Awesome A New Beginning Expanded Trailer

This trailer is great. Not only does it feature some cut dialogue that did not make it into the movie, but it contians music, as mentioned by a poster on youtube, from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan. Check it out and enjoy!

A New Beginning Trailer

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16 Responses to “ Awesome A New Beginning Expanded Trailer ”

  1. It was always so interesting to me how even in the trailers for this film they portray Tommy as being the “New Jason”. I wonder if people at the time were disappointed by the actual direction of the script after seeing promos like this. I think the series would have benefited from keeping the Tommy character around, if not as a new Jason, at least a Part VI style, Jason hunter.

  2. Personally, I’ve always thought that they should have turned Tommy Jarvis into Jason’s arch-nemesis. He could have been the Van Helsing to Jason’s Dracula, obsessed with destroying the evil that ruined his life.

  3. Cool trailer but wow was that grainy, i felt like i was watching that trailer through 4 different people’s televisions.

  4. The Gill Man,

    That was very well said. I like the idea of Jason’s arch-nemesis being Tommy Jarvis in the vein of Van-Helsing and Dracula. To do this right, however, I think that the series would’ve have to have made Jason slightly more tactical than he was in the later entries of the series. The only actor that I think could ever do this role right would be Warrington Gillette. His portrayal of Jason was both meanacing and human; well-balanced and masterfully crafted. He was the only one that was ever able to convey Jason’s inner struggle on the screen.

    I am only pointing this out because I always thought there was something humanly sympathetic and lonely about Dracula and I think that to do a Van Helsing style Friday the 13th, the same characteristics need to be apparent in Jason too. Gillette is the only guy that can do this.

    But I digress…

    About the unreleased trailer for Part 5, I think it is good but misleading. I would’ve been disappointed if I saw this trailer and then watched A New Begining. A Friday film needs to have Jason in it as the killer. For a Friday film to be great, it needs to star Warrington Gillette.

  5. You are the biggest Warrington Gilette dick rider/sucker on earth

  6. Very good trailer. best one ive seen and that was an 80`s trailer!

    Do people have to be so childish like u Demon Jason!? Bit too far!

  7. Good stuff, just remember there’s only ONE Roy! And yet I work in layaway at the local K-Mart. My name is Richard Wieand.

    See how stupid this kind of posting is?

  8. I think if they made Tommy into a Van-Helsing like person, it would almost be like watching another version of Myers on screen. Im glad they never did anything like that.

  9. Never thought of it, but how difficult would it have been to turn Creighton Duke in JGTH into Tommy Jarvis?

  10. I honest though that this movie had a good story and I think it was a good break to give Jason a rest, but then again, it probably would have been better if it was it’s own movie and not part of the series

  11. HSOF, your idea is a great one. That would have tied the series together real good. Great call! :) My guess is the whole rights issue with Paramount at the time would have negated the idea though.

  12. I never liked part 5. I liked the idea of Jason not being the killer, but what ruined the movie for me was the campy atmosphere. That worked for part 6, but 6 was funny. Part 5 wasn’t funny or scary. The story was great, if they would’ve done it with a darker, creepier atmosphere like parts 1-4, it would’ve been a good movie. And I didn’t like the part where the black kid was driving the bull doser, there’s no way a kid that age could’ve done that. And where it wasn’t really Jason, and just a normal guy that was hit by the bull doser, there’s no way he could’ve gotten up after that. I really liked the story and the fact Jason wasn’t the killer, but I think the movie sucked… I’m not trying to knock anyone that liked the movie, so don’t take it personal. The only parts I like are 1-4, 6 and 7. I’m sure that everybodys’ list of favorites very to some degree.

  13. I meant “bull dozer”, not “doser”. Sorry about the typo.

  14. With the right director, Part 5 couldve been real powerful and dark. Such as Tommy\’s inner turmoil and struggle with society….couldve been an interesting side of it. But I like Part 5 for what it is….

  15. That trailer was awesome! I am suprised they showed nudity in the trailer. They usually don’t do that.

  16. That’s because it’s fake.

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