Best Kills In The Franchise: A New Beginning

Even today, this entry in the film series is still looked up as the black sheep of the franchise. The one film in the franchise that does not offer a Voorhees killer. Although Jason does make brief appearances in the opening dream sequence and in Tommy’s hallucinations. Many have mentioned that if this film had not been named Friday the 13th and Roy was just the unseen killer until the end, that the film would have been received by audiences much better.

The MPAA notoriously cut down the many gore effects and on screen kills, but from what was shown in the film, what is your favorite kill of Friday the 13th: A New Beginning?

Jason Voorhees Kills

1 : Neil - macheted in Tommy’s dream

2 : Les - icepick in the neck in dream

Vic Kills

1 : Joey - hacked up with an axe

Roy Burns Kills

1 : Vinnie - road flare in the mouth

2 : Pete - throat slashed with a machete

3 : Billy - axe to the head

4 : Lana - axe to the chest

5 : Raymond - hunting knife in the stomach

6 : Tina - garden shears in the eyes

7: Eddie - head crushed with a leather strap

8 : Anita - throat slashed

9 : Demon - speared through an outhouse wall

10: Junior - decapitated with a cleaver

11 : Ethel - cleaver in the head, falls face first into stew

12 : Jake - cleaver in the face

13 : Robin - macheted from beneath bed

14 : Violet - macheted in the stomach

15 : Duke - found butchered in his own ambulance

16 : Matt - railroad spike through his head and into a tree

17 : George - eyes gouged out, thrown through a window

Tommy Jarvis Kills

1: Roy - impaled on a tractor harrow

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33 Responses to “ Best Kills In The Franchise: A New Beginning ”

  1. I really like this movie. This was my first Friday experience so it will always have a spot in the top Fridays for me. As far as my favorite kill? The obvious choice for me is Junior’s decapitation. Near Bloodless but brutal nonetheless.

  2. You know, when compared to Halloween: The Season Of The Witch, Friday A New Beginning really isn’t bad. Neither film had the franchise’s killer but at least ANB had Jason’s MO, and not some mask that turns kids’ heads into cockroaches when they watch a TV commercial.

  3. I have always liked the road flare to the mouth! Very cool kill. And I agree with you RustyMachete, ANB still had the look and feel of a Friday film.

  4. The flare is my fave very imaginitive!!

  5. I think Part 5 is great. The last Friday that felt like a good ‘ol fashioned Friday.

    My favourite kill in Part 5 is Ethel! Great POV shot and the direction on the kill was brilliant.

  6. I got to go with Demon, ” this shitbox is gross”. I mean poor guy is dropping a deuce after some bad enchaladas…. and Roy cant even let him finish. I found it was pretty brutal just randomly spearing the outhouse till he gets him.

    Another sick kill was Tina the garden sheers…Eddie was cool too although not very realistic.

  7. “Don’t I make the best fuckin’ stew in the whol wide world?”

  8. I like the road flare kill too. However, Eddie getting his head crushed against that tree with a leather strap is just brutal. That is probably my fave.

  9. my favorite is the first (Neil), tied with Raymond. You never saw a good stab kill before. In pt 1, with Steve and the first kid, they didn’t show it. In pt 3 with Chili, they didn’t show. I guess Loco they showed, but it wasn’t a machete (it’s my favorite kill from Pt3); the nurse in pt 4 they showed it going in, but it was so up close it could’ve been anything. Here they have a big ole thing just plunged right in. Possibly the director’s ‘adult film’ roots at work? I loved all the stab kills in this one. A lot of people say that it was reshoots of stuff they had to cut, but I found them pretty harsh anyway. I still wonder how they pulled off Raymond’s. In slo mo/frame by frame it just looks so seemless. I love the weapon too. Awesome knife.

