Box Office Mojo Reports New Sequel in 3-D?

unmarkedjasonSome of you have seen this and have commented about it already, but I thought I would add this to the site for those who have not seen this yet. I have to wonder where these guys got this info from. There has been no mention by Platinum Dunes, New Line or anyone else involved in the production. This might be a case of a website listing a horror movie as 3-D because every other genre film has been recently been released in 3-D. I would be surprised if the Platinum Dunes guys decided to go into a 3-D production. I have seen Jason in 3-D once and don’t need to see him that way again. That to me would be a gimmick to mask a movie that may not have a strong enough script to get people’s attention. However, I of course would go see it no matter what.

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  1. Seeing Friday the 13th in 3D would be great. It would not be able to mask a shitty movie though. I saw Final Destination 3D and that movie sucked you could tell right away but the 3D is always fun to watch. F13th pt 3 was done in that old 80’s 3D, so watching them give Jason some cool 3D scenes with the new tech would be great. I’ve been excited to find out if it’s true that it will be done in 3D since I first heard rumors.

  2. Gay

  3. Hopefully the 3-D capabilities will inspire the creators of this film to come up with more creative kills for Jason this time around. But I doubt this story is true at all. Platinum Dunes likes doing films on “the cheap” and 3-D effects cost money. Also, any sequel to Friday the 13th is already a cash cow for this company so why would they waste any more resources on this film when its gonna be a sure fire success no matter what.

    Here is my prediction for the film:

    1. No 3-D
    2. No Derek Mears for Jason (because he will cost more this time around)
    3. No returning cast members from the remake (because they will cost more this time).
    4. A smaller budget.
    5. Film length will be the same as the remake.

    Mark my words…

  4. IT would be ok if they make part 3 3D like the old one but not part 2.

  5. Lets think about it for a momemt…..
    3-D horror films SUCK!!!!! Dont spoil the new film series by making a 3D Friday the 13th…..

  6. I believe that it wont be in 3d because it does cost money and with the success of the first one, why spend that extra money. second mears will be back because he cant charge more then he did in the first one because he signed a contract for 2 films. worst that could happen is that he does a shitty job this time around. I really dont care though about if it is 3d or not i just love seeing my boy do his thing and love the whole franchise, cant say i dislike any of the films. and we should all be glad that jason is not dead and the franchise is still going.

  7. No 3D please! I am excited there is another one on the way!

  8. I agree: It’s just a rumor, cause the 3-D aspect will at least add another $2-to-$3 million U.S. dollars onto the budget, which Slasher film makers are always trying to keep as notoriously cheap as they can keep it.

    While I REALLY do love Steve Miner’s old school Polorized shot in 3-D terror field of old school Voorhees glory, and I REALLY liked the My Bloody Valentine 3-D redux, flaws & all, I feel this is just a rumor since the Halloween 3-D sequel went belly-up oh so quickly, because it was all just put together far too quickly before Zombie’s latest tanked to quickly.

    Having said that, I find no real reason to hate on 3-D horror films, as it’s sadly they’re normally flat, of course, on a normal television set, however, seeing them in a theater is pretty damn fun! I REALLY hope for next year’s Texas Fear Fest that can get a large enough silver screen and a fine Polerized 3-D print of Friday 3 (1982). :D Honestly, to my fellow genre fans: Don’t hate on’em TOO much, now, because making a 3-D film, as opposed to a flat one, is INCREDIBLY hard & time consuming, once you read up on it. And believe me, I’ve read up and asked different film makers (both at seminars and at film conventions) many questions, because at one point in my life, I truely wanted to be a 35mm film maker if I could.

    To each they’re own, as I always say.

