Best Kills In The Franchise: Friday the 13th Part 3

It has been decided that this will be a daily event leading up to Friday the 13th next week. Each day, visitors can express which kill is their favorite for that particular movie. Next Friday will hold a lot of events and surprises for visitors to the website!

Friday the 13th Part 3 is the film that changed the look of the franchise, giving Jason Voorhees his now iconic mask and taking the series out of the camp setting. The dynamic of friends visiting the lake in order to be slaughtered began here with this film and has continued throughout the rest of the series. Even the reboot from 2009 employed story structure.

What is the best kill from the 3D masterpiece, Part 3?

1  Harold - meat cleaver to chest
2 Edna - knitting needle to back of the head
3  Fox - pinned to rafter with pitchfork through neck
4 Loco - pitchfork to the stomach
5 Shelly - throat slashed (offscreen)
6 Vera - spear fired into eye
7 Andy - macheted in half while walking on hands
8 Debbie (pregnant) - knifed from beneath hammock
9 Chuck - electrocuted on fuse box
10 Chili - impaled with fireplace poker
11 Rick - head squeezed until eye pops out
12 Ali - bludgeoned with a wrench; later recovers and is macheted

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44 Responses to “ Best Kills In The Franchise: Friday the 13th Part 3 ”

  1. too easy, gotta be Andy being cut down the middle with the machete. one of the best on screen kills of all time, gotta love the brutality of it

  2. There were a few really good kills in this one… but I reckon Andy’s comes out on top.

  3. Andy hands down. One of my fav ’s of the entire franchise

  4. I have to go with Andy’s halving. The only thing that would’ve made this better would have been seeing more of the actual split. Was this an MPAA edit or a director’s choice of angling?

  5. 11 Rick – head squeezed until eye pops out, one of my favorites of the series

  6. Andy easily gets my vote.

  7. My favourite kill of Part 3 - Andy (and that wasn’t a tough choice - brilliant kill).

  8. I would have gone with Andy, but what kills it for me (no pun intended) is that after he is smoked, there is no blood like there should be, that idea just did it for me… My pick is Rick getting his eye squeezed out of his melon.

  9. I have to agree with it being Andy, that was just pure brutality at it’s best, poor guu walkin round on his hands, looks up see’s Jason, BAM heavy wack slices him right down the middle, he was fucked and couldn;t do anything about it.

    To make matters worse Jason stuck his body on the wooden beams up on the ceiling for Debbie to see when she looked up haha, what a shock she had seing that before he offed her aswell.

  10. Andy’s groin shot from hell wins it for me.

    The big question is how did Ali survive the first attack? He must have had a head like iron.

  11. Once again, alot of good kills in part 3. But My 2 favorites are Andys death and Veras death. But if I had to pick one of the 2, Id say Vera. When I first watched part 3 when I was a little kid, I seriously didnt see it coming. But right in the freakin eye, thats classic. And I got a real cold chill, when I saw the spear enter Her eye. Andys death is cool too, I was just blown away by how Jason did Him in. Probably one of the best machete kills in the franchise. To this day though, I would love to see part 3 in 3-D on the screen. And not the pathetic red/blue 3-D on the deluxe edition. But the way it was meant to be seen. The way Larry Zerner explained it, its not the same without the 3-D.

  12. Rick, because is so false and scary as hell.

  13. I gotta go with Debbie’s kill - it was the most “wrong” kill of the entire series - Jason killed a pregnant woman! Plus, the under the hammock techniques paid tribute to Kevin Bacon’s kill in Part 1.

    It was freaky when Chris pulled the knife out of Debbie in the closet - always loved that scene - especially when the knife apperared to get a bit stuck.

  14. In a word. Andy.

  15. i love harold’s see all that blood run down his body

  16. This was a tough choice because there are so many great and well executed kills in Part 3.

    But I’ll go with Rick (head squeezed until eye pops out) because I remember that kill getting one of the best reactions from the audience in the theatre when it was first released in ‘82.

  17. Love, love this part in the series!! Id have to say Andy’s kill, when he was halved. Jason was so brutal and relentless in this movie.

  18. Being a dude, Andy’s death is one of the most chilling screen kills ever.

  19. Gotta be Chilli

  20. I like Andy’s death…but Jason must be quick on clean-up duty cause there would have been some nasty bloodspill…

  21. Andy. everything from the kill to blood dripping down onto debbies magazine


  23. Tie between Vera’s or Andy’s. It’s not really Vera’s death itself that’s the best, it’s the whole set up of the sequence and the fact that she didn’t know if it the killer was Shelly or a stranger.

  24. Easily Andy

  25. I definatly like him killing Ali… repeatedly hacking away on him is prety sweet.. and i like how he just stands quietly behind Chuck while he checks the circut breakers prety eeerie

  26. I love the dream seen when she is in the boat the best , when Jason is looking out the window at here and Jason runs out the door like a mad man spooky !

  27. I liked how Shelly died. He’s the boy who cried wolf. You’re not sure if he’s dead at first because he’s always messing around. As far as most brutal kill though, I’ll say Andy. What a horrible way to go. Seriously….Ouch!

  28. I don’t think the Ali kill gets enough credit. Something about Jason taking off his fist in one motion was just cool. Is it as cool as Andy’s or Vera’s? No, but I have to give it up for this often overlooked kill.

