game is that you are Jason and are stalking your remaining victims. I know a lot of us hope in the near future to get a new game that lets us be our favorite homicidal maniac.

Recreate one of the best sequels to the most horrifying slasher movie ever made!! Grab your joystick and become “Jason” the homicidal, axe wielding maniac of your nightmares!! A group of hapless tourists have trespassed in your woods. One by one, they’ve been hunted down and eliminated. Now, only a handful remain!! Grab your axe and find as many victims as you can before you lose your urge to kill.

In the mean time, if you own this game and an Atari, you are one step ahead of the rest of us.






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39 Responses to “ Atari 2600 Friday The 13th Part 3 Game ”

  1. That is wicked! I am a sucker for those old horror 8 bit games. I did a blog for the European Friday The 13th 8 bit games. I wish I had a console to play them!

  2. Yeah same here Scab! love to be him and kill people!!

  3. Never knew there was an Atari game for part 3! Damn!!! I would have been all over that as a kid. :(

  4. Can you provide any further information on plot & character (is it a straight redux of part 3) or gameplay? This is the first I’ve ever heard of this and am intrigued.

  5. I added the synopsis to the post.

  6. This isn’t actually an authentic atari game. There’s a group on the web called AtariAge. They recreate games and make their own art, etc. This was 1 actual box that a member on there created.

  7. Why would someone even make a game for Part 3? Let me guess, for the finale you get to fight Chris…and she is armed with an axe. I would prefer to fight Ginny with a machete…but that’s just me.

  8. They have to make a Friday the 13th game for next gen consoles. Make it a sandbox game like GTA 4, where you get to roam through the woods around Crystal Lake killing campers.

  9. I just played it, its not so great, but u can download it right now and play it.

  10. The description makes it sound something like Clock Tower in reverse. Myself, I think it’d be a blast to play through Chris’s final sequence, what with all the huge locations and vehicle-dodging and jumping out of buildings. It’d translate very well to a game. I’d settle for a new game with Higgins Haven as an explorable location, however.

  11. Where can you dload this game?

  12. I say we should contact Warner Brothers and suggest making a Friday the 13th video game. If there’s going to be a Saw game then why can’t we have a Friday the 13th video game. Hell there’s a Predator video game out there and that game’s intense for Xbox.

  13. i dont like the idea of being jason in a current-gen game. if they create a new Friday the 13th game then the characters that you can be should be a list of about 10 - 15 original characters from all jason movies (ginny, alice, chris, tommy, crazy ralph, etc.).

    it could have some mini-games in it like bow-and-arrow target practice, water-sports in the lake, cooking for the camp kids, a maze game of being lost in the woods, different puzzles that test your knowledge of the Friday movies.

    the game couldn’t just be you running away from jason, it’d be old after 5 minutes.

  14. Brett, I really love the idea of picking a hero (that way everyone can be- or if Jason’s the protagonist, fight- their favorite), and mini-games based on the camp activities would be a lot of fun.

    Have you ever played Haunting Ground/Demento? If a Friday game were going to cast the player in the role of a hero instead of Jason, mechanics such as are found in HG would be perfect, since it also drops an average human progaonist in a sprawling level with (usually) a single superhuman foe. She *can* fight him off, but often she’ll take less punishment by hiding or luring him into a trap. The thing I think that would make a variation on this setup work very well for Friday the 13th is its visceral reality; it doesn’t have a lot of game world conventions like health bars (as the heroine takes damage, the color begins to drain from the screen, and it goes completely black and white if she’s about to die) or weapons that a normal teenaged girl simply would not have access to.

    The only danger is, it is really hard to execute this type of game *well.* It has to maintain a tricky balance between keeping the killer threatening without making him frustrating, and empowering the heroine without taking away her underdog status. Haunting Ground and the Scissorman duology of the aforementioned Clock Tower both do this really well, but other games that have tried the same style, not so much.

    I’d be happy with anything well-made and fun to play, though.

  15. Here is how I imagine a successful Friday the 13th game.

    1. You are Jason.

    2. You begin in Crystal lake but as you progress throughout the game you open up new locales that are seeing throughout the series. Sort of like how GTA3 worked. This also means that you can eventually board a ship and sail to New York (possilby for a finale).

    3. Throughout the game you can discover or earn new skins that represent Jason throughout the series (human Jason, zombie Jason, and, of course, pillow sack Jason from Part 2).

    4. Unlike the GTA4 game where missions are simply found by finding the highlighted area on the map, Jason’s motivation to kill would be dictated by the voice of his mother who tells him where to go and what to do (or you can just ignore her completely and do whatever you want - like the GTA series).

    5. Every weapon that Jason ever used in a Friday film can be found somewhere in the game (machete, axe, spear gun, etc.). As you also progress through the game, you will get stronger and be able to perform such feats as the sleeping bag death from Part 7 and be able to punch holes through people.

    6. All of the mythology of the series after Part 8 needs to be ignored for this game. No possessing of other peoples bodies (Part 9) and no going to space (Jason X).

