Best Kills In The Franchise: Jason X

The one plot device that was thought to never be used in this franchise was setting Jason in space. It had been tried previously with the Hellraiser and Leprechaun series and both opened to weak box office results. The low box office returns ultimately banished the Hellraiser franchise to direct-to-video purgatory. So, when it was announced that the new Friday the 13th film was going to be set in space, many people, including fans, were ready to stick a fork in the franchise.

Although Jason X opened to a weak box office, which was more to do with New Line’s release date of the film, the new Jason romp has acquired quite the following amongst certain horror fans and it certainly did not kill the franchise. There were a lot of kills in the Jason X, which one is your favorite?

Kills By Jason Voorhees

1: Private Johnson - head wound, chain wrapped around neck

2: Guard 1 - machine gun to the head

3: Guard 2 - choked and thrown, shot by Guard 3

4: Guard 3 - face bashed in by noose pole

5: Guard 4 - choked by chain around neck

6: Dr. Wimmer - impaled by noose pole

7: Sgt. Marcus - thrown through metal door

8: Adrienne - face frozen in liquid nitrogen and smashed on counter

10: Stoney - stabbed in stomach with uber-machete, which is then pulled through blade first

11: Azrael - back broken over knee

12: Dallas - head crushed against wall

13: Sven - neck broken by slowly twisting it

14: Condor - impaled on large mining drill

15: Geko - throat slit with uber-machete

16: Briggs - impaled on large claw hook

17: Kicker - Cut in half with uber-machete

18: Fat Lou - hacked to bits (offscreen)

19: Professor Lowe - decapitated (offscreen)

20: Crutch - electrocuted on pilot console

21 : Waylander - back broken, dies in walkway explosion

22: Janessa - sucked through grate into space

23: Sgt. Brodski - impaled on spike, stabbed with uber-machete, dies entering Earth 2’s atmosphere while riding Uber-Jason

Virtual Reality Deaths

Azrael - cut length-wise by uber-machete

Dallas - decapitated by uber-machete

VR Teen Girl #1 - beat to death while in sleeping bag

VR Teen Girl #2 - beat to death while in sleeping bag

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21 Responses to “ Best Kills In The Franchise: Jason X ”

  1. Adrienne. And hey don’t forget he killed that Dragon in VR!

  2. I love Jason X and think it has gotten a bad rap. It is a fun movie and totally campy which works to it’s advantage I think.

    The best kill in the film, hands down, is Adrienne – face frozen in liquid nitrogen and smashed on counter.

    A close second is VR teen girls being beat to death while in their sleeping bags.

  3. I agree with Ben on both choices. The sleeping bag scene was hilarious and the face freezing scene was one of the most creative in the series.

  4. I like Jason X - BUT - only the first like hour. As soon as Uber-Jason and gun fire show up I cringe.

    Lots of great kills. My favourite would have to be Adrienne. Kicker is another great kill; Jason chopping someone in half and seeing him try to crawl was great. The “he’s screwed” kill of Condor was great too.

    Some great kills in Jason X.

    And I loved Rowan.

    …”you brought him on board?”…

  5. As much as this movie was bad, it still had some good kills. My top 5 kills from Jason X: (5) VR: Azrael, (4) Condor, (3) VR: Teen Girls #1 & #2, (2) Dr. Wimmer, & (1) Adrienne. The liquid nitrogen death scene was awesome, the only reason why I even see this movie to this day is because of this death scene.

  6. The frozen face break is awesome! That would be my number one, but also Azrael’s death is cool too, having his back broken and then tossed aside.

  7. Adrienne. Very creative death scene. I like when she is screaming then her face freezes.
    I would say that Jason died in this one also. He was reconstructed into Uber Jason. Every New Line Jason movie has him being reborn in some fashion. So stupid.

  8. I had watched this movie thinking that it was going to be terrible, but ended up enjoying it. Go figure.

    I think the best kill would have to be between Adrienne’s (frozen face smash) and Stoney’s. I don’t know, there’s something about seeing that machete get pulled through his body.

  9. Adrienne – face frozen in liquid nitrogen and smashed on counter

  10. My favorite death is the “franchise” - cause this movie killed it. Hahaha. Gotta go with Adrienne - sad to see her leave the film so soon!

  11. Adrienne in this one.

  12. adrienne for sure! that was a great kill.

  13. To me the reason why the movie works (IMO it works anyway) is that Jason even in a new setting is still Jason. This is going to sound odd but I approach Jason the way I approach Superman. The stories no matter the setting or far out the concept only really work if the characters themselves are written the way they always have.

  14. I have to go with Adrienne. I love the liquid nitrogen death. The only thing is it was too soon in the movie, they shouldve saved it for later on. And it shouldve been Professor Lowe that recieved that death. He was the asshole of the movie, and even though He got beheaded they didnt show a damm thing. Some of the deaths in Jason X were impressive, but Im not that into CGI blood. Plus I think some of the movie shouldve taken place on Earth 2. Kind of like Jason Takes Manhattan (most of the movie took place on a cruise ship, the rest in New York or Canada or whatever). They shouldve done Jason X that way. Plus the way Jason “dies” isnt too impressive. Burning in the atmosphere? Cmon is that the best they could do?

  15. Adrienne and the Liquid Nitrogen it is awesome

  16. 8: Adrienne – face frozen in liquid nitrogen and smashed on counter

    11: Azrael – back broken over knee

    I did the Adrienne renenactment on youtube in my X costume. Love the back break one too, will have to do that one sometime with a fll sized dummy.

  17. For me, it’s a tie between that chick who gets her face frozen and then smashed, and when he beat one virtual girl to death with another virtual girl in a sleeping bag. Those are both awesome.

  18. Condor. Seeing the body twist downward on the drill head was awesome!

  19. I consider Jason X one of the worst F13th film ever made along with Jason Goes to Hell & Jason Takes Manhattan. But still, I do admit it has some great kills. The frozen face smash was the best & quite original. :)

  20. I’m once again not going to say much about this non-too-impressive New Line installment of the series. It’s pretty much an uber-turd in my eyes (no pun intended on the uber-Jason who ultimate shows u in the final reel himself, natch).

    Basically I thought the hottie from Alberta that was Kay-EM the suer sexy and androdonious female robot was very cool and nicely played, with not too many cringe-inducing lines.

    But yeah like man, the ONLY reason to even watch a few moments of this film are her scenes and then of course Adrienne’s liquid nitrogen followed by the face smash. Poor thing was simply there to be bright looking and rather intelligent seeming and minding her own business about being one of the hottest ladies on board of a futuristic ship full of hotties, and for some reason Jason wakes-up from his usual coma SUPER FUCKING PISSED. Poor gal. :(

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