Best Kills In The Franchise: The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter is viewed by most fans of the series as the best in the franchise. In many ways, the film is a amalgamation of the first three movies thrown into one. Which, in this case, is absolutely a good things. Harry Manfredini’s score is expanded upon in certain climactic scenes, Joseph Zito’s direction is spot on to the atmosphere of what a Friday the 13th movie should look like and Tom Savini’s memorable effects just about steal the show!

Speaking of the special effects, which creative kill in this film is your favorite and why?

Kills By Jason Voorhees

1 : Axel - surgical hacksaw to the throat, neck broken

2 : Nurse Morgan - gutted with a scalpel

3 : Hitchhiker - knife through the neck

4 : Samantha - knife through the torso

5 : Paul - spear to the groin

6 : Terri - spear in the back

7 : Mrs. Jarvis - killed offscreen

8 : Jimmy - corkscrew through hand, cleaver to the face

9 : Tina - thrown through a window, lands on a parked car

10 : Ted - knife to the head through movie screen

11: Doug - head crushed in Jason’s bare hands

12 : Sara - axe to the chest

13 : Rob - garden harrow to the throat

Kills By Tommy Jarvis

14 : Jason Voorhees - machete to the head

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42 Responses to “ Best Kills In The Franchise: The Final Chapter ”

  1. I gotta throw in right away and say that there always has been a tie for me in this film. Doug getting his head crushed and then Sara getting the axe thrust into her chest through the door! But for pure gritty and in your face awesomeness, I would say Doug’s death is the best.

  2. God I love this film. My favorite one of the bunch because the kills seem so full of malice. A tie between Axel and Jimmy for me. The other kills are great to. Simply put they all got it pretty bad.

  3. i think Axel might be the best kill of the series. The editing is just perfect; film editing and sound editing. Then the cryo freeze from part 10. I guess I like the “KILLED TWO TIMES” kills!

  4. I love Jimmy’s kill the best. Having seen this installment after Back To The Future I found it doubly painful to watch George McFly find out where the hell the corkscrew was, and Jason’s appearance in that scene IMO was bone-chilling.

  5. The final chapter is my second favorite Friday the 13th movie, so I can’t really decide on one kill only. My top 5 kills from the Final Chapter are: (5) Samantha, (4) Axel, (3) Jimmy, (2) Tina, (1) Jason. I really love the ending in this film and the way that Jason is killed by Tommy Jarvis, the machete to the head and then hacked to pieces with it. So my favorite kill in the film or #1 favorite kill in this film is Jason getting killed at the end. Also I’m still really intrigued about Mrs. Jarvis death, I know her corpse is seen in the alternate ending in the deluxe dvd but I’d still like to see her whole death scene.

  6. again, i gotta stick with the brutality of the kills and rank my number one with Nurse Morgan and number two with the hitchhicker chick. awesome!

  7. Man, where to start or what to pick. I pick all!!! LOL
    But seriously, I’d have to go with Jason getting macheted in the head, just to cool of an effect.
    A runner up is Doug getting his mellon crushed.

  8. The shot of Doug’s open eye as his face is getting caved in by Jason’s hands with the gnarly finger nails is just brutal. This movie is full of brutal.

  9. Hey, does anyone know where i can watch this movie online?

    and Doug is my fav kill

  10. I love the character of Jason, so don’t get me wrong when I say this. My favorite kill is Tommy Jarvis killing Jason. He took a machete through about half of his skull and he was still moving a little prompting Tommy to go bonkers. To me that shows how tough the character is.

    One note about the next movie. With how much dislike people have for it what are the odds that Roy’s death is going to get the votes just because he was an impostor Jason?

  11. This is a tough one. For sheer painful brutality, I’d have to go with Axel’s death. A horrific throat cut by bone saw, followed by an even more brutal head twist. Kudos to Joe Zito for his beautiful “execution” of the moment. Still … You gotta give it up for Crispin Glover’s corkscrew/ meat cleaver combo.

  12. Jason is my favorite kill in the movie. It was(in my opinion)the best ending to any F13 movie ever! Call me sick,but I was said to see him go.

  13. I gotta go with Tina being thrown from the window. One of the only slo-mo “victim” kills in the entire franchise. Just awesome when she hits the card and the windows blow out!

  14. it wasnt the machete hit to the head that Killed Jason
    remember his fingers where still moving

  15. Jimmy’s death all the way for me…corkscrew than WHAMMO! The ol butcher knife to the face..poor dude is then later hung up and torn down by Jason…Friday IV was definitly Jason at his most mean spirited and the kills all had an extra bit of brutality to them..something that has no been back since..the remake is the closest one to try..i think Mr Zito should come back and direct another Friday flick…

  16. The best kill in this film for me is Jason’s
    Just seeing Jason’s head slide through the machete like melted butter was awesome.

