Best Kills In the Franchise: Friday the 13th Part 2

The success of Friday the 13th (1980) paved the way for a quick sequel to go into development. From the idea of a sequel came the most recognizable horror villain in cinematic history. Jason Voorhees would dispatch of his victims in much the same way of his mother, however, the gore and kill sequences would be toned down considerable due to the immediate attention of the MPAA.

Knowing that the film was cut down to receive an R rating, which kill in Steve Miner’s 1981 film is your most favorite and most brutal?

Kills By Jason Voorhees

1 : Alice - stabbed in the temple with an ice pick

2 : Crazy Ralph - garotted with barbed wire

3 : Policeman - hammer claw to the head

4 : Scott - throat slit with machete

5 : Terry - knifed

6 : Mark - macheted in the face

7 : Jeff and

8 : Sandra - double impaling with a spear

9 : Vickie - knifed

10 : Paul - disappears, presumed dead

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41 Responses to “ Best Kills In the Franchise: Friday the 13th Part 2 ”

  1. Gotta go with Mark…one of the best in the series. The timing is perfect, the direction the hit comes from is a surprise, and the roll down the stairs is classic.

  2. I would also say Mark was the “franchise” kill.

  3. Marks is clasic but im going to say crazy Ralph-He warned everyone yet he still went out there-

  4. Mark by far. That was just cold but rolling down the stairs was the icing on the cake. I don’t know about it being the franchise kill but it’s for certain up there.

  5. Yeah, poor ole Mark! That was messed up! I wish he could have atleast got laid by the girl with the ugly brown panties before he got whacked and went down those stairs like a roller skate, but wait didnt she spray her cooch with perfume? Yuck! I am scared of that! LMAO!! I love part 2 alot! But you know, I thought that was the first time someone got killed in a wheel chair, but the other day I was watching the orginal texas chainsaw massacre made before Fpt2 and he died very similar, so.. it wasnt as original as I thought, none the less I loved it better in part 2.

  6. Mark.

    But, Alice set the stage for the rest of the film. Here’s the girl that survived the last film….ice pick to the head. Then you see her corpse at the end in the shack. Creepy. Jason would take the kettle off the stove? I guess. How far away did jason live in the shack from Alice’s place? He did have to carry her there…

  7. @washingtonbc Yeah part 2 brings up a lot of logistical questions about Alice’s death. Where did he know where she lived, how did he get there, how did he carry her back… questions upon questions.

  8. Mark-macheted in the face.But,the double impalement of Jeff and Sandra
    is still cool!

  9. Mark – macheted in the face

  10. Mark. It’s an awesome kill….and it’s so politically incorrect.

  11. For prt 2 ima go with the police man hammer to the head.. the face he makes when stuck is prety classic

  12. I gues Alice, mainly because you see her reaction in the same shot as the ice pick that goes into her head. Very well done. In close second I would have to go with Ralph.

    Part 2 is underrated, everyone always talks about the first movie, Part 4 or 6. But Part 2 might be the best one after part 4. Also, Jason in part 2 looks just as menacing as he ever would. The hole in the bag over his head is fucking desturbing. And the way we see him in the background running up to his little shed where Ginny is, is fucking scary.

  13. My apologies for the cursing, I just got so excited about Part 2. :)

  14. Part two is very underrated, you’re right about that. I always loved the bag look but really loved the 2009 take on it with the wrap/sack.


  16. I’ll take the Mark kill. That was brutal.

  17. Nobody in the franchises history has worn shorts better than Terry from part two.

  18. See this is one of my problems with this film is that, in my opinion, there isn’t that one kill that just jumps out at me. Yes, I like the movie, but I struggle to state my favorite kill. I guess I would have to go with Mark’s kill because it is sudden and the most effective kill scene outside of the opening.

  19. Yea I have to agree with JF 100%. It’s alot of pretty much low key kills, yet effective, my fav is Mark’s smack to the face.

