Become A Crystal Lake Detective And Catch Jason

In Halloween H2O, Sam Loomis had spent his final days tracking Michael Myers. His room was littered with news clippings, maps and eyewitness accounts, spotting The Shape in various locations. This got us thinking, if you could be a Crystal Lake detective, how would you track Jason Voorhees? It would be a daunting task to locate and capture Jason and you would have to utilize every resource available.

Using a map of Crystal Lake would be a great start, and interviewing residents of the town would further your investigation. However, with so many dead bodies and close encounters with Jason, it would take a very dedicated person to accomplish the impossible task. Below is an example of what an obsessed detective’s workspace could look like in trying to capture the world’s most reviled serial killer.

Using the clues laid out below, you should catch up to Jason soon, but is that what you really want…..

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16 Responses to “ Become A Crystal Lake Detective And Catch Jason ”

  1. I would just find his little shack out in the woods he keeps his mom’s head in and sleeps in, and, much like in JGTH, get a full blown attack on him to take him down.

  2. I would probably go to the place (Crystal Lake) where the kills took place and collect evidence from “crime scenes”. Also investigate in his cabin in the woods, and speak to the people who have seen him or confronted him at some point (survivors). Also look for him in other place (other than Crystal Lake) like the Training Counselor site (from pt. 2), Higgins Haven (pt. 3), the Jarvis House (pt. 4), Pinehurst “halfway house” (part 5) etc. That way it would be easier to track him down, visiting places his been before.

  3. I know this might sound a little lame, but I’d like to read some of the Crystal Lake media clippings. If anybody might know somewhere that has them to read, that would be a big help.

  4. I would hire 6 randy teenagers to party hardy at the new camp and set up cameras at Crystal Lake and be ready with my team to take him down.

  5. Using a decoy seems to be the way to go. Its better if you lead him to you rather than trying to find him ;)

  6. I agree. It seemed to work for the SWAT team (FBI?) in JGTH when they used the ol’ hot-chick-who-badly-needs-to-take-a-shower-in-a-cabin-out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere trick on Jason. That is, until he came back and body-jumped his boot straight up everyone’s ass. Maybe you could hire a girl who looks like Pamela Voorhees to dress up as his mother and lure him out. Of course, the best ideas for catching Jason would involve prior knowledge of the films. So, if you’re in his world, you’d most likely go searching near the lake without a clue and wind up getting slaughtered. The only sure-fire way for you to be able to track Jason down is to be born black and grow into a bounty hunter with a cowboy getup fetish. Only do it for a price though.

  7. It would be nice to basically see a remake of First Blood with Jason as the star. It would make a good sequel to the last movie. Jason could actually kill some adults for a change. It could all happen right on Crystal Lake.
    In real life if you kill one person in this country, people will try to find you. Realistically, people would be out to catch Jason by now.

  8. Oh yeah, and before you say “RAMBO WAS A HERO!!”, I have to say that Rambo was an insane murderer in the book. Tommy Jarvis could come in like the Trautman character and tell them all what a badass Jason is (again).

    “Teasle: Are you telling me that 200 of our men against your boy is a no-win situation for us?
    Trautman/Tommy Jarvis: You send that many, don’t forget one thing. A good supply of body bags.”

  9. I wouldn’t try 2 catch him…I like what he does! Itd be more like ’shark week’ 4 me up close watching Jason do his “job”…

  10. Id have to realize that Jasons an unstopable killing machine. So for starters Id try and get the best weapons that are possible. I mean Youd have to totally waste His remains. Whats scary is the weapons in Jason X couldnt even stop Him. I dont think I can wait 400 years.

  11. @ Corey:
    lol, I totally agree, just watch, record to watch again later. lol

  12. I like the idea of Mik(ah)..hire some kids for a weekend in the cabin, maybe put a couple of camera’s ( little bit like Halloween 8)
    Get a SWAT team and blow him to peaces…then make sure the left overs are melted in toxic waste or cremate the bodyparts. But then again…who want Jason to be “Dead, truly..dead” ?

  13. @ Dead [email protected], that line about 200 body bags would be awesome in a Friday movie.

    I’d start with the person who told the kids about the weed farm and start from there. I surely wouldn’t go by myself(I’d have to have a beautiful blonde with me as they are usually the final Friday girls), and I’d make sure to only venture about in the daytime as I need whatever visual advantages I could get in keeping my butt safe.

    The weed farm is rather strange for a Jason technique to get kids out to the camp area. I would be curious if this was more for him than as a lure tactic. Does Jason have glaucoma?

    Being a child growing up alone in the wild I would keep a close eye on anyone living/camping nearby the lake, as I’m sure he’s got a need to be close to people, to experience their experiences, living vicariously through his victims before his rage kicks in and kills them. I believe his stalking techniques go deeper than just stalking.

    I agree with a suggestion that someone should send people there camping and set up surveilance to catch Jason. He doesn’t just walk up and kill anyone, he watches them for a while before he moves in. Use that timeframe to catch him before he gets to the campers.

  14. Jason and Rambo… not the same. Though, you don’t find Jason; he finds you. Unless he’s found another victim, he’ll probably be heavily hidden until he strikes again. I think he gave up on the whole house thing after part 3.

  15. I would use a women that looked like his mother, put her and some off her friends in Camp Crystal Lake and get a real un-nereved ploice force and wait!!

  16. Rorschach vs jason

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