Behind The Scenes: Young Jason, Friday the 13th 1980

Posted 29 Oct 2024 in The Saga

Young Jason Voorhees’ leap from beneath the watery depths of Crystal Lake to drag Alice Hardy out of the canoe and into the frozen lake is indeed iconic and legendary in the horror genre. It is amazing to see one scene, that approximately lasts 5 seconds, live on in the hearts and minds of fans across the world. It is indeed the one scene everyone points to say that Jason really was in the first film when most people say he was never in the 1980 stalk and slash thriller.

Over the years, numerous images from the filming of Friday the 13th 1980 have surfaced relating to Ari Lehman portraying Jason in that now infamous scene. However, Ari recently started a new Facebook account and added some new and truly awesome photos from the filming of his scene. Below are a taste of the photos is has provided the fans. Some are different angles of images viewed previsouly, but others may never have been witnessed before. Also, there is a very creepy illustration of the young Jason character at the very bottom that would be an awesome piece to own for a fans collection!

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  2. Cat (29 Oct 2024, 17:50)

    Love the drawing, it really showes Jason as some one not to mess with, even at his young age!!
    Great pics too!!!!

  3. JB Demented (29 Oct 2024, 18:37)

    I love the bottom pic. Cool artwork.

  4. theshape_78 (29 Oct 2024, 20:18)

    The bottom pic is really neat, very artistic.

  5. Justin (29 Oct 2024, 20:21)

    Love the green drawing. It kinda leaves to the imagination of what happened between parts 1 and 2. If someone made a giant painting of that, I’d buy it.

  6. Jasonlivessince1980 (30 Oct 2024, 3:48)

    awesome photos!! Top one appears to be reversed, but great to see a clearer shot of dead Jason than usual

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