  9. I too agree it would seem like a gimmick to mask a movie that may not have a strong enough script and they’d use the 3D to lure in the audience to a weakly scripted film. I’d go see it being that I really enjoy 3D flicks though. I saw the F13-3 3D back when it was first released and was like WOW. Recently I saw My Bloody Valentine 3D and was even more impressed by today’s technology…The 3D kills were the best part of the film. The Final Destination 3D wasn’t too impressive in my opinion. But yeah, the 3D fad is back and I think lots of film companies are using it to just lure in an audience despite if the script is good or bad. But hey, I can’t lie…I’d LOVE to see a new Jason film filmed in 3D. Even though it’s most likely to be a rumor…if it were true I’d rather they’d wait until a new Part 3 though. The new Part 2 is most likely not to be in 3D.

  10. i’m so sick of reasonably good gimmicks getting run into the ground… a couple 3D films come out and do good, now every other fucking movie is in 3D…and when they start to overkill it like that, the majority of them end up sucking and using the gimmick as a crutch.

    doesn’t anyone in hollywood have ideas? common people on blogs and message boards have tons of ideas, yet these fuckers making millions to do nothing other than have ideas can’t come up with anything.

    i think it could harm this movie, because the reboot just barely had me liking it…with the big names they had behind it, i didn’t expect it to be quite as sloppy…and i felt like some of the actors were reading lines rather than acting. is it to much to ask for a little production value and decent acting for a franchise that has made over a billion dollars? i mean, really.

  11. 3D in the snow? Awesome.

  12. If there is another Friday the 13th film in 3D, I hope to God that the characters wipe themselves after using the bathroom.

  13. Jason + 3D + Snow = Awesome. I really hope they make the whole movie in the snow. I only have one problem with the 3D element though. They will release the film in 3D in theaters, and It will look awesome. Then, they will release it on dvd and blu-ray, and the 3D will kinda suck (because you would have to watch it with the red and blue 3D glasses which kinda sucks.

  14. it\’s ok to be 3-d, but wait till part 3, are you phukkin retarded?

  15. I dislike this idea, even though I am a big 3D fan and I LOVED part 3 in the original 3D format. But luckily it has a story that keeps you interest and it was don’t very well to hold up this long in non 3d format. I mean only a small percentage of this room has probably seen it in original 3D and still love the film.

    But we all know 3D is a cheap GIMMICK. I mean hell even the producers of part 3 said it was a gimmick for quick cash when making 3. They need to focus on a story and don’t worry about flying “Jason Machetes”.

    How about make some NEW horror movies in 3D. Just don’t throw some glitter on it. Come on studios you owe us one more good Friday film!

    But this in my own opinion of course. ;)


  16. im sick of this 3d shit Halloween 3d friday 3d just stop with the 3d movies their so worried about 3d that they dont relize we dont care about the 3d we care about the plot and THEY DONT

  17. I don’t mind 3D at all. I don’t really see the problem. You can still see it without the 3D can’t you?. Of course, people will attack a F13 movie for a weak script/story no matter if it’s in 3D or not.

  18. I think 3D would be a great idea. Part of what took Friday the 13Th to the next level was releasing Part3 in 3D, on Friday the 13Th, with a hockey mask. Part3 is one of my favorite Fridays and I think it would be wrong to say they used 3D to cover up something.

    Being that it’s the 13Th Friday the 13Th, that it’s being released on a Friday the 13Th, and that the new 3D is such a big thing now; I think doing this movie in 3D would be the way to go. Plus, Platinum Dunes already showed us they can make a Friday the 13Th. Ley’s kick it up a notch and challenge them to do something else on top of the sequel. They shouldn’t just coast with, ‘good enough’ on the new one now that they re-established the series. Look what 3D did for My Bloody Valentine!

    Image Friday the 13Th, released on Friday the 13Th, with Derek Meers, in the snow, in 3D! That would be a kick ass movie and a great way to deliver to the fans on the 13Th entry into the series.

  19. They got the info from your sequel post JF. You posted some loose talk between Form & Fuller and they took it as fact and posted it.