  29. I like Andy’s but Ricks is the best.

  30. Well,I think it should be a tie between Andy and Rick.There both equally horrible and brutal.

  31. The spear to Vera’s eye is the best kill of Part 3. The set-up for it is perfect. There’s Jason’s first onscreen appearance in the hockey mask, his nonchalant walk accompanied by his creepy theme music. Then we have Vera thinking (unfortunately for her) that it’s Shelly. And then…”Who are you? … Hey cut that out. That’s not funny.” (Don’t know if the quote is exact, but it’s close.) Cut to Jason pulling the trigger. The sound of the spear leaving the gun and flying through the air is unforgettable. The bulls-eye is followed by the perfectly played moment where Richard Brooker as Jason tosses aside the spear gun, and then turns his attention towards the house. It’s like “Ok, killed her. Next.”

  32. Debbie wasn’t pregnant, it was a joke!

  33. Andy’s was the best kill…Vera & Rick were really close though!
    Part 3 has the best kills of the franchise!

  34. Man oh man I am SO glad to see my hands-down favorite installment of the series finally getting some much needed love. While I agree the acting is sadly poor because of the attention that Steve Miner and company had to pay to the 3-D and other technical aspects of the film, it’s still my favorite and most spooky of them all. Followed by art 2 which I’ve always felt is very underrated, and then The Final Chapter.

    But Part 3 the most for me.

    My favorite death? Hands-down it’s Vera Sanchez for the win.

    The perpetually young and lovely looking Catherine Parks played her very nicely, and I agree that the entire set up for her death set piece is prertty chilling. Because we all know that Shelly is not gonna be able to cry wolf this time, and he’s going to really get his throat slashed off screen. And to the 13thslasher up to, no worries my good man. Here’s her dialogue as I watch my Blu Ray quite often:

    Who are you? … What are you doing? … Hay now cut that out right, thats NOT funny!

    And then in comes that now oddly iconic “Swooshing” sound that was also re-used for The Final Chapter’s opening credits sequence (I’d say that Part 3 and then 4 have the best opening credit sequence, but Jason Lives was nice; too spoofy for my tastes, though). Also just plain was terrofied of having my eyeballs pierced Fulci-style, and having my heard hurt. Then factor in the damage that water would have done to Vera’s body if she were really laying there for hours until well into the next evening Final Chapter time, when the Wessex County cops & ambulances came with they’re meat wagons that’ll one day sadly take us all away rather we live it or not, and I was just always facinated with this kill.

    I agree that the best “Jason” performance of the series from Richard Brooker with his arrogant throwing down on the harpoon gun like “Meh, that was nothing” and then turning his attention to Rick’s family isolated cabin is still pretty stirring if you watch it alone. So she easily gets my voice! ;)

  35. going to go with Loco. The best kill in the best segment: the biker barn! Like the way he sees Fox, is like “holy f*c*”, turns, sees a huge pitchfork coming at him. Kaplow. The music queue is also great-callback to part 1 when Jason jumps from the lake.

  36. Part 3 my favorite film in the series, my top 5 favorite kills in this entry are: (5) Ali, (4) Rick, (3) Debbie, (2) Andy, and (1) Vera. I really liked Vera’s death because you can’t go wrong with the spear to the eye, also it is a really classic moment Vera is the first person Jason kills wearing the hockey mask, and from there on out the legacy of the hockey mask began.

  37. This is a hard one. It’s either Andy or Vera. Both deaths are pretty brutal, especially Vera. That make me squirm with how good it look when she gasp with the harpoon spear in her eye.

  38. Vera all the way. It has a great setup and Brooker’s acting afterwards while walking up the dock is one of my favorite scenes in the series. I really love the setup and execution of Andy’s scene too. Vera is the most hot Friday girl IMO, so she wins. Part 3 has the best death scenes overall.

  39. I really love reading comments like “Vera all the way. It has a great setup and Brooker’s acting afterwards while walking up the dock is one of my favorite scenes in the series. I really love the setup and execution of Andy’s scene too. Vera is the most hot Friday girl IMO, so she wins. Part 3 has the best death scenes overall.”

    It would seem as if after years of being treated like an oddball joke of the series because of some of the musical asects and major fashion & dialogue choices and music choices and whatnot, as well as Steve Miner & fellow film making company really having to play to the 3-D with no other choice, that Part 3 over the years is truely getting the respect that it desurves.

    And yeah, Vera all the way for hottest old school Friday chick from the original series. REALLY love her hair in that one and her big, expression-filled eyes and her original street clothes before she changed into that horrible red sweat outfit combo later on in the evening (in the film). She was SO smokin’ hot!;) And after that Debbie and the hot English twins who were ex-pats form Britain in The Final Chapter are my other favorite sets of old school Friday gals. But I gotta agree that Catherine Parks is pretty hard to beat. It’s a shame that after Part 3 in ‘82 and then a small role in the first Weekend at Bernie’s (along side Friday VII’s Terry Kiser) , she more or less never went on to do very much like most of the character actors in the original Friday the 13th franchise cannon.

    Ah well. But from that missed oppertunity that is his Name Was Jason, she has pretty much kept up her good looks over time.:)

  40. Andy’s was the best cause of the angles and how it looked on film by how it was shot!

  41. Gotta go with Andy.

    “you never mean to-uh”


  42. Andy

  43. friday part 3 is my favorite film in the series and i have the regular version and 3-d version with glasses for the effect and i have a hockey mask replica sort of similar to the jason hockey mask in three and it is pretty sweet and i guess my favorite death scene is andy being split in half while doing a handstand!

  44. a little tidbit from part 3…the scene when jason charges loco with the pitchfork…the points of the fork are up going in and when they show the back of him…they are pointed down…alittle continuity error for you there but part 3 rocks anyway!

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