    As you guys may have figured out by reading this, I have a lot of time to think about things like this. The work at Walmart has been slow lately (blame the economy) and my boss cut some of my hours. Basically this means that I have been waking up late everyday and playing a lot of GTA: Vice City because I have nothing else better to do with my time.

  16. A videogame where you play as Jason might work. There would have to be a TON of different kill animations, though. Since the kills are the best part of the F13 movies, they should be the highlight of a videogame. Maybe it should work like fatalities in the Mortal Kombat games, where you discover a bunch of different button combinations to punch in. Also, it could be like Manhunt. You sneak behind a camper and put in your combination, then watch the gory fun unfold. If they made a current-gen F13 game with only a couple of kill animations, the game would get boring quickly.

  17. It would be cool to have a video game where you can be Jason,but in this day and age if they made it the game would be banned like crazy for violence and parents groups would say the game teaches kids to be murderers. So we can only dream.

  18. I don’t think it would be banned like crazy. Video games are more violent now than they’ve ever been. GTA4, anyone?

  19. I have a question about the part 3 Atari game…

    Is Chuck in it, and does he not wipe after using the outhouse like in the movie?

  20. If Jason was in a next gen game, I’d love it to be a fighting game. The guy behind Mortal Kombat(Ed Boon)could create it. How cool would it be to see Jason fight against; Freddy, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Alien, Predator, Hellraiser, Ash/Evil Ash…….the list goes on and on. So many possibilities.
    I’d like if you’d create your own character, then go through different locations around the world and draw these Horror Icons into this battle of evil. Battling them in there area first, then unlocking them. Maybe unlock some cool items along the way to customize your character with(konquest mode)Have your character wearing a hockey mask, razor glove and the predator gun ;)
    Unfortunately with the right issues, this probably won’t happen. Warner Bro. seems to own a lot of these properties now, so it could be possible.

  21. hey walmart man that is a good idea,me personelly would like to play as the remake jason,and also do enviromental kills like in the wolverine game,and maybe useing objects in ur surroundings like or example breaking off a branch off a tree and stab a victim,or hang them to a tree via impaling,like maybe use anything around as a weapon,going to jason’s tunnel to recover and heal from his wounds,reation command kills for example tap the A button to repeatedly smash a victims head on something mirror/wall/ground/tree or anything in ur surroundings,stealth kills,setting traps,and like walmart man said a sand box style game and getting new areas as u progress,and the reason i chose the remake version is is because of his rescoursefulness,athletics,and hes more mobile,leen,and just looks cool in action

  22. neromanson,

    There are only a few people who have really good ideas for a Friday the 13th video game. You and I are two of those people. I like your idea of how different skins would give you different abilities based on which Jason you are. I could see the skin for human Jason allowing you to be faster but also more receptive to damage while the skin for zombie Jason leaves you slower but much more powerful. Maybe you can even unlock a skin for Jason’s mother once you complete the game. That would be cool.

    Man, I can just go on and on about the possibilities of making a Friday the 13th game! It’s so fun to imagine that I am a video game designer instead of someone who works in customer service for Walmart.

  23. I think The Walmart Man has a great idea for a Friday The 13th game. I’d totally play it. Now, earlier someone asked where you can download this part 3 game. Where can we download it at? I want to play

  24. Here is what I would expect from an F13 game:

    1. It has to be bloodier than Dead Space and the Gears of War games put together.
    2. Make it a sandbox game like the GTA games. Go anywhere, anytime.
    3. Have an upgrade system like in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed where you unlock classic Jason kills.
    4. Have unlockable content such as clips from the films.
    5. Have a replay system like the Skate games, where when you do an awesome kill, you can go back and edit it with different camera angles and effects.
    6. Some of the locations you can visit in the game are Camp Crystal Lake (from pt. 1), the camp from pt. 2, Higgins Haven, The Jarvis Residence, the cemetary from pt. 6, and the town of Crystal Lake.
    7. Have the cruise ship from pt. 8 and the Grendel from Jason X as a downloadable maps.
    8. Pick your Jason - you get to choose which incarnation of Jason to play as, whether it be Sack-Head (pt. 2 or remake), Hockey Mask Jason (pt. 3 or 4), Fake Jason (pt. 5), Awesome Jason (pt. 6), Zombie Jason (pt. 7 or 8), Hell Jason (JGTH), Uber-Jason (Grendel Map only), Battle Jason (FvJ), or Remake Jason, the choice is yours.
    9. Time Challenge Bonus Level - The Rave Party (FvJ). Kill as many partygoers as you can before time runs out.
    10. The most important feature of all—Final Boss: Freddy Krueger

    If all (or most) of these features are included in an F13 game, I’ll buy it the day it hits store shelves.

  25. Everyone has come up with some great ideas. Chris B., you are on fire!! You have this down. I am excited to play your game and it’s not even in development. We need to get in contact with someone to get your game made.

