Behind The Scenes With “The Final Chapter” Storyboards

I have to say that I am unable to verify these storyboards as official, but they do look to be somewhat accurate to the storyboards used for the film. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is depicted in one storyboard where Sarah has the axe embedded in her chest through the front door of the party house. The blood spatter in red on the storyboard is one reason I am not sure if these are authentic as I have not seen that added to storyboards before.

Well, check out the storyboards below and get a glimpse of what these scenes look like in the conception stage before they are translated to the big screen.



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7 Responses to “ Behind The Scenes With “The Final Chapter” Storyboards ”

  1. The pages seem too white for being 26 years old. And like you said, the red blood doesn’t seem legit. I’ve never seen storyboards with color before, but then again I’m not a know-it-all.

  2. Yea, I just am not sure about the blood splatter and you do bring up a good point about the pages not looking as aged as perhaps they should. Wish I had more knowledge on this type of thing. ;)

  3. They do not look authentic to me. Plus storyboards are typically drawn on storyboard paper.

  4. They look fake, to me but then again they could also be real, tou never know. But I think they’re fake.

  5. I have a set identical to the ones in the auction, identical. I showed them to Savini at MaskFest and I’ve also shown them to Jim Kagel and both said these were not used. I had a certificate that came with mine but lost it.

    100% fake….

  6. Thanks for the insight kirk. I figured they were not authentic, but still posted them as I figured some would like to see what storyboards could look like.

  7. storyboards are not done on that paper and never have colour. fake!

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