Audio Interview With Paul Kratka Discusses Film

Paul Kratka (Rick, Friday the 13th Part 3) has indeed been busy of late, promoting his newest films. Recently, he talked to the guys at to discuss his role in Part 3 as well as his newest film projects with Director Scott Goldberg. Some of the facts surrounding his time on the Friday the 13th film may already be known, but there will be those fans that have not heard of Paul’s stories before.

His new films are also very interesting and it’s great to hear Paul discuss the films in the interview and get his take on what the film’s true meanings are. Also, Paul will be on at 8:45 PM ET this Saturday August 21st and he will also be a guest on BlogTalkRadio on Sunday August 22nd at 8 PM ET for the show Rabbit In Red -

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  1. I’d love to make a shortfilm with Amy Steel!!!

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