  10. Eddies. That was the first F13 kill I ever saw, and it left a huge impression on me. I had no idea that this movie was hated and stuff, I just thought it was a cool movie. But tbh, i still have not watched this movie. not the whole thing. this and Part 2 are the only ones i havent seen yet

  11. Although the first four are my faves, my fifth fave would have to be ‘A New Beginning’. It was the last one to have that good ole fashioned classic Friday the 13th feel. My fave kill: Eddie – head crushed with a leather strap

  12. The one thing The Final Chapter and A New Beginning have in common besides Tommy Jarvis, is the gory creative kills. I know Savini had nothing to do with part 5, but the death scenes were awesome. My favorite kill in part 5 is Vinnies road flare death. That was just something totally different than weve seen in the previous 4 installments. In some ways Roy is more brutal than Jason when it comes to killing. And when I first saw Vinnies death when I was little, I was like oh my god I didnt see that coming at all. I know now when You look back at it, it kind of looks silly. You can tell its not a real head, but just the idea of getting a road flare to the mouth thats just frightening. And if I were to pick a 2nd, itd be eddies death. The belt around the eyes, that image stuck with Me for years. And once again a creative kill. Maybe since Roy was mortal unlike Jason, He had to work twice as hard with the creativity maybe.

  13. I actually like A New Beginning, it’s certainly better than some of the films that came later on. One of the issues I had with this movie and it was probably the MPAA cutting down deaths and what not, but I have noticed that some deaths were just added in, especially at the end when Pam and Reggie are being chased by Roy, and we never saw the kill itself we only saw the corpse and we are lead to believe the kill happened off-scree, it was a liitle bit pointless. My top 5 kills from part 5 are: (5) Eddie, (4) Joey, (3) Violet, (2) Demon, & (1) Tina. The Tina death scene with the garden shears through the eyes is great!

  14. @JB Demented - I think we looked at them as more impassioned because after 4 movies of Jason doing his thing we have someone avenging the loss of his child. Feels like part 1 all over again ya know?

    Man what a tough choice here, I feel bad for the road flare guy I really do but lets face it,the leather strap was just beasty. I gotta go with the leather strap.

  15. 1.Violet

  16. We can’t forget about Pam’s death!!!! Even if it was a dream, so were the first two kills by the grave.

  17. So many to choose from, I really don’t have just one favorite.

  18. my answer is none, as they really never shown any except for a couple, stupid movie censors, what the hell, i will pick Robin, atleast they sorta showed that kill :(

  19. Id have to say its a tie between the leatherstrap kill and the garden shears kill.

  20. Junior’s cause how fast and powerful it was…BOOM! Dead! LOL!

  21. “Think Part 5 is great. The last Friday that felt like a good ‘ol fashioned Friday.”

    Indeed. After that, it felt like almost Pg-13ish style “Monster Movies” that are way more traditional then an Exploitation-style Slasher entry with palpable sleaze and solid gore levels because of all the MPAA tampering, which unfortunately REALLY started to crack down on Part V came along. I actually find everything starting at Part V onward to sadly be fairly goreless with a few exceptions (some minor blood flow left in Part V, and the opening heart-rip of Hawes oddly enough left in Part VI’s opening for some blessed movie God’s reason, ect).

    While the film is hampered by a not-so-subtle direction from The Unseen (although he used an Allen Smithe pseudo on that one because of the editors work Danny says) and of course Savage Streets with Linda Blair (which I actually liked a WHILE lot more when I was a kid for some reason) and of course his adult film work past, I’m an open-minded guy, and this is indeed the last “guilty pleasure” for me for the series. Affter the first four I honestly don’t see much fright factor with the series, as the now Zombiefied-like Jason Voorhees was often in WAY too many damn shots for my tastes instead of the second halfs of the film, as Parts 2, 3 and 4 wisely kept in until the final two reels or so, and plus I feel a lot of the death sequences were best in the first five.

    But this one is indeed a good guilty pleasure for me, and there’s some fantastic deaths on hand. Too bad I feel the REEL EFX make-up crew that worked on many of the early Jason films didn’t really perhaps have enough tie to work on things or what not, as I feel this one has age’d quite poorly with a lot of the porsthetics so badly showing they’re age. I’ll never forgetting finally years later after the VHS tape wore out watching the barebones DVD edition of Part V and laughing SO hard at the lit flare in the mouth gag.

    If I had to ick I would again go with a very viscual looking head gag and some on-going childhood nightmares I once had of being brutally slayed by a head crushing and/or head piercing:

    Billy’s axe to the head. That mock-up head wasn’t that bad of a job at all, and Billy’s “sudden” coke-up expression is priceless. Talk about a way to immdiately come-down from your High. *lmao* Poor bastard.

