Become Jason Voorhees In ‘Dead Rising 2′

This is a day or so old, but Shock Till You Drop posted up some screen caps of the new zombie video game, Dead Rising 2 and a familiar mask appeared. In the pic below, you will notice a hockey mask very accurate to the screen used mask being worn by a user. Apparently, players can choose outifts for their killer of the walking dead. The hockey mask does look like it was modeled after the the mask from the 2009 film. However, it could be from Part 3, but it looks a little too dirty.

Well, for those gamers out there that are planning on picking this game up on September 24th, get your hock on and go kill some mean and nasty zombies, Jason Voorhees style.

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7 Responses to “ Become Jason Voorhees In ‘Dead Rising 2′ ”

  1. Would zombies want to attack Jason? I bet Jason would want to kill Zombies but I wonder what Jason would taste like to zombies?

  2. I hope it is unlocked from the start. To get the hockey mask in DR1 you had to take pictures of all the little pp signs. There was a 100 of them and it was very boring. Whats sweet to is that your costume will stay on during the cut scenes.

  3. Well that is different having Jason as a zombie!
    But its silly really But hey improves the zombies face!

  4. also the High Stakes Edition looks like it comes with a different hockey mask that the one you posted

  5. Thats kickass!!! I love the original Dead Rising, so this is a major plus.

  6. Hey Cat,
    your character wears the mask, not the zombies. You can kill hordes of zombies with a Jason mask on.
    I hope that this isn’t only unlockable with the high stakes version.
    BTW, the release date is September 28th, not the 24th.

  7. Ohh sorry Evilekim got that wrong evern tho i read the artical!! lol
    Well then it isnt silly its a brillient idea!

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