  20. Personally, I would like to see the new Jason in 3D if for nothing else to relive the old glory. That being said, I hated the remake & if they botched a new 3D movie I’d be even more pissed. So I don’t know how to feel. I am really glad they pulled the plug on the Halloween movie thus far. Michael & Halloween are my favorites & I just don’t see how they planned to make that work. Michael didn’t do the stuff that Jason did. Jason’s kills were always more elaborate. Michael would never use a harpoon. Weinstein just smelled money and jumped the gun without thinking. I agree with the other posts. The least amount of people involved from the remake as possible. Although I did like Derek a lot and would not mind seeing him again at all.

  21. Also, just to make a point, I find is amusing how Friday the 13Th fans are now arguing over gimmicks, copycatting, creative writing, and ‘production value’ when these things were never known to Friday the 13Th to begin with.

    Critics have leveled these complaints against these movies from May 9Th 1980 to today and now, somehow in this cockeyed universe, fans feel the self-reitiouse indignation to take the seat on the pirch of judgment hill now that genre films themselves are not entirely shat on by the critics now that film studies have to ’stoop to this level’ just to bring any customers to the theaters to see a dying ‘art’ called cinema.

    It’s like people going across the ocean for ‘religious freedom’ and then deny it to the next wave of people to cross. Friday has battled the critics back when genre films were seem as the equivalent of mud and now they battle their own fans and genre critics now that genre film has become the ‘in thing.’

    Why not have shaky cameras, ‘crappy’ casting, ‘poor writing,’ cookie-cutter characters, cheap gore gimmicks, cheap 3D gimmicks, a story that has been used so many times that it is not a rut in the carpet, a roman numeral tacked onto the name that looks so long that you could spell your name with it, cheesy one liners, and do that one, simple, special thing that Friday the 13Th did so many years ago before their fans cares about all this crap.

    Why not throw it all out the window and give us a fun movie?

    If I was Directing a Friday the 13Th, like I hope to do someday, all the nay-sayers, whiners, and complainers can show themselves to the door. The ideas I look at are, more sex, more drugs, more gore, 3D… that sounds awesome, give me some of that rock and rap soundtrack, and give me some hot ass cast that looks good naked.

    It’s just funny, weird, and sad to me to see fans demanding that Friday the 13Th be something it’s not and has never been, ‘professional.’ While, at the same time, asking for it to somehow mimic the unprofessional movies that put the series on the map.

    I’m sorry sir, could you be a little more professionally unprofessional?

    These movies are cheap thrill fun house gimmick movies. That’s all they ever were. That’s what makes them innocent, fun, and appealing. I, for one, would hate to see a well written, ‘professionally’ done Friday the 13Th. And the reason is, that’s just not what Friday the 13Th is and that’s not what I go to a Friday the 13Th to experience. That’s what ‘The Shinning’ and ‘The Green Mile’ and stuff like that is for. That’s not what Friday the 13Th is and there is nothing wrong with that.

  22. Am I the only one that thinks the sequel to the re-boot is only the 12th entry in the series?

    FvJ does not count as a Friday movie. Never will in my book anyway.

    So give us a great and scary (good luck with that since F13 has now become MTV style movie making) 2nd installment of the re-boot and then truly blow us away with a final 13th installment in a few years.

    …you’re all doomed…

  23. This is funny, arguements about how people are opposed to a 3D film calling it a cheap gimmick. I wonder if these people will reject 3D when it becomes the standard? “No please take me back to lo-def and black and white these advancements are mere gimmicks”

    Oh and what the fuck is up with wanting to wait for the 3rd movie to be 3D? Oh look 3 & 3D. . . hmm that my friends is a cheap gimmick.

  24. come on…they still don’t have the script yet???????? WTF???
    i think they won’t do it for august 2010. Maybe may 2011. and that’s a very bad date, u know what i mean, spider 4, thor.

  25. I wouldn’t be even slightly surprised if this flick was made in 3-D. Considering the success of recent horror flicks in 3-D, it stands to reason that the producers would consider utilizing the format. Hell, look at the most recent Final Destination entry. It was incredibly successful (much more so than the previous installment), yet the 3-D was the only thing different with it. It still had the same, tired plot and film structure as the previous three films, but it still made bank.