    A quick follow-up for me would easily be Tina’s garden sheers to the eyeballs with the slice right through her bride. The showing of Roy the Pseudo-Jason removing them is a fairly cold insert shot; like something from The Final Chapter even with the most ice-cold hearted Jason around at that point in the series timeline, and the quick aftermath shot at first teases us with the always lovely Debi-Sue Voorhee’s (nice name, by the way) glorious ass … and them BAM: We’re immdiately disgusted with seeing her eyeless. The writer’s must’ve had an almost Lucio Fulci-like obsession with eyeball violence as the same happens to the African-American Grandpa cheif/house keeper. Really: anyone else ever wonder what all of Part V’s very viscual eyeball violence was all about? Interesting about how Roy felt about eyeballs.

    But Billy’s all the way, with the poor, lovely Tina as a palpable follow-up. Long live Part V, even if I don’t love it as much as I did as a young kid: It was truely the last Exploitation style installment of the original series, and as such desurves a little more respect then most would give to it, even if the acting isn’t up to par, there are the beginning of the series long-running battles with the MPAA-enforced cuts and is maybe a bit too sleazy for it’s own good. but ah holy hell, what the hey? It IS a young Friday the 13th films, after all. ;)

  22. Oh and a quick note to our dearest Blog Master of Jasonsfury. He wrote: 2 : Les – icepick in the neck in dream. Actually my good man, the real Jason in Tommy’s opening dream sequence actually used a large Corkscrew (such as Jason did to Jimbo in The Final Chapter), NOT an Icepick. ;) Just a quick note there.

  23. Gotta go with Eddie and the strap. Truly unique kill.


  24. For me, it’s either:

    Vinnie - Road flare in the mouth is so original.

    Tina - I love hearing that last crunch sound as the sheers totally destroy her face.

    Eddie - Same as Tina’s death. I just love how it was also original.

    My only question: Why couldn’t they come up with more unique kills like these for the remake?

  25. This is the first of the series for me. I saw it in the theater. I was in the 3rd grade and it scared me to death. I immediately sought out the previous films and luckily 1-3 were being broadcast on cable via USA network, though heavily edited. I probably still have the VHS copies I made at home somewhere. The leather strap and the shears had the most impact on me at the time, so they are tied as my favorite. Looking back this one cannot compare to 1-4, but it is miles ahead of 6 onward IMO. The remake makes Part V look like a masterpiece.

  26. La mejor muerte para mi es la de Eddie, esta pelicula mucha gente no le da el verdadero significado que se merece solamente porque Jason no resulta ser el asesino original.
    Esta parte de la saga tiene excelentes muertes, y sirvió como un buen preámbulo para la parte 6.
    A muchos de nosotros nos sentiamos intrigados cuando asesinaban a cada uno de los campistas y no nos imaginabamos como Jason resucitó, nos sorprendieron con ese gran final.
    Saludos a todos los fans de la saga desde Ecuador.

  27. The three and the leather strap, and Junior.

  28. Don’t forget about Pam’s death!

  29. @xamoel

    My favorite part about Juniors death was the silence at the end. I remember watching that scene hoping he would stop crying and screaming then … whack! Peace and quite.

  30. The whole Tina/Eddie sequence was my favorite in the movie. It was different though. Not only did it happen in daylight, which most kills in the earlier Friday movies were at night but it had two of the most imaginable kills in that particular installment.

    I liked Eddie’s kills but I think editing killed it (no pun intended) a little made it feel a little choppy to me. But Tina’s death, while you don’t really see it, still hit a nerve with me. I think sometimes the imagination can do worse than what you see on screen.

  31. Tina for sure. Just nasty to have a shears through your eyes & then seeing the aftermath when Eddie turn her over. Nasty!

  32. Eddie

  33. friday part 5 did lack blood and scares but it is still a part of my friday dvd collection and it was watchable and i guess my favorite death scene was eddie’s head being crushed with the leather strap and i do the have the blue striped hockey mask from the film…a replica and it is pretty sweet!

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