  17. The Final Chapter is the best installment in the series. And every death is awesome. But Rob is my favorite kill. I know You dont get to see much, but the realism of that scene is over the top. The way Rob yells “oh my god hes killing me”, it really gets You into the scene. You almost feel bad for the guy. I dont know why he went back down in the basement, didnt say the guy was smart. Kind of like why didnt He grab His rifle instead of his machete earlier in the film. But anyway, thats my favorite kill in what is the greatest chapter in the franchise history. If I had to pick a second, Id say Doug. It does a reversal from the shower scene in Psycho. Instead of a pretty girl in the shower, they throw the pretty boy of the movie into the shower. And the way Jason crushes His head, classic.

  18. I love all of them but the one that I can watch over and over is…

    Jimmy – corkscrew through hand, cleaver to the face

  19. gotta go with Axel

  20. Holy crap this is hard. I enjoy most of the kills in this one. Axel, just awesome, Jimmy’s is great. I’ll have to go with Jason’s first fatal blow though. It looks awesome as it is in the movie but man if they could it extend it with some of the extra footage it would really be insane. Either way the machete slide is my second favorite kill of the series.

  21. This is easy. The best kill in the film (and my favorite in the whole franchise) is Jason’s death at the end of the film. Watching Tommy smack Jason in the side of the head with the machete was great, but watching him slowly slide down the machete was just SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Jimbo for sure. It just the way Jason put the corkscrew on his hand after he ask for it & then a machete to his face. 2 damages in 1. Axel’s death was sick as well.

  23. Many great ones….but it’s down to Axel and Jimmy. But I gotta go with Jimmy…especially with the follow up of him being nailed to the doorway and torn down.

  24. Gotta go with Jimmy for reasons already mentioned: good build-up, double hit kill, and later he gets torn off the doorway. Poor guy just got his confidence built up and then Jason ruins his night…lol.

  25. Jimmy with Axel coming in as a close second.

  26. Jimmy!

  27. All the kills are brutal in TFC. Jason’s death is the best (first the hit, then the slide, and finished up with a lot of chop-chop!)Tom Savini and his crew were really creative.

  28. My favorite of the series!!! This is really tough though, Id have to go with a tie between Axel’s death and Jimmy’s death.

  29. TFC really is the best one. Have to go with Axel’s as the most vicious and well cut. I also like the hitchhiker’s death, you can hear Jason grunt like he is having a hard time getting that knife through her neck or is impatient for her to die or something. Brilliant.

  30. I cannot believe that almost every single one of you is probably a guy and NOBODY has said that Paul’s death was the most brutal??? The man took a spear gun to his willy and then Jason adds insult to injury by lifting him into the air…and then FIRING OFF THE GUN!!! Now THAT was brutal! Made me never want to get into any water where I couldn’t see down past my groin area again! HAHA!

  31. @Timateo well Paul was virtually invisible in the movie. I don’t remember any line he had or anything that gave me anything worth investing in. Axel was there for a short period of time but you knew when he was on screen. Same with Jimmy and Ted. For the most part Zito did a good job giving the teens personality but Paul got the short end of the stick in that department.

  32. every kill in this movie was awsome.hard to pick.its my favorite in the entire series.the only horror movie that still creeps me out,and remains scary to me no matter how many times iv seen it in the last 32years of my life.but if i have to pick one it would bee jasons death in in the movie…..maybe they should have ended the series right there.even as much as i love part VII-THE NEW BLOOD

  33. Man oh man. Here I am ever since dinner time and after e-mailing a good friend on here who also posts on occasion, I’ve been trying to discribe my feelings on my favorite kill(s) on 1984’s The Final Chapter.

    Gotta say as good ol’ Jasonsfury said up top that after Steve Miner’s Part 3, this is easily my favorite of the original batch that ended the mini trilogy of Parts 2-through-IV that of course ended with this one and begun the Tommy Jarvis trilogy, and in many ways (as fan film makers Adam Green & Joe Lynch on the EXCELLANT fan commentary track on the DVD Deluxe Edition, this is sort of like The Dark Knight of the series-and in many ways, I see exactly what they are refering to) is also the ultimate Party Maovie and the last truely atmospheric old school Friday installment ever made.

    It indeed truely IS a balance of solid writing from Barney Cohen, above-average and always on spot for what is next direction from Joseph Zito (The Prowler, Missing in Action part 1# and Invasion, USA with Chuck Norris). It’s also one of the better edited installments. Pile that all in with memoriable characters, much better dialogue then any of it’s other same post-Halloween more viscual Slasher film brood (or should that be breatherin?) and of course Mr. Tom Savini’s hayday of his old school special make-up FX work even shot three full years before the underrated Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 from ‘86, and you do truely have one of the ultimate Friday the 13th films! :D

    And it also is a “Party Movie” without having the overly sleazy atmosphere of the next only guilty pleasure installment, and is scary while piling on some not too heavily edited by the MPAA for whatever reasons very viscual moments.