    Likewise, My Bloody Valentine 3-D made lots of money, much more than a whole lot of other horror remakes, yet the only thing that set it apart was the format. I can pretty well guarantee that you’re going to start seeing a whole lot more genre films in 3-D. As long as audiences are willing to pay the money to see them, they’ll be making them!

  26. Exactly Gill-Man. Friday the 13Th has always been about copying and modifying the success of what’s ‘hot’ in the market. One of the main reasons the first one was made, and was so succesful, is because Halloween was kicking box office ass and Sean wanted a piece of it. If 3D is what’s making money now, then it would be the Friday the 13Th thing to do to jump on the band wagon.

    My point, if Friday the 13Th didn’t jump on the band wagon 30 years ago there would be no Friday the 13Th. So, why all of the sudden are some people condomnening it for doing what it does best?

  27. But there would be a normal, ‘2-D’ version one as well, right? I mean ins’t that what they did with the “My Bloody Valentine” redux, a 3-D in one room and 2-D in another?

  28. na leave it as it is!!

  29. What is the fascination with a Friday the 13th in the snow? I am not being sarcastic. Can someone give me reasons why it is a good idea?

  30. @sam

    Winter feels secluded with less people out, and the weather is another thing that can pose threats in certain situations. Hypothermia, walking on thin ice, and slippery surfaces. With not that many people around to help, you can really feel like your fucked out in the woods in the middle of the winter. So it sounds like a great setting for Jason to prey on his teenagers.

  31. 3-d or not i cant wait

  32. 3-D would be cool cos i don’t think any franchise has had their movies in oldschool 3-D and digital 3-D.Jason could be the first.It would be costly though and if it means cutting back the projects budget in any way then it would have to be a big HELL NO TO 3-D for me…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  33. John Robert, I’m with you on your point.

    f13thticket, we are all aware of what came before. but this is the age of big budget reboots and remakes…and this promised to be the ULTIMATE. we have the right to want ours to be up there with the rest of them, being that we’ve put billions of dollars into this franchise just like the trekkies and the bond fans. i like things about the reboot but its a little strange seeing high budget actors and hi-def cameras used to make a very standard, non-epic movie…it’s a bit of a contradiction.

    and as for the 3D gimmick, i wouldn’t be so against it if they could bring it to our home theaters…however, the version of “3D” you get for home is completely ineffective. it adds depth to the picture, but anything that is supposed to come out of the screen ends up in a double image. and it’s too dark and makes most people nauseous after about a half hour. therefore you have to watch a 2D movie with a bunch of random objects being shoved in the camera…it kind of loses its charm. sure, it’s great in theaters, but that’s 1, maybe 2 viewings.

  34. tommyblah, Are you agreeing with my point or fighting against it? My point is that it is a contradiction to be expecting HD big bidget high production value on a series that is known for, and has always been known for, gorillia filmaking. It’s asking the series to be something it’s not and was never met to be.

    Same things happened with Mortal Kombat. It was a great series when it first started. Then, once it got popular, fans wanted it to take itself seriously. When they did, the franchise stopped being what it was, lost its charm, and went to hell. I now don’t even play the new Mortal Kombats. They were supposed to be fun, cheesy parodies of old time martial arts movies. But now, there is no fun because they have to ‘be preffesional’ now. I don’t want to loose Friday the 13Th the same way.

    Part3 managed in 3D and 2D at home; who not Part13?

    As for snow, that was already answered well. Also, to add to everything else already said on the subject; it’s something new we havn’t seen before; a frozen Crystal Lake. It gives us something new, and keeps us at the camp. Plus, filming in the snow is hard to do. It’s a challange to the filmakers.

  35. I am sick of seeing these guys make movies that that they don\’t give a shit about! If this movie is in 3-D I think that it would be a huge disapointment. Just like Jfury said it would be to cover up a poor movie. Why can\’t New Line make a movie that could become a cult classic. Insead of some gemmic movie to get people in the seats. I guess that is just the story of this franchise. None that less FRIDAY FAN FOR LIFE!

