Jasonpalooza July 18 & 19 in Burbank CA

Jasonpalooza July 18 & 19 in Burbank CA

Alright! West coast Friday fans are getting some love too. Hollywood Show is hosting Jasonpalooza which will have almost every actor to wear the mask in attendance and a couple victims thrown in for good measure. The site also features a nice service that will let you purchase an autograph from one [...]

Friday the 13th reunion at Super Mega Show in New Jersey

Friday the 13th reunion at Super Mega Show in New Jersey

Man, I really wish I lived closer to the east coast! They really get some good shows.
If you live near New Jersey or are able to travel to the convention the Super Mega Show is worth checking out for any Friday fan with 14 guests from the series.
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Jason Ring Now available for pre-order

Jason Ring Now available for pre-order

Click Here to pre order this impressive looking ring from Gentle Giant.

Friday the 13th cake

Ever tried to take a slice out of a cake that could take a slice out of you? Cake designers Antoni and Edward Frys created this masterpiece that looks to good to eat.

What are your plans for Friday the 13th?

With the new Friday the 13th film just one week away, we wanna know what are YOUR plans? Do you plan on camping out to be first in line? Are you going to see a midnight showing? Maybe you plan on seeing the film wearing your favorite hockey mask or plan on [...]

Derek Mears interview from Horrorbid.com

Derek Mears interview from Horrorbid.com

We have only 10 days left until ol’ Puckface slashes his way through movie screens across the country. Feed your Friday fever with this new interview with Derek Mears from our fiends at Horrorbids.com

More Friday the 13th guests at HorrorHound Weekend!

Hey campers!
Jason mania continues this March in Indianapolis 27-29 with HorrorHound Weekend Friday Fans can meet and greet with Ari Lehman, CJ Grahm, Warrington Gillitte and Derek Mears. That’s 4 Jasons for the price of one admission.
If you haven’t been to HorrorHound Weekend it’s definitely worth checking out.
Watch the fun at a recent [...]

Win a copy of Friday the 13th uncut!

Want a chance to win a copy of the new Uncut Friday the 13th DVD? Hurry up and head over to HorrorHound for your chance to win! Contest is open until February 1st.

Amanda Rigetti interview from IGN (Video Added)

Ign interviews Amanda Rigetti about her role in the new film.

Q: Can you talk at all about the differences?
Righetti: In the original, they were all out at Crystal Lake and getting the camp ready. And it’s not that. Camp Crystal Lake is still definitely an element of the film, but it is not the centerpiece [...]

Friday the 13th Reunion at Monster Mania

For fans living near Cherry Hill New Jersey, Monster Mania offers you a chance to meet some of your favorite Friday the 13th actors including CJ Graham and Betsy Palmer.  Some of the Friday 13th guests such as Camila and Carey Moore are making their first convention appearance.
Monster Mania will be this March 13-15

Todd Farmer writer of Jason X and My Bloody Valentine 3D to appear at Dallas Comic Con

For those of you who live in the Dallas area or don’t mind making a trip to the Lone Star State, this Saturday and Sunday Todd Farmer will be at the Dallas Comic Con to meet with fans.  Todd Farmer wrote the screen play for Jason X and even appeared in the film as well [...]

HorrorHound #15 featuring Jason

Set sail to your nearest book store and pick up Horrorhound #15 if you haven’t already! This issue features an article that looks back on the evolution of Jason throughout the franchise. Also not to miss, is an article that revisits the original set locations from the first Friday film with now and [...]