  26. Make a new one for XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo WII come on Dammit!

  27. My additions to a good Jason game, mostly dealing with “killables” (living targets) & “victims” (dead bodies) artificial intelligence. Adding to The Walmart Man & Chris. B’s agendas:

    1. The closer you get to a killable the music goes “ch ch ch, ka ka ka”, acting as a “sonar”.

    2. You get more points/skills/ability upgrades/etc for killing in close without detection.

    3. Final girls should somehow be harder to get close to.

    4. Ability to secretly cut phones & etc makes for more optimum kills & isolated killables.

    4. If a killable lives long enough to commit a “sin” (sex, drinking, pot-smoking, flirting, etc).

    5. Set up traps w/ victims, luring killables to scream, helping you to find them (ex. Steve’s dangling body in F1).

    6. Chase Mode Good - lured killable w/ clever stalking/victim trap set up, sends them running & isolated from other killables. Makes for optimum kill points.

    7. Chase Mode Bad - bad stalking leads to revealing yourself too soon. Killables can group up and/or arm themselves. Chases are less ideal for killables isolation. Crystal Lake PD may appear @ the camp site more armed & aware each time. Cops (maybe) inform other campsites, making them more aware & on the look out.

    8. “Jason’s Shack” Save Point w/ kill trophies. Kill trophies = heads, limbs, artifacts (bloody sleeping bag, Mark’s wheelchair, old Camp C Lake sign, Camp Forest Green sign, etc.), bloody used weapons, different skins (sack, mask styles, Roy stuff, etc), & etc. Of course, Mrs. Voorhees’ head shrine in the corner, w/ candles.

    I am seeing a “DIABLO” type camera angle, maybe w/ cut scene kills. I would love to play this game!

  28. I messed up w/ 2 part 4s, plus second one should read:

    If a killable lives long enough to commit a “sin” (sex, drinking, pot-smoking, flirting, etc), then your ability to kill them uniquely & without detection is increased.

  29. These are some great ideas! I especially love the idea of the theme music indicating how close Jason is to his victim, and the idea of making them scream to find out where they are. How would the game handle the “problem” of Jason being unkillable? Sure, he *could* just get a servicable game over screen, but I’d prefer something that plays off the fact he’s immortal to keep the game going, as Soul Reaver did. Perhaps large amounts of damage would knock Jason out for a spell, giving his prey time to move to a different location, disarm traps he’s set, and/or heal wounds he’s inflicted on them. Major damage (the kind inflicted by bosses, say) could force the player to start from either the barn in Higgins Haven, Crystal Lake, or his cabin.

  30. I’d like to see a game that incorporated the F13 mythos, along with A Nightmare on Elm St & Texas Chainsaw (these are realistic, since New Line has the rights to all three. I’d love to see other characters like Michael Myers, Ash and Pinhead used, but the chances of that are pretty well nil). It would be great if you could play as any of the classic killers, or any of the protagonists from these films! Imagine being able to play as Tommy Jarvis…fighting Leatherface! You could have Nancy from ANOES taking on Jason! Plenty of possibilities with this idea.

    Having environments from the different films would be great…hell, I wouldn’t even mind if they included the stuff from Jason X, as it would be a lot of fun for gameplay (besides, Kay Em would be a great character to take on)! I really like the idea of using different skins for Jason to alter his abilities. Of course, you could just make each one a playable character, perhaps as unlockable choices as you progress (kind of like the Lego Batman, Star Wars and Indiana Jones games have done).

    Of course, I’d want this to be a game for the Wii, so I could use the Wiimote as my machete!

  31. I was reading an article on one time that dealt with the characters that needed their own Wii games, and Jason was one of them. The beginning of the Jason section started with this: “Just think about it - Wii Machete.” As soon as I saw that I started daydreaming about using Jason’s machete on the Wii.

  32. i hope angry nentendo nerd gets it!!!

  33. We can dream cant we?

  34. Ill show some love for 360 gamers too.

    ill make a wii one and a limited edition set.

  35. HisnamewasTravis,

    Those game covers are so cool. I hope those become real some day.

  36. I w/ evilekim, I have been saying that for years!! That would be the ultimate horror based videogame! Yes the damn licensing issue is really the main thing that’s preventing it though. I would settle for a F13th game itself as well.

  37. Since warner bros ownes the rights to the Friday franchise, the game would be released or distributed by them. They did a few decent videogames in the past like fear 2 and condeamed 2 “sorry for the spelling g errors:)”. The only game developers I see that could do this game justice and could deliver a breath taking exsperince would be…

    1. EA games/ cause they know how to take horror to a whole new level, hell check out Dead Space that game was tight as hell.

    2. Konami/ the creators of the silent hill games can also bring something fresh to the table. They are already almost done with the saw videogame that is slated to come out with saw 6 this year.

    3. Quantic Dream/ they give realistic gameplay that all feels like your watching a movie when you look at it. Go on google and type in heavy rain their latest game they got in develop for ps3 and you’ll get where I’m coming from with this.

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