Bracket Challenge: Axel vs Sheriff Garris


Axel has been flexing his … hmm … muscles during this challenge. Can his mojo attract another victory or will the sheriff of these parts demand his respect to battle hat Crazy Ralph in the next round?

axelAxel (The Final Chapter)
Axel has dispacthed of Nurse Morgan, his fellow coroners and paintballer Roy. Will Axel turn his charms on Sheriff Garris and remind him that his daughter Megan has it bad for crazy Tommy Jarvis?




garrisSheriff Garris (Jason Lives)
If Axel comes around here again, he’ll be wearing his balls as earings. Is that a good enough threat to keep Axel away so Garris can win this matchup?

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59 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Axel vs Sheriff Garris ”

  1. Gotta be Sheriff Garris as the winner. He ain’t gonna let Axel do anything that goes down in the books as screwing the pooch.

  2. I disagree.

    Axel is the one and only “Superbowl of Self Abuse” and for that reason alone he gets my vote!

    GO AXEL!!

    “all you gotta do is go over there and take off your pants……..

    real nice talk Axel… real nice.”

  3. axel…because after the final chapter they got more and more watered down…crystal lake was in n.j. garris was like the sheriff of mayberry with deputy fife really stupid…nuf said

  4. AXEL

  5. Axel - only because his scenes crack me up, and his death was awesome.

  6. my vote goes to Sheriff Garris in this round

  7. Sheriff Garris

  8. I vote Sheriff Garris.

    He’s one of my favorite and one of the most developed characters of the Franchise.

  9. Garris!!! Axel is poo poo

  10. AXEL ,because his uncut death is very creepy

  11. Axel

  12. Garris.

  13. My vote is for Axel. His character is so iconic. He plays a coroner who begs for sex from coworkers, now tell me thats not epic.

    “Hiya girls thanks for waiting.”

  14. Tough one but I have to go with Garris.

  15. I vote sheriff Garris.He was hands down my favourite character from Jason Lives (apart from “ol maggot head” of course).Plus he had a smoking hot daughter……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  16. Garris.

  17. Axel!! “I’m free doll”

  18. Sheriff Garris

  19. Garris, which is weird because I’ve voted for Axel each time so far, but voted for Garris 1st time, then against him vs. Dorf.

  20. Garris. He went down swinging, Axel was just a pervy doctor.

  21. Garris… He cared about Crystal, I mean Forrest Green and his daughter… and hey, he could of been a real a-hole and kept tommy locked up but he drove him to the city limits and gave him a pass….good cop in my opinion.

  22. Axel had one of the best kills in the series. Vote goes to him.

  23. Garris!


    Even though you I can see how you picture Garris being a hick cop and that not fitting in with NJ, if you ever get to go to Northwest New Jersey you’ll see why he’s a perfect fit! Its very rural there. If you’ve ever been on Route 80 leaving PA for Jersey, that scene where Garris tells Tommy “don’t forget to buckle up!” looks just like that area!

  24. Garris.

  25. Garris! His death was one of the most memorable of the series.
    “Iron this punk!”

  26. I’ll hop on the bandwagon and go with Garris.

  27. Sheriff Garris.

  28. Axel (The Final Chapter)

  29. Ok this is a tough one for Me. But Im going to go with Axel. I like both characters equally as much. Both death scenes are cool, but Axels death was just so brutal and scary to me when I first saw The Final Chapter when I was 7. I think its the whole head twisting thing. But Ill close in saying whoever wins this challenge is fine by Me, Sherrif Garris is cool too.

  30. Sheriff Garris, hands down.

  31. Garris.

    Axel didn’t even get a hit on Jason.

  32. Axel go!

  33. Garris

  34. Axel - cause he doesn’t have the curse!

  35. garris

  36. If you don’t pick Sheriff Garris, you\’ll leave wearing your balls as earrings.

  37. axel

  38. haha i’m sure that jersey has some hick towns CRYSTALLAKEHIKER09 still think that i’ll go with axel.never did care for part 6 all that much, and it was because i didn’t like any of the characters or actors in that one.sorry not to piss off anyone who feels differently.just like i said before too watered down for suspense it all looked like cheap sets,overly lit woods etc…

  39. GARRIS

  40. Axel……They both had killer death scenes but Axel’s was cooler,plus how cool would it be to see the “King of Pervs” take this thing lol

  41. sheriff garris

  42. Garris

  43. Garris

    Love Axel, but time to let him go…

  44. Axel

  45. sheriff garris

  46. Garris! “Hit the noise and cherries!” classic

  47. garris he fought jason and gave his life to save his daughter, thats a man that deserves a second round with jason.

  48. I agree fought jason well.I vote garris.

  49. gotta be
    axel he is after all the super bowl of self abuse!!!!

  50. My vote goes to Sheriff “Your mother got a sewing-machine, kid?” Garris.

    So many great lines, and he was totally 10-8ing Jason before the back-break! Remember, he could have remained hiding in the bushes — but he chose to fight (even though it meant certain death) to save his daughter.

    Axel was funny and I enjoyed his scenes, but Garris was a better character in my opinion.

  51. Garris! He the man.

  52. sherriff Garris should win this one…but Axel was funny as heck…im staying with Garris though

  53. Yeah, this is going to be another one like the last bracket with Ralph.

    I’m voting Garris, because other than Shelly, he’s my favorite F13 character.

    Plus, if Axel makes it, he’s just going to get his butt kicked the next round.

  54. AXEL

  55. Totally Axel.

  56. Garris for sure, Unless he gets bent backwards lol

  57. I will vote for Garris. I think he is one of the best characters in the franchise and David Kagan is an awesome actor!

  58. Garris

  59. axel