Best Kills In The Franchise: Friday the 13th (2009)

We were going to have this the last of the Best Kills feature for our big Friday teh 13th celebration, but we covered so many things Friday, this got pushed by the wayside. No worries, however, as we have saved probably the more controversial of the topic for last. So, let us know what your favorite kill of the most recent Friday the 13th film is. Yes, there are such kills in this film!

Kills By Counselor
1. Mrs. Voorhees: Head chopped off by counselor

Kills by Jason
2. Wade: His ear is sliced off, and it appears as though his throat has been slit.

3. Amanda: Burned alive inside a sleeping bag.

4. Mike: sliced with machete through the floor, stabbed several times and pulled under floor.

5. Richie: Machete slammed into top of head.

6. Donnie: Throat sliced with machete.

7. Nolen: Arrow shot through head.

8. Chelsea: Machete stabbed through top of head.

9. Chewie: Screwdriver stabbed into throat

10. Lawrence: Ax thrown at his back and then pushed through chest.

11. Bree: Stabbed through back with antler door hook.

12. Officer Bracke: stabbed in the eye with a fireplace poker.

13. Trent: He’s sliced through the chest with machete and impaled on the truck.

14. Jenna: Stabbed through the chest with a machete.

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28 Responses to “ Best Kills In The Franchise: Friday the 13th (2009) ”

  1. I definitely liked Nolen’s the best. It was so unexpected, and so awesome!

  2. 3. Amanda: Burned alive inside a sleeping bag. Good take on the classic sleeping bag kill, I’m always quiet in movie theaters but this kill made me scream “WWWOOOO!!!!”

  3. Hmmm…..this is a hard one. I like Nolan, Chelsea, Trent, & Jenna. It’s hard to pick. I’m thinking of going with Nolan, ’cause it just happend out of nowhere. And the fact it’s the first time we ever seen Jason use bow & arrow. Jenna is close with how we never thought they were going to kill her off. Trent’s death was kinda cool, since he deserve along with how I like the way put him on whatever that is called that tow truck use to carry cars.

    And jasonsfury, why you skip Freddy vs. Jason?? I know not many love the film, but it sure has some cool kills. :)

  4. Mike’s death I love because it’s this brutal, straightforward and violent death. Jason just runs man and slams that machete to the head of Mike then Jason boots Mike’s head off his machete. A total brutal disregard for life in every way right there. That whole sequence of Amanda and Mike kinda fits so well. That whole pre title card sequence was awesome.

    Donnie’s death cracks me up but there are good kills. They weren’t “fun kills” like the series is known for but it has more of a Final Chapter brutality which I’m all about. I want more.

  5. Hey Lester Romero, that’s how Richie Dies. Mike was stabbed through the floor, then pulled down underneath it. Anyway, I like Trent’s death the best. He was destined to have the most brutal death in the movie.

  6. I thought Chewies death was awesome but for my money Lawrences: Ax thrown at his back and then pushed through chest beat it.

    Jason was a total pimp for that one

  7. Fave was Chelsea with the Machete stabbed through top of head.

  8. I have to say Lawrence just for the whole situation around it. You have some cocky kid who gets his come-uppins and Jason uses him for bait haha such a testament to Jason’s survival skills haha

  9. I found Chewie`s death the most disturbing and brutal because Jason pushed the screwdriver S L O W L Y into his throat, was very hard to watch. Another disturbing scene was when Jason grabs Bree from behind in the bathroom and you see a closeup of Jason`s eye.

  10. Chelsea, machete through top of head, nice ?.

  11. Tough choice. I thought all the kills in the first 15 - 20 minutes were awesome (#2 - 5). And I really liked Lawrence’s death.
    But I think I’ll have to go with Amanda’s death (#3) as the best. It’s hard to imagine a worse way to go than to be burned alive.

    I felt Jenna’s death was just wrong.

  12. Chewi is my fav kill!!

  13. Richie’s is them most memorable, don’t you remember when the trailer came out and the sight of Jason running sent shivers down your spine

  14. @evilekim Yep you’re right. Got them mixed up.

  15. Amanda was the best kill

  16. I’m going with Amanda’s death. I don’t care for the movie itself…but I gotta respect the writers for taking the old sleeping bag death and adding a fresh twist to it. I think it really shows the survivalist side to Jason.

  17. all are cool, but i think Chewie’s death is the most real and gore, even the sounds are gore.

  18. I gotta go with Lawrences death, although Trent’s death was more brutal.

  19. My favorite kill is Trents in the Killer Cut edition. He was definately the prick of the film so He deserved what He got. Jason literally fucks Him with the machete, then He sticks Him on the towtruck. Freakin hilarious.

  20. This movie was not exactly what I was expecting, but it did had some good kills. My top 5 kills form Friday the 13th (09) are: (5) Officer Bracke, (4) Bree, (3) Nolan, (2) Chewie, & (1) Amanda. The sleeping bad death scene with Amanda, in this movie was brutal, just her hanging up-side down and burning to death was just an insane kill (in a good twisted kind of way). This kill reminded me a lot of how Jason killed in the part 4: The final chapter, because of the brutality of the kill.

  21. Lawrence cause I love it when they lay there squealing like a pig just before they die!

  22. Trent. He was an a$$hole of a character, and got what he deserved. Jason took special care of him!

  23. a lot of brutal deaths in this movie, i think the Chewie death made me cringe the most, just the thought of getting a screwdriver in your throat there, crushing the hyoid bone… ick

  24. Trent’s death, because it was so brutal and that dude was such a douche. There have been people that I couldn’t wait until they were killed off but out of every movie I’ve ever seen I’m pretty sure he’s the front runner.

  25. Trent’s death was the best!

  26. Jasonlivessince1980, that one made me cringe a little as well, I just wish they would have been a little more creative with some of them. While Chewie’s death was spiffy it was just to torture pornish. I like those kinds of kills but I guess just not in Friday the 13th. I just don’t see Jason taking his time slowly pushing a screwdriver into somebody, remember what happened to Alice, it was an icepick but close enough. He jammed that sucker right on in their and that was a revenge killing.

  27. I think Chelsea’s death. Only because of her boobs.

  28. i liked trents death on the killer cut dvd how jason stabbed him, lifted him up and shook the machette around in his chest before slamming him on that truck. chelsea’s was cool, and nolan’s was cool b/c it was out of nowhere and jenna b/c u don’t see that one coming either :(

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