Best Kills In The Franchise: The New Blood

Paramount wanted Freddy vs Jason in the worst way possible. New Line wanted it just as bad. However, the two sides could never come to an agreement on the rights. What was left over was a frustrated John Carl Buechler, who was brought on to direct Jason Voorhees with the notion of having the two titans of terror dueling to the death. When FvJ did not pan out, the idea was to create something similar. The telekenetic teen idea was born to produce a legitimate foe to go one on one with Jason. Tina whooped up on the Crystal Lake slasher, but the victims had already piled up, and in devastating fashion.

Which kill would you call the best in Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood?

Kills By Tina Shepard

1 - John Shepard - drowned in Crystal Lake

Kills By Jason Voorhees

2: Jane - tent spike in the neck, impaled to a tree

3: Michael - tent spike thrown into his back

4: Dan - Jason’s hand through his body, neck broken

5: Judy - bashed against a tree in her sleeping bag

6: Russell - axe to the face

7: Sandra - pulled underwater and drowned

8: Maddy - scythe in the neck

9: Ben - head crushed in Jason’s bare hands

10: Kate - party horn in the eye

11: David - butcher knife in the stomach, beheaded

12: Eddie - throat sliced with a machete

13: Robin - thrown through a window

14: Amanda Shepard - speared from behind

15: Dr. Crews - tree-trimming saw in the stomach

16: Melissa - axe to the face

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29 Responses to “ Best Kills In The Franchise: The New Blood ”

  1. Melissa getting axed to the face is my favorite kill in the entire series…..wish they had kept that one second in the deleted scenes of the axe going in but even without it the point comes across…….don’t **** with Jason when he has an axe in his hand…….

  2. Ben’s uncut death was awesomely brutal. I can’t help but look at that least of dead characters without thinking how badly butchered the scenes ended up being.

  3. I’m going with Dan’s death. It’s a pretty underrated death scene…I mean, the brutality of it is just sickening. Imagine having a hand forced through your back and out of your chest, then having your neck broken. Jason seemed very pissed off during that death.

  4. No doubt the axe to Melissa’s head.

  5. Dr. Crews’ death was the best one in my opinion. Not because it was brutal (from how little we actually got to see anyway), but more-so, because that f**ker needed to die.

  6. Ill go with the sleeping bag kill.

  7. Cool film

    I like Crews and Tina. Crews being one of the more underrated characters in the series. He KNEW about all the stuff going down yet he stayed anyway until the bodies began piling up then he tried to get out.

    So many good kills.


  9. Thats an easy one. Judy (aka sleeping bag girl) is the greatest kill in part 7. It was original and unexpected. Plus out of all the MPAA raped deaths, I actually like the final version of the sleeping bag kill. I dont think it would take 5 or 6 times bashing that girl against a tree for Jason to finish Her off. I do like watching the unused scene though as well. Really looks like Jason is pissed off.

  10. Really like Part 7 and Melissa’s axe to the head and then thrown across the room was brilliant to me.

    Lots of pretty great kills in this one. And Jason looked so cool.

  11. Bens death no doubt, were talking the uncut version here. My favorite of the series, it’s bullshit it was cut out. This movie could be so fucking brutal but nooo. They had fuck it all up. Damn MPAA.

  12. Melissa’s was my fave.

  13. Love the sleeping bag death but the best in the film as well as one of the best in the series is Dr. Crews – tree-trimming saw in the stomach

    Love that scene.

    I still cheer when I watch it.

  14. Melissa.

  15. The sleeping bag without a doubt. The first time I see Jason slam her against the tree made me jump & said “Holy crap!”. I’m glad we didn’t see Jason keep slamming the bag more than one time from the original printing on the theatrical version. I think one slam hit is more brutal with how strong Jason is. :)

  16. Judy – bashed against a tree in her sleeping bag

  17. I’ll go with the uncut version of Ben’s death. Jason practically squeezes his head into nothing-ness. A bloody great effect from John Buechler’s MMI.

  18. Two words: Sleeping Bag

  19. Melissa gets my vote with Judy a close second.

  20. Dan´s dead I say. To tell you the truth the sleeping bag death never has impress me

  21. 15: Dr. Crews – tree-trimming saw in the stomach

    Though I prefer the uncut on the DVD.

  22. russell - axe to the face. the gaping vag that his face turns into is just plain crazy.

  23. I wish that the unrated version was used for the sleeping bag kill. It was truly amazing and on youtube for those who haven’t been able to catch it. It is so damn brutal and I LOVE IT! I always wondered what Jason thinks when he kills Melissa…its such a \Rah bitch get out the way\ kinda moment lol

  24. Dr. Crews, easily. Although oddly enough, looking over the ‘04 issued total bullshit “Ultimate Edition” boxset and then re-viewing it once again with Paramount’s Deluxe Edition HD remaster (sadly once again as always it’s still only transfered to standard def, though *sighes*) I and many others bought just to get rid of the set and for the new extras, it’s still even in uncut form and with music if it was there, wouldn’t be to total “gyser of stage blood” that it chould’ve and should’ve been.

    He is the lead hiding-behind-his-profession Prick of the movie, and mean while Melissa (the lovely missing in action Jennifer Susan Sullivan) is the lead Bitch (or dare we all say the dreaded C-Word?) of the film, and I obviously expected both of they’re deaths to be much, much more grand.

    Never the less, the Bushmaster 2000 limb-trimming saw is one of the best of that otherwise lame-duck installment. For me the Paramount entries REALLY had lost they’re luster by this point. Sorry fellas. To each they’re own I guess. Even the overall look of this one, with the blue & bright white tinted filtering, was not too attractive for me. And aside from Melissa and sometimes shots of a young Lar (God bless her and her Cancer fight), there wasn’t that many attractive women for this outting. I actually feel the Hungarian-born actress who played Robin is actually now much hotter with some age on her and even nicer high-lighted hair dispite my love for natural redheads.

  25. I really liked the kills in this movie, but some or should I say most of them where cut, so that was a shame. Again many kills to choose from I’ll go with my top 5: (5) Ben, (4) Kate, (3) Melissa (2) Dr. Crews, & (1) Judy. Judy’s death was the infamous sleeping bag death scene, I remember I saw in the deleted or alternate scenes, that originally Jason was supposed to bash the girl in the tree like three or four more times instead of just one. Ultimately I think that what they ended up doing, was more effective, but either way it was a great kill.

  26. The deaths of “Bad News” Crews and Melissa were my faves cause those two deserved to die after what they did to Tina.

  27. ben’s uncut death

  28. There’s a reason Judy’s death is “imfamous”, as francisco called it above. And that’s because it’s badass.

  29. If you’d like to see uncensored death scenes, you can watch it here :

    It’s a cut I made from a french version (since I’m French, pretty obvious though) a long time ago ! I also made my own alternative mask scene cut of the remake, if you’re interested, check it out :

    Hope you’ll enjoy it !

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