Big News Coming For 30th Reunion

fearfest1I have found out some really big news pertaining to the Friday the 13th 30 year reunion next year. I cannot say what it is now as final details are still being hammered out. I promise you that if this goes through, fans will be very excited and will defnitely want to head down to Texas next year.

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16 Responses to “ Big News Coming For 30th Reunion ”

  1. Lexa Doig will be there?

  2. Um, that’s some anticlimactic “news”.

  3. hmm, this has me excited, already planning on going. perhaps crispin or cory?

  4. Im not sure I’d be all that excited about cory or crispin. I would hope that it would be better than that. At least something better that would make me fly down from NY.

  5. sorry to sound stupid, but where is this thing going to be? I’m not a big convention guy, but have been trying to get into it.

  6. This news item summed up, “stuff will happen.”

  7. Good thing I’m already planning to go!

  8. good point jj, id be flying from iowa, it would probably have to be something big enough that might draw people in like us that would fly. i guess we’ll wait it out.

  9. Will the big announcement involve a Besty Palmer kissing contest? I always wanted to say I kissed Jason’s mommy. Now that would be big news… Or I suppose re-releasing ALL the Jasons (1-9) in theatres is sub-par…

  10. Corey kissing contest, good one.

  11. This was actually supposed to happen August 2024, but nothing ever came of it. It was supposed to be at Lake Grapevine in Grapevine, TX. This is in the Dallas/Fort Worth metrop[lex.

  12. For me to fly down to Texas for the convention i would have to get a 3D theater release for each & every film involving Jason while im there, a romantic engagement with each of my favorite women from each film and the opportunity to write the story for the next Friday release as well as choosing the cast for it …. yes, that should do it.

  13. Deputy Winslow, does that include Betsy Palmer? If so, Corey might have a problem with that as he really wants to kiss Jason’s mommy.

  14. Hey, to both JasonFury and Deputy Winslow, as long as I can kiss this woman, He can have her in his fantasy with her if he chooses.

    -All I asked in life was to kiss her…is that much to ask? lol

  15. Screw that,how about a Julie Michaels(JGTH)kissing contest.She is a bona fide honey(don’t tell my good lady)…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  16. I bet it is an announcement about the next movie or a trailer for the next movie.

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