Best Kills In The Franchise: Friday the 13th (1980)

Something new that we will be running for the next couple of weeks at will be a feature that lists out kills from each movie in the Friday the 13th franchise. Out of the listed kills for that movie, visitors can express what their favorite kill is from the list and why they like it.

Friday the 13th (1980) is the pioneer of the modern slasher genre. The film created a formula that many would imitate, even today. Among the many pieces of the formula that was created, there were the creative kills dreamt up for the audiences to enjoy. Effects artist Tom Savini brought his brand of death to the now iconic film and now you can let us know what the best kill of Sean Cunningham’s movie is.

Kills By Mrs Voorhees

1 : Barry - knife to the stomach

2 : Claudette - knifed offscreen

3 : Annie - throat slit with hunting knife

4 : Ned - throat slit

5 : Jack - arrow through neck from below bed

6 : Marcie - axe to the face

7 : Brenda - killed offscreen, thrown through window

8 : Steve Christy - hunting knife to the stomach

9 : Bill - pinned to door with arrows

Kills By Alice

1 : Mrs. Voorhees - decapitated with machete

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33 Responses to “ Best Kills In The Franchise: Friday the 13th (1980) ”

  1. kinda weird Annie was my favorite kill in this movie, but she was my favorite character in this movie. She was so sweet, her smile and stuff. So it was sad to see her go.

  2. I don’t think i’ll be the first to say it but Jack’s kill was the best in terms of the misdirection of “something above” and having it happen on screen in real time and, for 1980, looking so real.

  3. I think when Steve Christy gets his, he was wearing the rain coat. He’s like”what are you doing put here?” then he gets stabbed in the stomach. That death scene always creeped me out. That’s the scene when you know that he recognizes the killer, and so will we.
    Jack is also an obvious favorite, but I’ll go with Steve Christy.

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  5. I say that the decapitation of Mrs. Voorhees is the best kill of the movie. It’s a memorable, unforgettable climax that ultimately set the stage for Jason’s return, and the birth of a franchise.

  6. Here are my personal favorites:

    Jack - This one is a classic. I sure this kill is when all the soon-to-be fans of the series knew that this movie was something special. The effect was so real for the time and so imaginative at the same time. This could very well be the kill that made the series what it is.

    Marcie - Another great in-your-face kill, once again showing the “take no prisoners” approach to the series.

    Bill - The set-up of this is just too much fun! You know he’s dead, obviously, but the long build-up of Alice waking up, making coffee, wondering where he is, going out to look for him…it all just builds up to that great moment when Alice closes the door and…there he is!

  7. My favorite kill in this film is definately Mrs. Voorhees’s kill, I really like the whole scene where Alice and Mrs. Voorhees are fighting, and then Alice finally decapitates her. Next to Mrs. Voorhees would be Jack (arrow through the neck), Marcie (axe to the face), Bill (arrow through the eye),and Annie (throat slashed). Also I’m really curiuos about Brenda’s death scene, since it was off-screen, I wonder how that would have played when it came to her death scene, because we just see her get thrown through the window, I would really liked to have seen a full death scene for this character.

  8. I have to go with Jack.

    That kill was built around many fears and nightmares. I mean seeing this movie as a kid and being around that (something under the bed) age, seeing that hand come up was enough to get my attention!

    The arrow was just the icing on the cake. I never sleep after seeing that scene without looking under my bed every night as a young kid.

    Plus even in death, Kevin Bacon NEVER ONCE drops that joint, which just makes that scene epic. ;)


  9. Jack uncut version

  10. There’s nothing better than Kevin Bacon having an arrow shoved through his throat. Even if it wasn’t him it would still be my favorite, it’s just so brutal.

  11. Marcie hands down is the harshest death in the movie.

  12. yup, gotta be Jack getting the arrow thru the neck

  13. 5 : Jack – arrow through neck from below bed

  14. I have always liked Marcie’s death the most. That entire scene was just creepy and Marcie saw her demise coming. An axe to the face is just nasty!

  15. Gotta go with Marcie death. As a kid when i saw the movie, thats when me and my friend decided to turn the movie off. We look at each other and we were both ghost white…. it was only a few years ago i rented f13 1980 and watched the entire thing. It actually the scariest movie of the series.

    Jack death was also great.

  16. I liked Bill piined up against the door. When Alice finds him is just scared the crap out of me when I first saw the movie years ago.

  17. Annie’s death used to scare the shit out of me as a kid.
    It is still my favourite death.

  18. Annies By Far and I also thought Brenda walking in the woods was creepy

  19. Marcie – axe to the face was my favorite. The bathroom scene that leads up to her death was very creepy and suspenseful and was visually and musically satisfying.

  20. My favorite death scene from part 1 is Marcie’s. When I first watched part 1 many years ago as a little kid, that was the death that gave me a cold chill. Jacks death kind of set the scene up, which was just as chilling. I didnt see it coming. I was thinking they were going to cut away and not show much like Claudettes death. But wow, the axe to the face. I looked over at My Mom and She said \scary isnt it\? And I sort of nodded, I was scared shitless. And I especially love the uncut version deluxe. Theres about a second or two more that they show Her sliding down the wall.

  21. The first F13 had a lot of great kills, but Marcie’s is the one that is most memorable to me. An axe to the face is such a simple, yet incredibly brutal, death…and plus, her character was quite likeable. That “in your face” (pun intended) quality is what I love about the death scenes in the first four films. The series definitely lost that as time went on, especially in the remake.

  22. I think Mrs Voorhees head cut off was the nest!!

  23. i always thought the first death (Barry) was the most shocking. I think it’s because he looked so young, and the fact that it’s offscreen for the most part and the effect comes mostly from the girl’s reaction, which is to flip out

  24. Jack’s death is awesome because it is just so gruesome.

  25. My favourite kill (the whole set up and all) was definitely Marcie’s.

  26. This is quite hard to pick just one here. Marcie, Bill, & Jack were my fav. But I think I may go with Bill. It just brutal with his throat slit, arrows to his torso, & another one on his eye. It was quite scary the first time I seen it. The way we see it out of nowhere on the door & hearing Alice scream at the sight along with the musical theme is why I’m going with this. Jack’s death is very close though.

  27. My favorite one from the movie and the most memorable to be is Jack’s kill. The uncut scene makes it more brutal.

  28. marcie for sure. the build up in the shower house was awesome and the axe to the head with swinging light fixture finale is pure F13.

  29. jack, cuz, it was the most brutal in my opinion.

  30. Marcie!

  31. Marcie’s death is my favorite. Great build up with gory payoff. Bills is a close second.
    But i have to says Jack’s never bothered me, its the kind of death that makes me laugh. Great affect, plus the shock and misdirection(which are good but I think its overpraised). The problem for me is that whenever I see it i think, How long has she been waiting under that bed with an arrow? while they had sex too, and why an arrow, its not at all practical weapon to stab someone with.
    While its not a big wtf moment in a series plagued with many far worse. It still bugs me.

  32. Marcie!!!!, no doubt!
    That sequence resumes what a good Friday the 13th movie should be about…

  33. i would have to say marcie getting an axe to the face is the best onscreen kill and bill’s death offscreen and then later showing him pinned to the generator room door is pretty cool too!

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