  20. Most of My favorite Jason kills are in part 2. But My most favorite (even though it could have been better) is Jeff and Sandras impaling death. It was obviously taken from Twitch of the death nerve. But I didnt see that until way after I watched FT13th pt 2. I just thought it was interesting. Right after they screwed their brains out, Jason just comes in and finishes them both. I just wish they wouldve went with the unrated kill, the one seen on the back of the original VHS copy where it shows a little more than what we see in the film. Plus it was unexpectable, I love it.

  21. Mark’s kill had the most impact on me.

  22. My favourite kill of Part 2 is (unfortunetly edited) Jeff and Sandra. It’s a great sex = death kill.

    Mark’s death is a real close second.

    And Alice’s death was pretty good but what I liked most about that one was the incredibly suspenceful build-up scene just previous to it…going to the window…and Harry’s strings just teasing you…F13 brilliance.

  23. Mark

  24. Id have to say Mark too.

  25. Alice. Yes there’s plenty of questions about how he knew where to find her etc,etc. I guess if the stories run true he saw it happen and subsequently followed her as best he could. That is the FIRST kill by Jason in the series and that has to be the “Creation ” of his legacy.

  26. Mark’s death for sure…i just wish Part 2 hadn’t been so butchered by the MPAA..i’ve heard Greg Nictero say that Carl Fullerton showed him Jeff and Sandra’s unrated death a few years ago and it was shocking…when it comes time for Friday II’s next Special Edition, i wish they would get ahold of Carl Fullerton and ask him if he has the footage…just like another recent poster said that he has in his possession the original Part 2 ending with Miss Voorhees opening her eyes…all this Friday 2 stuff that is out there i would like to see because there is a good chance it is not in the Paramount Vaults…

  27. Mark getting the machete to the face was awesome. Jeff and Sandra getting impaled was also sick. I can’t choose between the two. I thought the hammer to the head was frightening too, but not the best.

  28. Mark’s kill is the best. The setup and follow through are great. I really like Vickie’s scene though. It is definitely the runner up IMO.

  29. This was the first F13 movie I saw and it’s what put me on the “Fan Wagon!” So it’s my favorite of the entire franchise.
    I’d have to say the Policeman’s death was the best (with the double impaling and wheelchair a close second).
    Reason is because all the other deaths had been somewhat duplicated throughout the series. The hammer, however, has yet to make a return…

  30. Whoops, I forgot that the hammer did return in Part 4. But that doesn’t count because he didn’t kill anyone with it.

  31. Three words. Jeff and Sandra

  32. In the beginning Alice is talking to her mom on the phone and says ” I need a little time alone that’s all..C’mon mom we’ve been through all this before…I just have to put my life back together and this is the only way I know how” . I always took that as either she takes a vacation up at Crystal Lake or even moved there to deal with her demons. She probably thought she was safe up there. After all, she killed the killer. I guess Jason didn’t scare her that bad, maybe she didn’t think he was a threat.
    Just a theory.

  33. And Mark’s death = flat out epic.

  34. My favorite was ALice’s kill. As John said, the build up for that moment was pretty intense. The audience knew what was coming, but had us all on our toes as to when it would happen. Marks death was brutally awesome, but alice’s kill just sticks in my head as the standout

  35. Jeff and Sandra hands down. As far as kills go, this was one of the best films in the franchise. The wheelchair kill, the cop getting the claw hammer, Scott’s trapping and death… alot of good stuff. This is one of my favorite horror movies of all time.

  36. Mark without a doubt. Seeing him in the wheelchair rolling down the steps with a machete to his face along with the darkness & lighting is one of the most hellish and shocking scene ever in Friday the 13th film IMHO.

  37. My fave kill from this movie is Mark and Vicki

  38. Jeff & Sandra was my fave!

  39. Gotta go with Marky Mark.


  40. friday part 2 is also one of my favorite films in the series and i definately pick mark’s death…i mean the guy is an invalid and jason shows no sympathy…just plant that machete in the face and down the stairs he goes…i would love to have a white burlap sack to wear for halloween and play jason but i have hockey masks!

  41. just a heads up…the female body in jason’s shack was not alice…it was terri…terri and the policeman!

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