Best Kills In The Franchise: Jason Goes To Hell

The most action orientated film in the entire series. There is more gunfire in this film than a lot of action movies released today. With guns a blazin’, the best special effects and most gore in the franchise, and an actual story to follow, this Friday the 13th saga definitely turned the series upside down. And for this writer, it was a great thing!

The star of this film, much like the original 1980 film, is indeed the gore and special effects. Perhaps, this film has the most innnovative kills outside of the 1980 film and the The Final Chapter. For all of the money, which is the best kill in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday?

Kills By Jason Voorhees
1: Coroner’s Assistant - Autopsy probe in the back of the neck, face pushed through a metal grating

2: Alexis - slashed up with a straight razor

3: Deborah - stabbed through the back with a barbed wire spike ripped in half

4: Edna - head slammed in car door

5: Josh - possessed by Jason, shot in head and impaled with poker, later melts away

6: Diana - knife-sharpening pole in back

7: Robert Campbell - possessed by Jason, later shot in head, run over with car, impaled on a barbecue skewer

8: Officer Ryan - head bashed against a locker

9: Officer Mark - and

10: Officer Brian - heads bashed together

11: Ward - arm broken, falls dead through the diner doors

12: Diner Patron (plaid shirt) - crushed onto diner counter

13: Shelby - burned to death on a deep-fat fryer and grill

14: Joey B. - face bashed in

15: Vicki - impaled on a barbecue skewer, head crushed by Robert

16: Randy - possessed by Jason, later his neck is severed with a machete

17: Creighton Duke - bearhugged to death by Jason.

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17 Responses to “ Best Kills In The Franchise: Jason Goes To Hell ”

  1. Diana. OMG the theater I was ate just lost it when that happened. Yeah there was no Jason but man that scene made me not mind so much.

  2. ^ Oops I meant Deborah.

  3. Deborah’s kill, easily. What happened to the unfortunate mug she was riding? Ofscreen you hear him silenced but nothing else.

  4. I think blowing Jason up was the worst kill in the franchise. Creighton Duke was the best kill. Atleast Jason killed him.

  5. Deborah – stabbed through the back with a barbed wire spike ripped in half (Unrated Cut)

    One of the best kills in the series

  6. Even though this movie is not exactly good, the special effects and some of the kills were really good. My top 5 favorite deaths are: (5) Joey B., (4) Ward, (3) Creighton Duke, (2) Shelby, (1) Deborah. Deborah’s kill, was great it was really gory, jut ripped in half. It makes me wish there was more kills like this in the series.

  7. Well even though I dont really get the FT13th feeling when I watch part 9, KNB did an awesome job with the fx. And My favorite kill is Joey B. It was poetic how Jason shut Her up. She was quite the talker, and had alot of nasty dialouge. That was the one scene in the theatre My friends and I busted up laughing about. I just wish they didnt take Jason out of the majority of the movie. Thats like taking Tony Montana out of Scarface.

  8. I’d have to say when Duke gets crushed by Jason.

  9. Deborah’s death is one of the best in the series.

  10. Deborah – stabbed through the back with a barbed wire spike ripped in half

  11. The coroner’s assistant had the best death scene, in my opinion. The shot of his face being waffled is just…brutal. Plus I liked the character, so that added to the impact. I just love the goofy F13 characters

  12. Meh, once again I’m not going to say much at all on this one. Really is my absolute LEAST favortie entry in the entire franchise overall. This along with Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason-all of the New Line Cinema installments really-lack that good “old school Paramount-era” Friday the 13th film to them.

    Like many have said as bad as the over all direct-to-VHS (tape) look to it even on DVD, at least the KNB EFX Group DID do some considerable ‘icky’ effects on it.

    And the best kill is easily Debie (or Deborah as she is fully billed) impaling and then gut-wrenching ripping all the way open (diagonally no less) with the tent pole spike. It was somewhat repeated by them in John Carpenter’s Vampires, although not as nicely as it was here, somehow. Just over all brutal to watch. But even the unrated cut here lacked the weird and oddball “fun” in a nice way of the Paramount era’s first four. Most of these were simply regular disgusting (do with that discription what you will) to view, so I don’t really go back to this one much at all.

  13. There is a lot to like in this film. The tent scene is epic and should rank near the top, if not, at the top of all kills in the franchise. Just a brutal kill!

  14. Deborah for sure.

  15. Deborah, no question asked. I’m amazed how they were able to get away with it for it’s time.

  16. Deborah takes it. Everything about this scene leading up to and including poor Debbie’s death was awesome.

  17. Robert Campbell – possessed by Jason, later shot in head, run over with car, impaled on a barbecue skewer

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