    As for best death sequences in the film: Hmmm that truely IS a tough one. This is some of Savini’s better old school Slasher film work right up next to even his work he did years earlier with Zito on The Prowler (make in 1980 and came out a year later), but the one that makes me cringe the most are two different deaths: a large cross up between Axel’s surgical Bonesaw (which as one poster noted is indeed what that is) to his throat followed by an immdiate neckline hand-twisting Decapitation, and then the quite obvious bleeding to death via his crotch demise of poor forgettable Paul.

    I’ll have to think a moment here. There’s also a large part of me that still jerks a bit when I see poor Teddy bear’s butcher knife directly into the back of his head from Jason sneeking up from behind the home movie projection screen, as I’ve said before I’ve had nightmares about being killed through my head, and it litterally feeling like the absolute WORST headache imaginable times a 1,000.

    But I ultimately have to go with the fine trick of illusion and brutality that is: Axel’s opening Bonesaw throat fatal wound & twisting Decapitaiton combo that is really the opening death (not counting the previous films opening re-cap, of course) that starts of the film. While really NO ONE character truely got off easier then others (think about it: Jason was a particularly ice-heart cold bastard in this his truely “final” outting), Axel’s and then Paul’s deaths truely stick out. Ted’s too personally, for me. Even Jason himself had that “Defenative” demise it would seem, as he never ruely (at least in my eyes) went out with this much of a bang. It also helped a lot (I think) that he was still the “human Jason” that was pre-Zombie like Jason, because he grunts loudly in Parts 2, 3 (very noticeable) as well as this one at the very end.

    So even Jason himself, the ever poor mentally challanged, Hydrosophalic mama’s boy, desurvedly “got his” and felt a truely horrible pain as his skull half-Decapitates and seperates slowly from a machete with a dull looking blade brought along by Rob Dier, the Jason Hunter hell-bent on avenging his sister. Even rob’s death as discussed in the Crystal Lake Memories book as as event joseh Zito heard in Queens while still located on the east coast was something unique. Here is a character truely “announcing” his death, letting poor terrofied Trish know that “He’s kiling me!!! oh my God, he’s killing me!!! Run, Trish!!! Runnnn!”. Truely unsettling

    Maybe we’ve all went on WAY too overly long on this, but The Final Chapter’s charcater’s just seem to oddly get the worst blunt end of Jason’s final half of his original, revenge against him and his mother’s death attacks on Crystal Lake county youths and ‘20-somethings. And nice call about poor Paul’s lonely on the water just-about-to-make-it-to-shore out of the pond death. The fact that Jason not only hoists him up in the air, but then pulls the trigger and prolongs it and holds him there, makes him even more of a cold & calculating bastard by only THEN pulling the trigger. It would have been the equavilent of him walking over slowly to Vera only one movie before hand, and then slowly twisting the spear into her as he did later on in to a victi in Part VIII, and then pulling it out of her left eye socket.

    Okay I’ll shut-up now now as I’m “fan boy babbled” on about this awesome, atmosheric bad bay WAY too damn much to be sure. *lol* ;)

  34. Definatly favorite of the series and was the first one i ever rented as a child.. got me hooked immediatly.. my favorite kill is definatly Dougs kill.. face smoosh in the shower..proly one of my favoite in the whole series.. also love the sceene when they show Doug already dead lying with his face in the broken shower door glass blood drippin down .. that director knew wut he was doing awesome shit!!

  35. My favourite kill of Part 4 is just about every one of them.

    This installment Rocked! Joseph did such a brilliant job in directing this.

  36. Paul,Axel,and Jimmy probably got it worst.

  37. Paul’s cause of how painful it was to get it in the family jewels, Doug cause you got a nice close-up of Jason as he was killing him and Jason cause of how cool it looked when he got hit in the head and slid down the machete!

  38. Gotta go with Jimbo.

    He got the corkscrew and the cleaver!
    The double whammy.

    The dead f*ck..


  39. While I liked the set up and suspense of Ted’s death, Jimbo still gets my vote. He get abused through the whole movie. By Ted and his name calling, Jason gives him and corkscrew in the hand and a cleaver in the face and even after the poor fucker is dead, he gets nailed to a door frame by his hands only to be ripped down by who else but Jason again. Not a good weekend for Jimbo… at least he got laid.

  40. Jimmy

  41. Corkscrew through hand, cleaver to the face was definitely one of my favorite kills in the whole series!!

  42. friday 4 is also one of my top three favorite friday films and joe zito and tom savini were awesome putting it together and it is hard to pick a best kill but i think jimmy aka crispin glover aka george mcfly getting his hand speared with the corkscrew and then a meat cleaver to the face is pretty bad ass!

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