Blog Talk Radio: Interview with Arlen Escarpeta (Lawrence)

arlenArlen Escarpeta, who played Lawrence in the new Friday the 13th, is a very down to earth guy. During his interview, he explains how he got parts in multiple movies, such as We Are Marshall and Friday the 13th, by playing in the Entertainment League where  he met McG and Andrew Form (Producer of Friday the 13th). I think this is a great interview with an actor that many have not heard a lot from and a change of pace to hear from a different voice from the franchise.

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3 Responses to “ Blog Talk Radio: Interview with Arlen Escarpeta (Lawrence) ”

  1. nice interview. Too bad most of these people never get to reprise their roles. I liked his character and sorta felt bad when he ate it in his CG death. They need to keep the characters a bit more likeable, to create more tension and horror. Too often it’s “when is this buffoon going to get it?”, and not “can they really kill this person off?…that would be horrible!” So Kudos to Arlen.

    It makes me think they should lower the body count- quality not quantity. Pt 1 had 10 deaths and they we all payoffs. Pt 5 had like 27 and half were gut stabs or off camera. I’m ballparking these number, don’t come back and be like “Pt 1 had 11 deaths, dumbass!”

  2. Glad you liked the interview. It was paced very well and Arlen is a very easy guy to talk, it sounds like.

  3. thant was a cool interview thanks for sharing.

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