  36. i still want to see a friday movie set in the winter time with a group of counselors moving in to start preparations for spring.. jason in a blizzard would be amazing…..

  37. I’ve posted that basis for the next movie on another blog Scott.I think it would prove really popular…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  38. f13ticket, to be honest i don’t know. i wouldn’t say i’m completely against an entry that takes it seriously and goes big budget, but choosing to do that means going all the way with it, which they didn’t…they didn’t even go halfway.

    i think if they’re gonna go HD, big budget, big actors, etc., then they need to complete it with super graphic hardcore effects, slick transitions, slo-mo shots, or whatever kind of visually captivating tricks they can do to make it EPIC.

    if not, they need to go the old school route and make it more low budget and gritty all the way thru…like much of the original series. i would have been very happy with that…because after all, i’m a fan.

    instead, we got big budget equipment shooting big actors in a very mediocre film with little to no visual effects.

  39. Alfred Hitchcock thought enough of 3D to film “Dial M for Murder” in 3d and resented it when people said it was a gimmick. As did the director of the original “House of Wax.” These two films stand as glowing examples of how effective 3D can be in providing depth. Now, if you’ve seen the original “House of Wax” in 3D, you’ll know the scene where Price is chasing the heroine through empty streets of the city are pushed from “scary” to absolutely “harrowing” due to the director’s use of 3D. With the heroine in the foreground and Price’s menacing, shadowed figure in the background, lurching forward, the 3D is amazing. When my mind wanders to the possibilities of a Friday flick -in a snowy landscape no less- I am very, very excited.

  40. To those who say it’s won’t be 3D because Platinum Dunes won’t spend the money: Business decisions are not made that simply. It’s called Return on Investment. If spending 3 million extra dollars on 3D = $20 million extra box office… Well, that $17 mil more than they would have made with a 2D release.

    That doesn’t mean it’s going to be in 3D, but don’t be so sure the studio will dismiss the idea outright.

  41. if it is i will shoot mb horror movies suck in 3D

  42. I really enjoyed seeing the Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3-D in the theatre in early 1983. I especially liked when Jason took Shelly’s Mask (the famous hockey mask) and spear gun then shot that once hottie Vira in the eye. That spear looked like it hit me and I remember moving to veer it. The point is, the 3-D effect is awesome if they take the time to put emphasis on a good story that is true to the F-13th history which has veered alot through the series. A 3-D Friday would be great, on DVD, the 3-D effects didn’t turn out good with the lame blue and red glasses, nothing quite like the grey ones in the theatre. At least the 3-D movies can be seen in regular or 3D on DVD, most of them have the option. I believe if there are ideas needed by the movie production companies, they should go to the fans for ideas, the fans that have seen every movie again and again and know what boundries should not be crossed in a series. The true fans that have Friday the 13th parties discuss the characters and watch them marathon style. Honestly I believe none of the Friday the 13ths needed to be remade at all, the originals were quite effective and the special effects were good even in the earlier ones. I would like a movie that would go back and learn how Jason started out, how his Mother associated with him up to his supposed drowning and her death. A story of how Jason became one of the ultimate artistic serial killers equaled by few. Some of the ways he has killed are very unique, uncommon and some of which are humorous. How many killings are humorous? Like the one in Part 8 in Manhatten where he punches that wanna be boxer that asks him to hit him and punches his head clean off. Essentially Jason and Michael Myers are killers with a lot in common. They don’t speak anything but body language, they both truly cared about their Mothers until they were lost at their young ages and they kill their victims in very creative ways. I would have rather seen a Jason Vs Michael Myers due to their serial killing similarities. I thought Freddy and Jason made an entertaining movie Jason the silent killer and Freddy talking smack to Jason while awake, asleep and while they were both trying to kill pretty much the living dead. The types of sequels I would like to see in this iconic series is stuff that has not been done yet. Not re-doing some other directors events. New stuff that Jason has not done or things we do not know of Jason. I will still watch what movie results in all this because its been an avid hobby since the first movie came out the in 1980.

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