Behind The Scenes: Jason Hijinks On Set

Jason Lives is a favorite of ours as well as many fans of the series, so we thought we would do something a little fun and share some images from the set with Jason Voorhees a little, well, out of character. Below are some images taken when the cameras were not rolling on the set of Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6. We had no idea that Jason gave lap dances, provided CPR to his victims and needed to be carried around by members of the effects team? I guess when a psycho wonders in, even he needs to have some fun!

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10 Responses to “ Behind The Scenes: Jason Hijinks On Set ”

  1. Those pictures are great!

  2. idk how you do it but keep up the great work!

  3. Awesome.

  4. looks like they had a great time doing the movie

  5. lol this is awesome!

  6. Great Pics! Never seen these before. Jason is giving CPR, Ha Ha.

  7. hahahahahahaha!!! Love them!!

  8. Cool find, thanks for posting.

  9. Nice pics. I always wondered if that girl was CJ’s chick, she is just getting out of his lap there.

    Look at the back of CJ’s head in the CPR pic, Brian Wade did a great job on the detail there, you can even see the little tufts of hair like from part 4.

  10. Before I notice the CPR pose in the pic, I thought maybe Jason was crying. :D :D

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